Statutes and Ordinances of the University of Cambridge

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A LevelsChap. II §3

Abbott Fund and ExhibitionsStat. E §2, Chap. XII §2

Abbott, C. C., FundChap. XII §2

Abrahamic Faiths and Shared Values, Sultan Qaboos ProfessorChap. XI §3

Academic staffStat. C §1, Stat. C §14

appealsSpec. Ordinances §3

disciplinary proceduresStat. C §17

dismissal Stat. C §15

good causeStat. C §15

incapacityStat. C §18

redundancyStat. C §15, Stat. C §16

Academic-related offices, appointing arrangementsChap. XI §1

Academical dressStat. D §1, Chap. II §14

Academical yearStat. A §10, Chap. II §9

Accommodation SyndicateChap. I §9

Accounting, ProfessorChap. XI §3


CollegeStat. G §3

CollegeChap. XIV §2

Local Examinations SyndicateStat. F §1

UniversityStat. F §1, Stat. F §1, Chap. XIII §3

University PressStat. J

Active Tectonics, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Acts of Parliament

Education Reform Act 1988Appe. §1

Universities of Oxford and Cambridge Act 1923Appe. §1

Adams PrizeChap. XII §2

Adams, John Couch, AstronomerChap. IX §6

Adams, Sir Thomas, Professor of ArabicChap. XI §3

ADC TheatreChap. I §9

Addenbrooke’s NHS TrustChap. I §9

Addresses and formal lettersChap. II §14

Administrative OfficersSpec. Ordinances §3

Administrative Service, UnifiedChap. XI §3

AdmissionStat. B §1

Admissions Committee, UndergraduateChap. I §9

Advanced Chemical Engineering, M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

Advanced Computer Science, M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

Advanced Study, Master ofChap. VII §1

Advanced Subject Teaching, M.St. DegreeChap. VII §16

Advocate, University, and DeputiesStat. C §10, Stat. C §17, Spec. Ordinances §4, Spec. Ordinances §4, Chap. II §20, Chap. XI §3

Aerodynamics, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Aeronautical Engineering, Francis Mond ProfessorChap. XI §3

Aeronautical Research FundChap. XII §2

Aerothermal Technology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Aesthetic Development, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Affiliated LecturersChap. XI §3

Affiliated StudentsChap. II §5

African Studies, M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13


for Appointments CommitteesSpec. Ordinances §3

for Boards and SyndicatesStat. A §6

for Boards of ElectorsSpec. Ordinances §3

for CouncilStat. A §4

for Regent HouseStat. A §3

for University officersSpec. Ordinances §3

Agricultural Economics UnitChap. IX §6

Al-Kindi ProfessorshipChap. XI §3, Chap. XII §2

Alborada Professor of Equine and Farm Animal ScienceChap. XI §3

Alcuin LectureshipChap. XII §2

Algebraic Geometry, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Allen, Meek, and Read Fund for Research ScholarshipsChap. XII §2

Allen, Sidney, PrizeChap. XII §2

Allowances to candidates for examinationsStat. B §3, Chap. III §2

Alwaleed Bin Talal, HRH Prince

Centre of Islamic StudiesChap. IX §8

FundChap. XII §2

LectureshipChap. XII §1

Amalgamated Fund, distribution fromChap. XIII §3

American History

M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

ProfessorChap. XI §3

Professor (Paul Mellon)Chap. XI §3

American History and Institutions, Pitt ProfessorSpec. Ordinances §3, Chap. XI §3

American Literature, M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

Anaesthesia FundChap. XII §2

Anaesthesia, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Analytical Biotechnology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Analytical Physics, ProfessorChap. XI §3


Clinical Anatomist, UniversityChap. IX §6

Clinical Veterinary Anatomist, UniversityChap. IX §6

ProfessorChap. XI §3

ProsectorChap. XI §3

Ancient History, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Ancient Philosophy, Laurence ProfessorChap. XI §3

Anglia Television FundChap. XII §2

Anglo-Saxon, Elrington and Bosworth ProfessorChap. XI §3

Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic

M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

TriposChap. IV §3

Preliminary ExaminationChap. IV §2

supplementary regulationsChap. IV §3

Animal Behaviour, Sub-departmentChap. IX §7

Animal Embryology, Charles Darwin ProfessorChap. XI §3

Annual ReportsChap. I §9

Antiquarian Society, CambridgeChap. IX §6

Ap Rees, Tom, FundChap. XII §2

Applications Committee, Review of DecisionsChap. I §5

Applied Biological Anthropology, M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

Applied Criminology and Police Management, M.St. DegreeChap. VII §16

Applied Criminology, Penology, and Management, M.St. DegreeChap. VII §16

Applied Economics, Keynes FundChap. XII §2

Applied Mathematics, ProfessorsChap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3

Applied Physics, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Applied Thermodynamics

ProfessorChap. XI §3

Professor (Hopkinson and Imperial Chemical Industries)Chap. XI §3

Appointments CommitteesStat. C §13, Spec. Ordinances §3, Spec. Ordinances §3

Appraisal, arrangements forChap. I §14

Approved FoundationsStat. G §1

Approved SocietiesStat. G §1, Chap. XV §2

Arabic, Sir Thomas Adams’s ProfessorChap. XI §3

Arberry FundChap. XII §2

Archaeological Research, M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

Archaeological Research, McDonald InstituteChap. IX §6

Archaeological Science, George Pitt-Rivers ProfessorChap. XI §3


M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

Professor (Disney)Chap. XI §3

TriposChap. IV §4

Archaeology and Anthropology

MuseumChap. IX §6

Curator and Assistant CuratorsChap. IX §6


Department of, Design Teaching FundChap. XII §2

M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

ProfessorsSpec. Ordinances §3, Chap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3

TriposChap. IV §5

supplementary regulationsChap. IV §5

Architecture and the Moving Image, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Architecture and Urban Design, M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

Architecture and Urban Studies

M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

ProfessorChap. XI §3

Archives, UniversitySpec. Ordinances §3

Armourers and Brasiers Prizes and MedalChap. XII §2

Armstrong, W. D., FundChap. XII §2


Bachelor ofChap. II §6, Chap. V §1

Honours DegreeChap. V §1

Ordinary DegreeChap. V §1

Status ofChap. II §6

Master ofChap. V §2

Status ofChap. II §7

Arts and Humanities, SchoolChap. VIII

Arts, Creativities, and Education, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Pigott Fund for Graduate StudentshipsChap. XII §2

Professor (John Harvard)Chap. XI §3

Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities, Centre for ResearchChap. IX §8

Ashby Scholarship FundChap. XII §2

Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

M.Phil. DegreesChap. VII §13, Chap. VII §13

TriposChap. IV §6

Preliminary ExaminationChap. IV §2

supplementary regulationsChap. IV §6

Assistant Directors of Development StudiesChap. XI §3

Assistant Directors of ResearchChap. XI §3

Assistant staff, employmentChap. I §14

Associate LecturersStat. C §13, Spec. Ordinances §3, Chap. XI §3

Assyriology, M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

Aston, F. W., FundChap. XII §2


InstituteChap. IX §5, Chap. IX §6

Flower FundChap. IX §6

McClean FundChap. IX §6

Sheepshanks Benefaction FundChap. IX §6

Visiting FellowshipsChap. IX §6

M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

ProfessorsChap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3

Astronomy and Experimental Philosophy, Plumian ProfessorChap. XI §3

Astronomy and Geometry, Lowndean ProfessorStat. E §35, Chap. XI §3

Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Astrophysics and Cosmology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Astrophysics, M.A.St. DegreeChap. VII §1

Astrophysics, ProfessorsChap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3

AT&T Cambridge Laboratories Prize in Communications EngineeringChap. XII §2

Atmospheric Science, ProfessorsChap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3

Audit and AuditorsStat. F §1

Audit CommitteeStat. A §4, Spec. Ordinances §1, Chap. XIII §1, Chap. XIII §1


B.A. Degree

Honours DegreeChap. V

Ordinary DegreeChap. V §1

B.A. StatusChap. II §6

B.Th. DegreeChap. VII §3

Committee of ManagementChap. IX §6

supplementary regulationsChap. VII §3

Babbage Fund for Policy and PracticeChap. XII §2

Baird, James, FundChap. XII §2

Baker, George Peter, PrizeChap. XII §2

Baldwin, Stanley, FundChap. XII §2

Balfour Fund and StudentshipChap. XII §2

Balfour LibraryChap. IX §6

Balfour, Arthur, FundStat. E §40

Balfour, Arthur, Professor of GeneticsStat. E §40, Chap. XI §3

Balfour-Browne FundChap. XII §2


Regent HouseChap. I §4

SenateChap. I §4

BankersStat. F §1, Chap. XIII §1

Barnes Fund and ExhibitionsStat. E §2, Chap. XII §2

Bartlett Fund and PrizeChap. XII §2

Basic and Translational Neuroscience, M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

Battie Fund and ScholarshipStat. E §8, Chap. XII §2

BBV Foundation FundChap. XII §2

BBV Foundation Visiting ProfessorChap. XI §3

Beckwith Professor of Management StudiesChap. XI §3

Beddington, Mrs Claude, FundChap. XII §2

Bedford Travelling GrantChap. XII §2

Beebe, Theodore Chapin, FundChap. XII §2

Behavioural Ecology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Behavioural Neuroscience, ProfessorsChap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3

Behavioural Science, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Bell Fund and ExhibitionsStat. E §2, Chap. XII §2

Bell Fund, Martin C. FaulkesChap. XII §2

Bell, Abbott, and Barnes FundsStat. E §2, Chap. XII §2

Bendall Sanskrit ExhibitionChap. XII §2

Bender PrizeChap. XII §2


acceptanceStat. A §2, Chap. XI §3

ethical guidelines on acceptanceChap. XIII §1

Benefactors, Commemoration ofStat. A §10, Chap. II §16

Bennett, John, Fund and LectureChap. XII §2

Benson English Library FundChap. XII §2

Bernard Wolfe Health Neuroscience FundChap. XII §2

Berwin Leighton Paisner Prize for International Commercial TaxChap. XII §2

Berwin, S. J., Professor of Corporate LawChap. XI §3

Bethune-Baker FundChap. XII §2

Bevan FundChap. XII §2

Bhaonagar Medal and PrizeChap. XII §2

Bibliography, Sandars ReadershipChap. XII §2

Bicycles and boatsChap. II §19

Biffen FundChap. XII §2

Bin Said, His Majesty Sultan Qaboos, Professor of Modern Arabic StudiesChap. XI §3

Biochemical Engineering, ProfessorChap. XI §3


Colman LibraryChap. IX §6

Professor (Herchel Smith)Chap. XI §3

Professor (Sir William Dunn)Chap. XI §3

Reader (Sir William Dunn)Chap. XI §3

SchoolChap. IX §6

Biological and Biomedical Chemistry, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Biological Anthropological Science, M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

Biological Chemistry, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Biological Physics, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Biological Science

M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

M.Res. DegreeChap. VII §14

Biological Sciences

KAUST FundChap. XII §2

SchoolChap. VIII

Biology, Quick ProfessorSpec. Ordinances §3, Chap. XI §3

Biomedical Magnetic Resonance, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Biophysical Chemistry, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Biophysics, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Bioscience Enterprise, M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

Biostatistics, MRC Research ProfessorChap. XI §3

Blacker, Carmen, FundChap. XII §2

Blackman, F. F., Memorial FundChap. XII §2

Bles, Dr E. J., FundChap. XII §2

Bluegnome Molecular Genetic Pathology FundChap. XII §2

BoardsStat. A §6, Spec. Ordinances §1

ExaminationsChap. I §9

Graduate StudiesChap. I §9

ScrutinyStat. A §7, Chap. I §6

University and Assistants Joint BoardChap. I §9

Boards, Syndicates, etc.Stat. A §6

appointmentsSpec. Ordinances §1, Chap. I §9

general regulationsChap. I §9

membershipSpec. Ordinances §1, Chap. I §9

Boats and bicyclesChap. II §19

Bolívar, Simón, Professor of Latin-American StudiesSpec. Ordinances §3, Chap. XI §3

Boscawen FundChap. XII §2

Botanic GardenChap. IX §7

Endowment FundChap. XII §2

Botany, Regius ProfessorChap. XI §3

Bouhon, Isabelle, FundChap. XII §2

BP Foundation Fund for Earth SciencesChap. XII §2

BP Foundation McKenzie Professor of Earth SciencesChap. XI §3

BP Institute FundChap. XII §2

BP Nevill Mott PrizesChap. XII §2

BP Professor of ChemistryChap. XI §3

BP Professor of Petroleum ScienceChap. XI §3

Brain Physics, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Brain Repair and Neuroscience, Van Geest Foundation FundChap. XII §2

Brancusi GrantsChap. XII §2

Brewer, Derek, PrizeChap. XII §2

Brian, P. W., FundChap. XII §2

British Heart Foundation

Professor (Cardiovascular Medicine)Chap. XI §3

Professor (Cardiovascular Sciences)Chap. XI §3

British Petroleum Chemistry FundChap. XII §2

Bronowski, Jacob, FundChap. XII §2

Broodbank FundChap. XII §2

Brook, Peter, FundChap. XII §2

Brooks FundChap. XII §2

Brotherton PrizeChap. XII §2

Browne Fund, Medals, and ScholarshipStat. E §8, Chap. XII §2, Chap. XII §2

Browne Memorial FundChap. XII §2

Browne, E. G., Memorial Research StudentshipChap. XII §2

Browning, Oscar, Society FundChap. XII §2

Building History, M.St. DegreeChap. VII §16

Buildings CommitteeChap. XIII §1

Buildings Maintenance FundChap. XIII §3

Buncombe, Matthew, PrizeChap. XII §2

Bunning, Harry, Fellowship FundChap. XII §2

Burney Fund, Prize, and StudentshipStat. E §18, Chap. XII §2

Burton, Montague

Professor of Industrial Relations and Labour EconomicsChap. XI §3

StudentshipsChap. XII §2

Burton, Raymond, FundChap. XII §2

Bury, Gregg, PrizeChap. XII §2

Bury, J. P. T., FundChap. XII §2

Bus.D. DegreeChap. VII §2

Business Administration, Master ofChap. VII §2

Business Economics, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Business Research, Centre forChap. IX §6

Business, conduct ofStat. A §8, Spec. Ordinances §1, Chap. I §4

Business, Doctor ofChap. VII §2

Butler, Montagu, PrizeChap. XII §2

Butterfield StudentshipChap. XII §2


Cam ConservatorsChap. I §9

Cambridge Antiquarian SocietyChap. IX §6

Cambridge Centre for Housing and PlanningChap. IX §6

Cambridge Display Technology Melville FundChap. XII §2

Cambridge Endowment for Research in FinanceChap. XII §2

DirectorChap. IX §6

Cambridge Quarterly PrizeChap. XII §2

Cambridge Theological FederationChap. II §2, Chap. II §11, Chap. III §7, Chap. III §10, Chap. VII §3, Chap. VII §27, Chap. IX §6, Chap. IX §6, Chap. IX §8

Cambridge University Medical School Charitable Fund for Public HealthChap. XII §2

Cambridge University Medical School Discretionary FundChap. XII §2

Cambridge University ReporterStat. A §10, Spec. Ordinances §1, Chap. I §1

Cambridge University Students' UnionChap. II §17

Campbell, Maybud Sherwood, FundChap. XII §2

Cancer and Developmental Biology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Cancer and Developmental Biology, Wellcome Trust/Cancer Research UK Gurdon InstituteChap. IX §8

Cancer Biology, Royal Society Napier Research ProfessorChap. XI §3

Cancer Development, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Cancer Epidemiology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Cancer Prevention, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Cancer Research

ProfessorChap. XI §3

Professor (Ursula Zoëllner)Chap. XI §3

Cancer Therapeutics, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Canney, Rosalie, FundChap. XII §2

Cardiopulmonary Medicine, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Cardiothoracic Surgery, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Cardiovascular Medicine, British Heart Foundation ProfessorChap. XI §3

Cardiovascular Sciences, British Heart Foundation ProfessorChap. XI §3

Careers Service SyndicateChap. I §9

Carrington-Koe StudentshipChap. XII §2

Carus Fund and Greek Testament PrizesStat. E §30, Chap. XII §2

Cashin, Douglas, FundChap. XII §2

Casual vacanciesStat. A §10

Boards, Syndicates, and other bodiesSpec. Ordinances §1

FacultiesChap. IX §3, Chap. IX §3

Catalan Studies, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Cavendish Professor of PhysicsChap. XI §3

Cayley LecturerChap. XII §1

Cell and Cancer Biology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Cell and Membrane Biology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Cell Biology

ProfessorChap. XI §3

ReaderChap. XI §3

Cell Physiology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Cell Signalling, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Cellular Biochemistry, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Cellular Dynamics, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Cellular Neuroscience, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Cellular Pathophysiology and Clinical Biochemistry, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Cellular Pharmacology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Celtic and Medieval Studies, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Celtic, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Central Electricity Generating Board Prize for Materials ScienceChap. XII §2


degrees, examinations, matriculationChap. I §16

diligent studyChap. V §1

open to non-members of the UniversityChap. VII §27

Cesaresco, Countess Martinengo, BequestChap. XII §2

Chadwick, H. M., FundChap. XII §2

Chadwick, John, Greek and Latin Research FundChap. XII §2

Chadwick, Nora, FundChap. XII §2

Chakravarty, Avik, Memorial Fund for PhysicsChap. XII §2

Chamber Music FundChap. XII §2

Chan, Grace and Thomas C. H., Scholarship FundChap. XII §2

ChancellorStat. A §1

nomination and electionChap. I §2

Chancellor's MedalsChap. XII §2

Chancery Lane, 1, Prize in Law of TortChap. XII §2

Chaucer Reading PrizeChap. XII §2

Chemical and Structural Biology, John Humphrey Plummer ProfessorChap. XI §3

Chemical Engineering

Professor (Shell)Chap. XI §3

ProfessorsChap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3

Shell FundChap. XII §2

TriposChap. IV §7

supplementary regulationsChap. IV §7

Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology

DepartmentChap. IX §6

M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

SyndicateChap. IX §6

Chemical Engineering Science, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Chemical Physics, ProfessorsChap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3

Chemical Reaction Engineering, ProfessorChap. XI §3


Departmental CommitteeChap. IX §6

M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

Professor (Alexander Todd Visiting)Spec. Ordinances §3, Chap. XI §3

Professor (BP)Chap. XI §3

Professor (Geoffrey Moorhouse Gibson)Chap. XI §3

Professor (John Wilfrid Linnett Visiting)Spec. Ordinances §3, Chap. XI §3

ProfessorsChap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3

Walters Kundert Next Generation Fellowships FundChap. XII §2

Walters Kundert Outreach in, FundChap. XII §2

Chemistry and Chemical Biology, ProfessorsChap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3

Chemistry Endowment FundChap. XII §2

Chemistry Next Generation FundChap. XII §2

ChestStat. F §1, Stat. F §1

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Children's Kidney Care FundChap. XII §2

Chinese Development, Chong Hua ProfessorChap. XI §3

Chinese History, Science, and Civilization, Joseph Needham ProfessorChap. XI §3

Chinese Management, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Chinese Studies FundChap. XII §2

Chinese Studies, Classical and Literary, Michael Loewe FundChap. XII §2

Chong Hua Professor of Chinese DevelopmentChap. XI §3

Chuan Lyu Fellowship and Senior Visiting Scholarship FundChap. XII §2

Chuan Lyu LectureshipChap. XII §2

Churchill Professor of Mathematics for Operational ResearchChap. XI §3

Churchill Professorship of Mathematics for Operational Research FundChap. XII §2

CISL (University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership)Chap. IX §8

Civil and Environmental Engineering, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Civil Engineering

ProfessorChap. XI §3

Professor (Sir Kirby Laing)Chap. XI §3

Civil Engineers Fund and PrizesChap. XII §2

Civil Justice and Private Law, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Civil Law, Regius ProfessorChap. XI §3

Clarke, B. R. D., PrizeChap. XII §2

Clarke, David L., LectureshipChap. XII §2

Class-lists, publication ofChap. III §4, Chap. III §6

Classical Archaeology

MuseumChap. IX §6

CuratorChap. IX §6

DirectorChap. IX §6

Endowment FundChap. IX §6

Professor (Laurence)Chap. XI §3

Classical Scholarships, UniversityChap. XII §2


Classical TriposChap. IV §8

Preliminary ExaminationsChap. IV §2

supplementary regulationsChap. IV §8

M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

ProfessorChap. XI §3

Classics and Ancient History, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Classics, Faculty of, Appeal Fund 2000Chap. XII §2

Clemoes Reading PrizeChap. XII §2

Clerk Maxwell Memorial FundChap. XII §2

Clifford Chance C. J. Hamson PrizesChap. XII §2

Clifford Chance David Gottlieb PrizeChap. XII §2

Clifford Chance Prize in EU LawChap. XII §2

Climate Change Economics and Policy, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Clinical Anatomist, UniversityChap. IX §6

Clinical Anatomy FundChap. XII §2

Clinical Biochemistry and Medicine, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Clinical Cancer Medicine, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Clinical Gerontology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Clinical LecturersSpec. Ordinances §3, Chap. XI §3

Clinical Magnetic Resonance Imaging, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Clinical Medicine

FacultyChap. IX §6

SchoolChap. VIII

see also MedicineChap. IX §6

Clinical Neuropsychology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Clinical Neuroscience, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Clinical Neurosciences, Genzyme FundChap. XII §2

Clinical Nursing Research, Florence Nightingale Foundation ProfessorChap. XI §3

Clinical Oncology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Clinical responsibilityChap. IX §6, Chap. XI §2, Chap. XI §2

Clinical Science, M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

Clinical Sub-DeansChap. IX §6

Clinical Veterinary Anatomist, UniversityChap. IX §6

Clubs and societiesChap. II §19

‘Co-opted' included in ‘appointed'Chap. I §9

Coastal Dynamics, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Cobbett FundChap. XII §2

Cockerell FundChap. XII §2

Code of Practice

meetings and mublic matheringsChap. II §19

student unionsChap. II §18

Cognitive Developmental Neuroscience, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Cognitive Neurology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Cognitive Neuroscience, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Cognitive Psychology, MRC Research ProfessorChap. XI §3

Coke, Dorothea, FundChap. XII §2

Cole, Dennis, FundChap. XII §2


accountsStat. G §3

(RCCA)Stat. G §3


assetsStat. G §2

contributions to the UniversityStat. G §2, Stat. G §2

definition and listStat. G §1

Fellowship and Fellow definitionChap. XIV §1

Matriculation and presentation of candidates for certain degrees

Hughes HallStat. G §4, Chap. XIV §3

Lucy Cavendish CollegeStat. G §4, Chap. XIV §3

St Edmund's CollegeStat. G §4, Chap. XIV §3

Wolfson CollegeStat. G §4, Chap. XIV §3

membershipStat. G §4

obligations in respect of FellowshipsStat. G §4

order in presentation for degreesChap. II §12

payments for the use of Lecture-roomsChap. I §17

Professorial FellowshipsSpec. Ordinances §5

Statutes, procedure for makingAppe. §2, Appe. §2

Colleges FundStat. G §2, Chap. XIII §3

Collins, William George, Endowment FundChap. XII §2

Colman LibraryChap. IX §6

Combination Room, UniversityChap. I §9

Combinatorial Mathematics, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Commemoration of BenefactorsStat. A §10, Chap. II §16

CommissaryStat. A §1

powersStat. A §9

review byStat. A §9

Rules of procedure under Statute A IX 7Appe. §3

CommitteesStat. A §6

Common SealStat. A §2, Chap. I §19

Commonwealth History, Smuts ProfessorChap. XI §3, Chap. XII §2

Commonwealth Library FundChap. XII §2

Commonwealth Universities, Association ofChap. I §9

Communications Systems, Marconi ProfessorChap. XI §3

Company and Securities Law, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Company Law, Erskine Chambers Prize forChap. XII §2

Comparable authorityStat. C §1

Comparative and Developmental Criminology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Comparative Cognition, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Comparative Immunogenetics, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Comparative Law Endowment FundChap. XII §2

Comparative Pathology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Comparative Philology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Competent authorityStat. C §1


additional attempts, Second M.B., Final M.B. examinationsChap. VII §9, Chap. VII §9

additional attempts, Second Vet.M.B., Final Vet.M.B. examinationsChap. VII §17, Chap. VII §17

M.St. examination allowancesChap. VII §16

postgraduate examination allowancesChap. VI §1

review of M.D., M.Chir. examinationsChap. VII §9

review of postgraduate examinationsChap. VI §2

review procedure for examinationsChap. III §8

Student Complaints ProcedureChap. II §26

Complex Physical Systems, Schlumberger ProfessorChap. XI §3

Composition fees, UniversityChap. I §16

Computational Biology, M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

Computational Engineering, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Computational Linguistics, ProfessorsChap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3

Computational Logic, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Computational Morphodynamics, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Computational Physics, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Computer Engineering, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Computer Laboratory, 2009, Research Students FundChap. XII §2

Computer OfficersChap. XI §3

Computer Science

Professor (Robert Sansom)Chap. XI §3

ProfessorsChap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3

TriposChap. IV §9

Computer Technology, ProfessorsChap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3

Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Computing, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Conduct of businessStat. A §8, Spec. Ordinances §1, Chap. I §4

CongregationsSpec. Ordinances §1, Chap. I §4

Connell FundChap. XII §2

Conservation and Development, Moran ProfessorChap. XI §3

Conservation Biology, Miriam Rothschild ProfessorChap. XI §3

Conservation Leadership, M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

Conservation Leadership, MAVA Fondation FundChap. XII §2

Conservation of Easel Paintings, DiplomaChap. VII §18

Conservation of Natural Science Materials, M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

Conservation Science, ProfessorChap. XI §3

ConstablesChap. XI §3

Construction Engineering

M.St. DegreeChap. VII §16

Professor (Laing O'Rourke)Chap. XI §3

Consultant Occupational PhysicianChap. IX §6

Consultative Committee for SafetyChap. I §9

Continuing Education

Advanced DiplomaChap. VII §27

CertificateChap. VII §27

DiplomaChap. VII §27

DirectorChap. IX §8

Institute ofChap. IX §8

Postgraduate CertificateChap. VII §27

Postgraduate DiplomaChap. VII §27

Contributory Pension SchemeChap. I §15

Control Engineering, ProfessorsChap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3

Corbett Fund and PrizeChap. XII §2

Corfield Fund for MathematicsChap. XII §2

Corporate Governance, Adam Smith ProfessorChap. XI §3

Corporate Law

Master ofChap. VII §7

Professor (S. J. Berwin)Chap. XI §3

ReaderChap. XI §3

Cory FundChap. IX §7

Cosmological Research, Stephen Hawking Endowment forChap. XII §2


ProfessorChap. XI §3

Professor (Stephen W. Hawking)Chap. XI §3

Cosmology and Astrophysics, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Cottrell, Sir Alan

PrizeChap. XII §2

Professor of Materials ScienceChap. XI §3

Professorship of Materials Science FundChap. XII §2

Coulson, Alan, PrizeChap. XII §2

CouncilStat. A §4

Annual ReportStat. A §4

appeals toChap. I §5

Audit CommitteeStat. A §4, Spec. Ordinances §1, Chap. XIII §1

ChairStat. A §4

committees ofStat. A §4

Deputy ChairStat. A §4

external members (nomination of)Chap. I §5

Finance CommitteeStat. A §4, Spec. Ordinances §1, Chap. XIII §1

financial dutiesStat. F §1

legal powersChap. I §5

membersStat. A §4

age-limitStat. A §4

casual vacanciesStat. A §4, Spec. Ordinances §1

election and appointmentStat. A §4, Spec. Ordinances §1, Chap. I §5

period of serviceSpec. Ordinances §1

student membersStat. A §4

tenureStat. A §4

membershipStat. A §4, Spec. Ordinances §1, Spec. Ordinances §1

planning and resource allocationStat. F §2

powers and dutiesStat. A §4

quorumStat. A §4

reserved businessChap. I §5

statement of intentionChap. I §5

Councils of the SchoolsStat. A §5, Chap. VIII

dutiesStat. A §5

Courses, General Board RegulationsStat. B §3

Courts, UniversityStat. D §2, Spec. Ordinances §4, Spec. Ordinances §4, Chap. II §20

Cow and Gate PrizeChap. XII §2

Cowper Reed, F. R., Travelling GrantsChap. XII §2

Craig Taylor FundChap. XII §2

Crane, John, BenefactionChap. XII §2

Cranmer, Archbishop, Prize, Grants and StudentshipsChap. XII §2


Crausaz Wordsworth FundChap. XII §2

Craven Fund, Scholarship, and StudentshipStat. E §7, Chap. XII §2, Chap. XII §2

Creative Writing, M.St. DegreeChap. VII §16

Crighton, David, FundChap. XII §2

Criminological Research, M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13


InstituteChap. IX §5, Chap. IX §6

M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

Professor (Wolfson)Chap. XI §3

Criminology and Criminal Justice, ProfessorsChap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3

Crop Science, Russell R. Geiger ProfessorChap. XI §3

Crop Science, Russell R. GeigerProfessor

Professorship Endowment FundChap. XII §2

Crosse Fund, Scholarships and Studentships, Prizes and GrantsStat. E §10, Chap. XII §2

Crotch FundStat. E §37, Chap. IX §6

Crowther-Beynon FundChap. XII §2

CULP Awards

French, German, Italian, Advanced Russian, and SpanishChap. VII §27

Cultural History and Aesthetics, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Cunliffe FundChap. XII §2

Cuthbert Prize for Humanities in MedicineChap. XII §2

Cymatogeny, ProfessorChap. XI §3


Daglish, Robert, FundChap. XII §2

Danckwerts-Pergamon PrizeChap. XII §2

Daniel, Glyn, AwardChap. XII §2

Dasgupta, Surendranath, FundChap. XII §2

Dates of Examinations and Publication of Class-listsChap. III §4

Dates of termsChap. II §10

Davies Fund and ScholarshipStat. E §8, Chap. XII §2

Davy FundChap. XIII §3

Dawson, Sandra, Visiting Professor of Marketing, Strategy, and InnovationChap. XI §3

De Fraine FundChap. XII §2

De Mourgues, Odette, FundChap. XII §2

De Rothschild, Sir Evelyn, Fund for FinanceChap. XII §2

De Rothschild, Sir Evelyn, Professor of FinanceChap. XI §3

Dean, Henry Roy, PrizeChap. XII §2

Debenham Scholars FundChap. XII §2

Degree CommitteesStat. A §5, Chap. IX §4


admission toStat. A §2, Spec. Ordinances §2, Chap. II §12

cancellationStat. B §1

conferment in absenceChap. II §12

conferred by the UniversityStat. B §2, Spec. Ordinances §2

definitionStat. A §10

forms of admissionChap. II §12

forms of presentationChap. II §12

General AdmissionChap. II §12

incorporationChap. II §8

order of precedenceStat. B §2

presentation and admissionChap. II §12

renunciationStat. B §1

titles ofStat. A §2

Delegation of authorityStat. A §10, Spec. Ordinances §1

Denny, Archibald, PrizesChap. XII §2

DepartmentsStat. A §5

Acting HeadsChap. IX §5

Deputy HeadsChap. IX §5

HeadsStat. A §5, Chap. IX §5

Deputy High StewardStat. A §1

Desai, Harry, FundChap. XII §2

Design EngineersChap. IX §6

Development and Alumni Relations, UniversityChap. X

Executive DirectorChap. X

Development Economics, ReaderChap. XI §3

Development Studies

Assistant DirectorsChap. XI §3

M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

Development, Joint CommitteeChap. I §9

Developmental Biology

M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

ProfessorChap. XI §3

Professor (John Humphrey Plummer)Chap. XI §3

Developmental Cardiovascular Physiology and Medicine, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Developmental Endocrinology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Developmental Genetics, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Developmental Mechanick, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Developmental Neuroscience, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Developmental Psychology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Developmental Psychopathology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Device Materials, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Diageo Professor of Management StudiesChap. XI §3

Diplomas and Certificates open to non-members of the UniversityChap. VII §27

Disciplinary panelsStat. D §2, Stat. D §2, Spec. Ordinances §4, Spec. Ordinances §4, Chap. II §20

initiation of proceedingsChap. II §20

see also Discipline Board and Discipline CommitteeStat. D §2

stay of procedingsSpec. Ordinances §4


bicycles and boatsChap. II §19

clubs and societiesChap. II §19

disruption, impedanceStat. D §2

finesChap. II §19

general regulationsChap. II §19

maintenance ofStat. D §1

meetings and public gatheringsChap. II §19

motor vehiclesChap. II §19

University CourtsStat. D §1, Spec. Ordinances §4, Spec. Ordinances §4, Chap. II §20

Discipline BoardSpec. Ordinances §4, Chap. II §20, Chap. II §23

appointment of membersChap. II §23

Discipline CommitteeSpec. Ordinances §4, Spec. Ordinances §4, Spec. Ordinances §4, Chap. II §20

appointment of membersSpec. Ordinances §4, Chap. II §22

as appeal panelSpec. Ordinances §4

as body of first instanceSpec. Ordinances §4

rules of procedureSpec. Ordinances §4, Chap. II §22

Disclosure of examination marksChap. III §7

DiscussionsSpec. Ordinances §1, Chap. I §4, Chap. I §4

response to remarksSpec. Ordinances §1

Dismissal, definitionStat. C §15

Disney Professor of ArchaeologyChap. XI §3


Bachelor ofChap. VII §3

Doctor ofChap. VII §3

FacultyChap. IX §6

Ely, Canon ofChap. XI §3

ProfessorsStat. E §33

Lady Margaret’sChap. XI §3

Norris-HulseChap. XI §3

RegiusChap. XI §3

Divinity (German Language) FundChap. XII §2

Dixie Professor of Ecclesiastical HistoryStat. E §34, Spec. Ordinances §3, Chap. XI §3

Dobson, Austin, FundChap. XII §2

Dooley, Denis, PrizeChap. XII §2

Dorrell, Anthony, PrizeChap. XII §2

Douglas, Brian, FundChap. XII §2

Downing Professor of the Laws of EnglandChap. XI §3

Drapers Professor of FrenchChap. XI §3

Dress, academicalChap. II §14

Drewitt PrizeChap. XII §2

Duff, Gordon, Fund and PrizeChap. XII §2

Dunn, Sir William, Professor of BiochemistryChap. XI §3

Dunn, Sir William, Reader in BiochemistryChap. XI §3

Dyson Professor of Fluid MechanicsChap. XI §3


Early Modern European History, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Early Modern French Literature and Culture, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Early Modern History, M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

Earth Sciences

BP Foundation FundChap. XII §2

Departmental CommitteeChap. IX §6

M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

Professor (BP Foundation McKenzie)Chap. XI §3

Professor (Royal Society Research)Chap. XI §3

Sedgwick MuseumChap. IX §6

East Midland Regional Examinations Board FundChap. XII §2

Ecclesiastical History, Dixie ProfessorStat. E §34, Spec. Ordinances §3, Chap. XI §3

Ecological and Developmental Criminology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Prince Philip Professor ofChap. XI §3

Ecology, Sylvia Haslam PrizeChap. XII §2

Econometric Theory and Economic Statistics, ProfessorChap. XI §3


ProfessorChap. XI §3

ReaderChap. XI §3

Economic and Social History

M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

ProfessorChap. XI §3

Economic History, ProfessorsChap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3

Economic Research, M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

Economic Theory, ProfessorChap. XI §3


Advanced DiplomaChap. VII §19

El-Erian Fund forChap. XII §2

Executive Director of ResearchChap. IX §6

FacultyChap. IX §6

Janeway Fund forChap. XII §2

M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

Marshall Library FundChap. IX §6

Professor (El-Erian)Chap. XI §3

Professor (Frank Ramsey)Chap. XI §3

ProfessorsChap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3

ReadershipsChap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3

TriposChap. IV §10

supplementary regulationsChap. IV §10

Economics and Game Theory, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Economics and Organization, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Economics and Philosophy, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Economics and Policy, ReaderChap. XI §3


Doctor ofChap. VII §4

M.Phil. DegreesChap. VII §13, Chap. VII §13

Master ofChap. VII §4

Postgraduate CertificateChap. VII §26

ProfessorsChap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3

ReadershipsChap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3


New RegulationsChap. IV §12

Old RegulationsChap. IV §11

Preliminary ExaminationsChap. IV §2

Education (Biological Sciences), DirectorChap. IX §6

Education (Research), M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

Education Endowment FundChap. XII §2

Education Fund, UniversityChap. XIII §3

Educational Studies, Postgraduate DiplomaChap. VII §27


Endowment (Thomson Bequest) FundChap. XII §2

M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

El-Erian Fund for EconomicsChap. XII §2

El-Erian Professor of EconomicsChap. XI §3

Electoral rolls of studentsChap. IX §3

Electrical Engineering, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Electron Device Physics, Hitachi ProfessorChap. XI §3

Electronic Design EngineersChap. IX §6

Electronic Engineering, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Electronics, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Elmore, Frank Edward, FundStat. E §45, Chap. XII §2

Elrington and Bosworth Professor of Anglo-SaxonChap. XI §3

Ely, Canon ofChap. XI §1, Chap. XI §3

Emeritus Professors and ReadersChap. XI §1

Empirical Macroeconomics, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Empirical Sociology, ProfessorChap. XI §3


by the UniversityChap. I §14

in the UniversityStat. C §2

EMREB FundChap. XII §2

Endocrine Physiology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Endocrinology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Endowed University LectureshipsChap. XII §1

Energy and Materials Science, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Energy Technologies, M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13



Design EngineersChap. IX §6

Director of ResearchChap. IX §6

Superintendent of WorkshopsChap. IX §6

Doctor ofChap. VII §5

M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

Master ofChap. VII §5

Professor (Rank)Chap. XI §3

Professor (Regius)Chap. XI §3

Professor (van Eck)Chap. XI §3

ProfessorsChap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3

TriposChap. IV §13

supplementary regulationsChap. IV §13

Engineering and the Environment, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Engineering Design, ProfessorsChap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3

Engineering Endowment FundChap. XII §2

Engineering for Sustainable Development, M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

Engineering, Maintenance Grants in, FundChap. XII §2


Lectureship FundChap. XII §1

ProfessorsChap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3

TriposChap. IV §14

Preliminary ExaminationsChap. IV §2

English and Applied Linguistics, ProfessorChap. XI §3

English Law, Rouse Ball ProfessorChap. XI §3

English Literature, King Edward VII ProfessorChap. XI §3

English Literature, King Edward VII Professor Spec. Ordinances §3

English Private Law, ProfessorChap. XI §3

English Studies, M.Phil.Chap. VII §13

Enniskillen, Sixth Earl of, FundChap. XII §2

Enterprise Studies, Margaret Thatcher ProfessorChap. XI §3


Postgraduate DiplomaChap. VII §27

ReaderChap. XI §3

Entwistle, Keith, Memorial FundChap. XII §2

Environment and Policy, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Environment, Society, and Development, M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

Environmental and Industrial Fluid Dynamics, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Environmental Economics and Public Policy, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Environmental Policy, M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

Environmental Science, M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

Environmental Systems Analysis, ProfessorChap. XI §3


M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

MRC Research ProfessorChap. XI §3

Epidemiology and Medicine, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Equal opportunities policyChap. I §13

Equine and Farm Animal Science, Alborada ProfessorChap. XI §3

Equine Studies, John Hickman PrizeChap. XII §2

Erskine Chambers Prize for Company LawChap. XII §2

Esquire BedellsStat. C §9, Chap. XI §3

Established officersStat. C §1

Estate Management Development FundChap. XII §2

EstimatesChap. XIII §3

Ethical guidelines on the acceptance of benefactionsChap. XIII §1

European Law, ProfessorChap. XI §3

European Prehistory, ProfessorChap. XI §3

European students, Examination in Law forChap. IV §22

European Union and Employment Law, ProfessorChap. XI §3

European, Latin American, and Comparative Literatures and Cultures, M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

Evans FundChap. XII §2

Evans Prize FundStat. E §30

Evans PrizesChap. XII §2

Evans, Eric, FundChap. XII §2

Evans, Ulick Richardson, Research FundChap. XII §2

Evolution and Behaviour, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Evolution Education Trust Darwin Correspondence FundChap. XII §2

Evolutionary Biology, ProfessorsChap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3

Evolutionary Genetics, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Evolutionary Palaeobiology, ProfessorsChap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3


admission of unqualified candidatesChap. III §2

datesChap. III §4

disclosure of marksChap. III §7

duration of written papersChap. III §5

entries and lists of candidatesChap. III §3

form and conductChap. III §5

General Board RegulationsStat. B §3

Honours ExaminationsChap. III

interviewsChap. III §5

marking and classing conventions and criteriaChap. III §5

postgraduate, reviewChap. VI §2

PreliminaryChap. IV

publication of class-listsChap. III §4, Chap. III §6

Review procedureChap. III §8

rules for guidance of candidatesChap. I §9

Examinations, Board ofChap. I §9

Examiners and Assessors

appointmentsChap. III §9

ChairsChap. III §9

ExternalChap. III §10

general regulationsChap. III §9

paymentsChap. III §10

Examining, duty for University officersStat. C §1, Spec. Ordinances §3

Executive Director of Development and Alumni RelationsChap. X

Experimental Astrophysics, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Experimental Combustion, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Experimental Criminology, Jerry Lee FundChap. XII §2

Experimental Haematology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Experimental Medicine, Genzyme ProfessorChap. XI §3

Experimental Neurology, Merck Company Foundation ProfessorChap. XI §3

Experimental Neuroscience, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Experimental Particle Physics, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Experimental Philosophy, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Experimental Physics, ProfessorsChap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3

Experimental Psychology, ProfessorsChap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3

Experimental Quantum Physics, ProfessorChap. XI §3

External Member, definitionSpec. Ordinances §1

ExxonMobil Chemical Engineering PrizeChap. XII §2


FacultiesStat. A §5, Spec. Ordinances §1

annual meetingsChap. IX §1

definition of ‘Faculty'Stat. A §5

Faculty BoardsStat. A §5

casual vacanciesChap. IX §3

Casual vacanciesChap. IX §3

classes of membershipChap. IX §3

compositionChap. IX §3

constitutionChap. IX §3

elections, class (a)(i)Chap. IX §3

elections, class (a)(ii)Chap. IX §3

elections, class (c)Chap. IX §3

elections, class (f)Chap. IX §3, Chap. IX §3

membershipChap. IX §3

membership in class (e)Chap. IX §3

powers and dutiesChap. IX §3

reserved businessChap. IX §3

SecretariesChap. IX §3

student membersChap. IX §3

general regulationsChap. IX §1

list of membersChap. IX §1

membershipChap. IX §2

Fairhaven FundChap. XII §2

Fairlie, Alison, Prize in FrenchChap. XII §2

Falcon Chambers Prize for Land LawChap. XII §2

Family Research

CentreChap. IX §6

ProfessorChap. XI §3

Farm Animal Health, Food Science, and Food Safety, Marks & Spencer ProfessorChap. XI §3

Farm, UniversityChap. X

Farnell, Ellen, FundChap. XII §2

Faulkes, Martin C., Bell FundChap. XII §2

Fawcett, John, PrizeChap. XII §2

Fearnsides, E. G., ScholarshipChap. XII §2

Feather, Mary, FundChap. XII §2

Federated Superannuation System for UniversitiesChap. I §10


CompositionChap. I §16

general regulationsChap. I §16

home studentsChap. I §16

overseas student definitionChap. I §16

overseas studentsChap. I §16

Fenn, Dr Gillian, Memorial FundChap. XII §2

Film and Screen Studies, M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13


M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

Master ofChap. VII §6

ProfessorsChap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3

Finance and Economics, M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

Finance CommitteeSpec. Ordinances §1, Chap. XIII §1

Finance, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild FundChap. XII §2

Finance, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Financial Economics

J. M. Keynes FellowshipsChap. XII §2

Professor (Janeway)Chap. XI §3

Financial mattersStat. F §1, Chap. XIII §1

Financial RegulationsChap. XIII §1

Heads of DepartmentChap. XIII §1

authorityChap. XIII §1

bribery and fraudChap. XIII §1

commercial activityChap. XIII §1

competition proceduresChap. XIII §1

contract execution and commencementChap. XIII §1

corporate requirementsChap. XIII §1

definition, advice, and guidanceChap. XIII §1

income and expenditureChap. XIII §1

investment and borrowingChap. XIII §1

propertyChap. XIII §1

purchasingChap. XIII §1

staffingChap. XIII §1

Financial Research, M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

Fine Art, Slade ProfessorSpec. Ordinances §3, Chap. XI §3

FinesStat. A §2, Chap. II §19

Fingland FundChap. XII §2

Fisons PrizeChap. XII §2

Fitness to Practise Procedures

Preclinical and Clinical Medical StudentsChap. II §27

Preclinical and Clinical Veterinary StudentsChap. II §28

Fitness to Study ProceduresSpec. Ordinances §4, Chap. II §29

Fitzpatrick FundChap. XII §2

Fitzwilliam Museum

Flexible Working PolicyChap. I §14

Florence Nightingale Foundation Professor of Clinical Nursing ResearchChap. XI §3

Flower FundChap. IX §6

Fluid Dynamics, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Fluid Flow in Industry and the Environment, M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

Fluid Mechanics

Professor (Dyson)Chap. XI §3

Professor (G. I. Taylor)Chap. XI §3

ProfessorsChap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3

Fly-sheetsChap. I §4

Footlights, Harry Porter, FundChap. XII §2

Forbes FundChap. XII §2

Forbes, Max, FundChap. XII §2

Ford of Britain Trust FundChap. XII §2

Ford Physiology FundChap. XII §2

Foreign Travel FundChap. XII §2

Forest Ecology and Conservation, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Fortes FundChap. XII §2

Foster Prize FundChap. XII §2

Foster, Michael, Studentship in PhysiologyChap. XII §2

Foundations of Mathematics, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Foundations, ApprovedStat. G §1

Fox, Charles, PrizeChap. XII §2

Fox, T. R. C., FundChap. XII §2

Frazer Lectureship in Social AnthropologyChap. XII §2


Alison Fairlie PrizeChap. XII §2

Professor (Drapers)Chap. XI §3

French Government Visiting ProfessorChap. XI §3

French History, ProfessorChap. XI §3

French Literature and the Visual Arts, ProfessorChap. XI §3

French Philology and Linguistics, ProfessorChap. XI §3

French, German, Italian, Advanced Russian, and Spanish, CULP AwardsChap. VII §27

Frere, Sir Bartle, Memorial FundChap. XII §2

Fuji Bank LecturerChap. XII §1

Funds allocated to the CouncilChap. XIII §3

Funds, Faculty and DepartmentalChap. XIII §3

Funds, Studentships, Lectureships, etc.

appointment of awarders, etc.Chap. XII §2

books, prizeChap. XII §2

eligibilityChap. XII §2

general regulationsChap. XII §2

honourable mentionChap. XII §2

special regulationsChap. XII §2

surplus incomeChap. XII §2

Funds, University, general regulationsChap. XIII §3

Future Infrastructure and Built Environment, M.Res. DegreeChap. VII §14


Gadow, Hans, Memorial FundChap. XII §2

Garden, Isbel Fletcher, Fund and ScholarshipChap. XII §2

Gardiner, John Stanley, StudentshipsChap. XII §2

Gardiner, Robert, Memorial ScholarshipsChap. XII §2

Gas Turbine Aerodynamics, M.Res. DegreeChap. VII §14

Gastroenterology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Gatty, Oliver, FundChap. XII §2

Gedge PrizeChap. XII §2

Geiger, Russell R.

Professor of Crop ScienceChap. XI §3

Professorship Endowment FundChap. XII §2

Gender Studies FundChap. XII §1, Chap. XII §2

Gender Studies, Diane Middlebrook and Carl Djerassi Visiting ProfessorSpec. Ordinances §3, Chap. XI §3

General Admission to DegreesChap. II §12

General Board

Annual ReportStat. A §5

appointment of membersChap. I §7

ChairStat. A §5, Chap. I §7

membershipStat. A §5, Spec. Ordinances §1

powers and dutiesStat. A §5

reserved businessChap. I §7

statement of intentionChap. I §7

student membersStat. A §5, Spec. Ordinances §1

General Practice

Directors and Assistant Directors of StudiesChap. IX §6

ProfessorChap. XI §3

General Purpose FundsChap. XIII §3

Genetic Epidemiology, ProfessorChap. XI §3


ProfessorChap. XI §3

Professor (Arthur Balfour)Stat. E §40, Chap. XI §3

Genetics and Genomics, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Genome Biology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Genomic Medicine

M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

M.St. DegreeChap. VII §16

Postgraduate CertificateChap. VII §27

Postgraduate DiplomaChap. VII §27

Genzyme Fund for Clinical NeurosciencesChap. XII §2

Genzyme Professors

Experimental MedicineChap. XI §3

NeuroimmunologyChap. XI §3

Geoarchaeology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Geographical Research, M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13


Geographical TriposChap. IV §15

Preliminary ExaminationsChap. IV §2

M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

ProfessorsChap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3

Tim Whitmore FundChap. XII §2

Geology, Professor (Woodwardian)Chap. XI §3

Geometry, ProfessorChap. XI §3


Huppert PrizeChap. XII §2

ProfessorChap. XI §3


Endowment FundChap. XII §2

Schröder ProfessorChap. XI §3

German History and Thought, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Gerstenberg, Arnold, FundStat. E §26

StudentshipChap. XII §2

Gibbons, Orlando, FundChap. XII §2

Gibson Spanish ScholarshipChap. XII §2

Gibson, Geoffrey Moorhouse, Professor of ChemistryChap. XI §3

Gilbey Lectureship FundChap. XII §1

Gillings, Dennis, Professor of Health ManagementChap. XI §3

Girdler FundChap. XII §2

Girdlers’ Lectureship FundChap. XII §1

Gladstone Memorial PrizeChap. XII §2

Glaxo Pharmacology FundChap. XII §2

GlaxoSmithKline Professor of Microbial PathogenesisChap. XI §3

Glennie Prizes in Child PsychiatryChap. XII §2

Goldsmiths’ Prize and MedalChap. XII §2

Goldsmiths’ Professor of Materials ScienceChap. XI §3

Gollan FundChap. XII §2

‘good cause', definitionStat. C §15

Good FridayChap. II §9

Goodhart, Arthur, Visiting Professor in Legal ScienceSpec. Ordinances §3, Chap. XI §3

Governance and Human Rights, David and Elaine Potter FundChap. XII §1, Chap. XII §2

Gow FundChap. XII §2

Grace, definitionStat. A §10

GracesSpec. Ordinances §1

Graduate Students

admission, general regulationsChap. VI

candidature for University emolumentsChap. VI §1

feesChap. VI §1

illness and grave cause, examination allowancesChap. VI §1

payments to supervisorsChap. VI §1

progressChap. VI §1

review of examination resultsChap. VI §2

Graduate Studies, Board ofChap. I §9

General FundChap. I §9

Graduate UnionChap. II §18

Graham-Smith FundChap. XII §2

Graphene Technology, M.Res. DegreeChap. VII §14

Gray, J. H., FundChap. XII §2

Great Common SealStat. A §2, Chap. I §19


ProfessorChap. XI §3

Professor (Regius)Chap. XI §3

Greek and Latin Research Fund, Chadwick, JohnChap. XII §2

Greek Culture, A. G. Leventis ProfessorChap. XI §3

Green, D. H., FundChap. XII §2

Gregson, Mark, FundChap. XII §2

Gresham Prize in PathologyChap. XII §2

Grievance proceduresStat. C §19, Spec. Ordinances §3

Grigoriou-Theocarakis, Catherine, PrizeChap. XII §2

Grimshaw-Parkinson FundChap. XII §2

Grindley, G. C., FundChap. XII §2

Grosvenor FundChap. XII §2

Grosvenor Professor of Real Estate FinanceChap. XI §3

Guinness Management Studies FundChap. XI §3

Gurdon InstituteChap. IX §8

Gurney LecturerChap. XII §1


Haemato-oncology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Haematology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Hahn, Kurt, PrizesChap. XII §2

Hall, Andrew, FundChap. XII §2

Hall, John, FundChap. XII §2

Hallam Fund and PrizeChap. XII §2

Hamilton PrizeChap. XII §2

Harding Fund and LecturerStat. E §24, Chap. XII §1

Hare Fund and PrizeStat. E §5, Chap. XII §2

Harkness ScholarshipChap. XII §2

Harmsworth FundChap. XI §3

Harmsworth, Vere, Professor of Imperial and Naval HistoryStat. E §36, Chap. XI §3

Harness Fund and PrizeStat. E §41, Chap. XII §2

Harnett FundChap. XII §2

Harrison FundChap. XIII §3

Hartree PrizeChap. XII §2

Hartwell Fund for Islamic StudiesChap. XII §2

Harvard, John, Professor in the Arts, Humanities, and Social SciencesChap. XI §3

Harvey, William, Fund and StudentshipsChap. XII §2

Haslam, Sylvia, Prize in EcologyChap. XII §2

Hatton Philosophy of Life Sciences FundChap. XII §2

Hawking, Stephen W., Professor of CosmologyChap. XI §3

Hawking, Stephen, Endowment for Cosmological ResearchChap. XII §2

Hawking, Stephen, Trust FundChap. XII §2

Hawkins, Desmond, AwardChap. XII §2

Health and Safety Executive CommitteeChap. I §9

Health Management, Dennis Gillings ProfessorChap. XI §3

Health Neuroscience (Bernard Wolfe)

Health Research and Development, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Health Services Research, RAND ProfessorChap. XI §3

Health, Medicine, and Society, M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

Hebrew Fund and PrizesStat. E §30, Chap. XII §2

Hebrew, Regius ProfessorStat. E §33, Chap. XI §3

Heinemann, Margot, PrizeChap. XII §2

Heitland and William Aldis Wright FundChap. XII §2

Heitland FundChap. XII §2

Henderson, John and Margaret, Memorial PrizeChap. XII §2

Henn, T. R., Quiller-Couch and, FundChap. XII §2

HerbariumChap. IX §6

Hibbitt Endowed Fund for Solid MechanicsChap. XII §1, Chap. XII §2

Hickman, John, Prize in Equine StudiesChap. XII §2

High Energy Physics, ProfessorsChap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3

High StewardStat. A §1

Higher Education, CertificateChap. VII §27

Higher Education, DiplomaChap. VII §27

Hill, Professor Dame Elizabeth, FundChap. XII §2

Hinds, Martin, Travel FundChap. XII §2

Histopathology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Historic Environment, M.St. DegreeChap. VII §16

Historical and Cultural Geography, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Historical Anthropology, ProfessorsChap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3

Historical Essays Prize FundChap. XII §2

Historical Musicology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Historical Studies, M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13


Historical TriposChap. IV §16

Preliminary ExaminationsChap. IV §2

supplementary regulationsChap. IV §16

M.St. DegreeChap. VII §16

Professor (Regius)Chap. XI §3

Professorship FundChap. XII §2

History and Modern Languages TriposChap. IV §17

History and Philosophy of Science

BoardChap. IX §6

DepartmentChap. IX §6

Professor (Hans Rausing)Chap. XI §3

ProfessorsChap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3

History and Philosophy of Science and Medicine, M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

History and Politics TriposChap. IV §18

History and Public Policy, ProfessorChap. XI §3

History of Art

ProfessorsChap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3

TriposChap. IV §18

supplementary regulationsChap. IV §19

History of Art and Architecture, M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

History of European International Relations, ProfessorChap. XI §3

History of Medieval Art, ProfessorChap. XI §3

History of Political Thought, ProfessorChap. XI §3

History of Science and Medicine, ProfessorChap. XI §3

History of Science, ProfessorChap. XI §3

History of Science, Whipple MuseumChap. IX §6

Conservation FundChap. XII §2

History of Southeast Asia, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Hitachi Professor of Electron Device PhysicsChap. XI §3

Hodgkins, Charles H. and Anna M., MemorialChap. XII §2

Holgate Pollard, Winifred Georgina, Memorial PrizesChap. XII §2


DegreesStat. A §2

Professors and ReadersChap. XI §1

Honours ExaminationsChap. III §1

Hood, Ivy Rose, Memorial Bursary FundChap. XII §2

Hopkinson and Imperial Chemical Industries Professor of Applied ThermodynamicsChap. XI §3

Hort Memorial FundChap. XII §2

Horton-Smith, Raymond, PrizeChap. XII §2

Housing and Planning, Cambridge Centre forChap. IX §6

Howard, Sir Albert, Travel ExhibitionChap. XII §2

Huddersfield Lectureship FundChap. XII §1

Hughes FundChap. XII §2

Hulsean FundStat. E §6, Chap. XII §2

Human Evolution, Leverhulme ProfessorChap. XI §3

Human Evolutionary Studies, M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

Human Genetics, ProfessorsChap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3

Human Geography, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Human remains, transfer of stewardshipAppe. I §1

Human Resources and Organizational Behaviour, ReaderChap. XI §3

Human, Social, and Political Sciences TriposChap. IV §20

Humanitarian Trust Fund and StudentshipChap. XII §2

Humanitas Visiting ProfessorsSpec. Ordinances §3, Chap. XI §3

Humanitas Visiting Professorships FundChap. XII §2

Humanities and Social Sciences, SchoolChap. VIII

Humanities Computing for Languages, CertificateChap. VII §23

Humanities in Medicine, Cuthbert Prize forChap. XII §2

Huppert Prize in GeophysicsChap. XII §2

Hypoxia Signalling and Cell Biology, ProfessorChap. XI §3


Ibn Battutah FundChap. XII §2

Immunogenetics, ProfessorChap. XI §3


ProfessorChap. XI §3

Professor (Sheila Joan Smith)Chap. XI §3

Immunology and Cell Biology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Immunology and Infectious Diseases, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Immunology and Medicine, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Imperial and Naval History, Vere Harmsworth ProfessorStat. E §36, Chap. XI §3

In statu pupillariStat. A §10, Stat. A §10, Spec. Ordinances §1, Chap. I §9

IncorporationStat. B §2, Chap. II §8

Indian Business and Enterprise, Jawaharlal Nehru ProfessorChap. XI §3

Industrial Information Engineering, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Industrial Management Endowment FundChap. XII §2

Industrial Relations and Labour Economics, Montague Burton ProfessorChap. XI §3

Industrial Systems, Manufacture, and Management, M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

Infectious Disease Informatics, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Infectious Diseases, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Information and Communications, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Information Engineering, ProfessorsChap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3

Information Services CommitteeChap. I §9

RulesChap. I §9

University Software PolicyChap. I §9

Information Services, UniversityChap. X

Information Systems and Innovation Studies, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Infrastructure Geotechnics, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Innate Immunity, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Innovation and Organization, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Innovation, Strategy, and Organization, M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

Inorganic Chemistry, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Integrated Photonic and Electronic Systems, M.Res. DegreeChap. VII §14

Intellectual History, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Intellectual Property Law

Lectureship Fund (Herchel Smith)Chap. XII §1, Chap. XII §2

Professor (Herchel Smith)Chap. XI §3

Intellectual Property RightsChap. XIII §2

adjudication and appealChap. XIII §2

administration of provisionsChap. XIII §2

University Technology RefereesChap. XIII §2

Interdisciplinary Design for the Built Environment, M.St. DegreeChap. VII §16

Interdisciplinary Design, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Intermit, leave toChap. III §2

International Commercial Tax, Berwin Leighton Paisner PrizeChap. XII §2

International Education, ProfessorChap. XI §3

International Finance, Pembroke Visiting ProfessorChap. XI §3

International History, ProfessorChap. XI §3

International Law

Postgraduate DiplomaChap. VII §20

ProfessorChap. XI §3

Professor (Whewell)Chap. XI §3

Research Centre, LauterpachtChap. IX §6

International Law and International Constitutional Studies, ProfessorChap. XI §3

International Relations

M.St. DegreeChap. VII §16

Professor (Sir Patrick Sheehy)Chap. XI §3

International Relations and Politics, M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

InvestmentStat. A §2

Islamic Studies, HRH Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Centre ofChap. IX §8

Islamic Studies, Sheikh Zayed FundChap. XII §1, Chap. XII §2

Italian and Romance Linguistics, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Italian, Serena ProfessorChap. XI §3


Jacksonian Professor of Natural PhilosophyChap. XI §3

James, David, FundChap. XII §2

Janeway Fund for EconomicsChap. XII §2

Janeway Professor of Financial EconomicsChap. XI §3

Japanese Studies

Jawaharlal Nehru Professor of Indian Business and EnterpriseChap. XI §3

Jebb FundChap. XII §2

StudentshipsChap. XII §2

Jeremie Fund and PrizesStat. E §30, Chap. XII §2

Jeremy FundChap. XI §3

Johns, C. H. W., Memorial Fund and StudentshipChap. XII §2

Joint Board, University and AssistantsChap. I §9

Joint Committee on DevelopmentChap. I §9

Joint Negotiating CommitteesChap. I §9

Jones FundChap. XII §2

Jones, Gareth, PrizeChap. XII §2

Jones, Humphrey Owen, Lectureship FundChap. XII §1

Jowett FundChap. XII §2

Judge Business SchoolChap. IX §6

Judge Institute of ManagementChap. IX §5, Chap. IX §6

Judge Management Education Trust M.B.A. Prize for Management AnalysisChap. XII §2

Jurisprudence, ProfessorChap. XI §3


Kahn, Richard, FundChap. XII §2

Kanthack FundChap. XII §2

Kaplanoff FundChap. XII §2

KAUST Fund for Biological SciencesChap. XII §2

Kavli Institute FundChap. XII §2

Kawashima LecturerChap. XII §1

Kaye Fund and PrizeStat. E §30, Chap. XII §2

Keeping, Thomas, FundChap. XII §2

Keidanren FundChap. XI §3

Keith, Alexander James, Fund and StudentshipsChap. XII §2

Kennedy Professor of LatinChap. XI §3

Keown, The Vincent and Brigid, Memorial Prize for Medical LawChap. XII §2

Kermode PrizeChap. XII §2

Kerr, Hamilton, InstituteChap. IX §8

Kerr, Sir Hamilton, Trust FundChap. XII §2

Research Scientist Appeal FundChap. XII §2

Kettle’s YardChap. IX §8

Music FundChap. XII §2

Travel FundChap. XII §2

Keynes Fund for Applied EconomicsChap. XII §2

Keynes, J. M., Fellowships in Financial EconomicsChap. XII §2

Keynes, Milo, FundChap. XII §2

King Edward VII Professor of English LiteratureSpec. Ordinances §3, Chap. XI §3

King, Nita, Research ScholarshipChap. XII §2

Kirkpatrick FundChap. XIII §3

Knight, J. T., PrizesChap. XII §2

Knightbridge Professor of PhilosophyChap. XI §3

KPMG Professor of Management StudiesChap. XI §3

Kuwait Foundation FundChap. XII §2

Kuwait Professor of Number Theory and AlgebraChap. XI §3


Labour Law, Littleton Chambers PrizeChap. XII §2

Laing O'Rourke Professor of Construction EngineeringChap. XI §3

Laing, Kirby, FundChap. XII §2

Laing, Kirby, Fund for Civil EngineeringChap. XII §2

Laing, Kirby, Graduate Studentship FundChap. XII §2

Lake, Philip, Funds and PrizesChap. XII §2

Lamb, Charles, PrizeChap. XII §2

Land Economy

Agricultural Economics UnitChap. IX §6

BoardChap. IX §6

DepartmentChap. IX §6

Housing and Planning, Cambridge CentreChap. IX §6

M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

ProfessorChap. XI §3

TriposChap. IV §21

supplementary regulationsChap. IV §21

Land Economy Research, M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

Land FundChap. XIII §3

Langdon-Brown, Sir Walter, PrizeChap. XII §2

Language CentreChap. IX §8

Language Teaching OfficersChap. XI §3

Laser Engineering, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Latham Pension FundChap. I §11

Latin American Geography, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Latin Literature, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Latin, Kennedy ProfessorChap. XI §3

Latin-American Literature, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Latin-American Studies

M.Phil. DegreesChap. VII §13

Professor (Simón Bolívar)Spec. Ordinances §3, Chap. XI §3

Laurence Professor of Ancient PhilosophyChap. XI §3

Laurence Professor of Classical ArchaeologyChap. XI §3

Laurence, Sir Perceval Maitland, FundsChap. XII §2

Lauterpacht Research Centre for International LawChap. IX §6

Lauterpacht, Hersch, FundChap. XII §2


Bachelor of, redesignationChap. II §12

Corporate Law

Master ofChap. VII §7

Professor (S. J. Berwin)Chap. XI §3

ReaderChap. XI §3

Doctor ofChap. VII §7

Examination in Law for European StudentsChap. IV §22

Master ofChap. VII §7

LL.M. DegreeChap. VII §7

LL.M. ExaminationChap. VII §7

ProfessorsChap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3

TriposChap. IV §22

Law and Environmental Policy, Harold Samuel ProfessorChap. XI §3

Law and Legal History, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Law and Public Policy, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Law Endowment FundChap. XII §2

Law of Real Property, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Law Prize Fund, Perreau-Saussine de Ezcurra, Dr AmandaChap. XII §2

Laws of England, Downing ProfessorChap. XI §3

Le Bas Fund, Prize, and StudentshipStat. E §16, Chap. XII §2

Leave of absenceStat. C §1, Chap. XI §1, Chap. XI §1, Chap. XI §1

family relatedChap. XI §1

payment of pension contributionsChap. XI §1

sick leaveChap. XI §1

study leave for certain officersChap. XI §1

Leave, sabbaticalSpec. Ordinances Under Statute C §1, Spec. Ordinances Under Statute C §1, Chap. XI §1

Lectors in LanguagesChap. XI §3


Lecturers, University

amounts of teachingSpec. Ordinances §3

Appointments CommitteesSpec. Ordinances §3

stipendsSpec. Ordinances §3

Lectures, admission to, by special leaveChap. I §18

Lee, Dr S. T., Public Policy Lecture FundChap. XII §2

Lee, Jerry, Fund for Experimental CriminologyChap. XII §2

Legal and Political Philosophy, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Legal Science, Arthur Goodhart Visiting ProfessorSpec. Ordinances §3, Chap. XI §3

Legal Studies, Postgraduate DiplomaChap. VII §20

LEGO Professor of Play in Education, Development, and LearningChap. XI §3

Leigh, Kennedy, Fund for Modern HebrewChap. XII §1, Chap. XII §2


Doctor ofChap. VII §15

Leukaemia Stem Cell Biology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Leventis, A. G., Professor of Greek CultureChap. XI §3

Leverhulme Professor in Human EvolutionChap. XI §3

Leverton Harris FundChap. XII §2

Levy, Benn W., Fund and StudentshipStat. E §38, Chap. XII §2

Lewin Memorial FundChap. XII §2

Lewin Prize FundChap. XII §2

Lewis, William Vaughan, PrizesChap. XII §2

Lewis-Gibson LecturerChap. XII §1

Li Ka Shing Professor of OncologyChap. XI §3

Librarian, UniversityStat. C §7, Spec. Ordinances §3

Librarians, Faculty and DepartmentalChap. XI §3

Libraries, Faculty and DepartmentalChap. IX §8

Library Acquisitions Fund, William MillsChap. XII §2

Library Endowment FundChap. XII §2

Library, University

affiliated librariesChap. IX §8, Chap. IX §8

borrowingChap. IX §8, Chap. IX §8

opening and closingChap. IX §8

staffChap. IX §8

SyndicateSpec. Ordinances §3, Chap. IX §8

Medical Library Policy Advisory GroupChap. IX §8

Sub-syndicatesChap. IX §8

Lightfoot, Dr, Scholarships and PrizeChap. XII §2


ProfessorChap. XI §3

TriposChap. IV §23

supplementary regulationChap. IV §23

Linguistics and Philosophy of Language, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Linnett, John Wilfrid, Visiting Professor of ChemistrySpec. Ordinances §3, Chap. XI §3

Lipton, Peter, FundChap. XII §2

Lipton, Peter, Lectureship FundChap. XII §2

Littleton Chambers Prize for Labour LawChap. XII §2

Livings, Electors toChap. I §9

Loan Funds I and IIChap. XIII §3

Local Examinations SyndicateChap. I §9

Loewe, Michael, Fund for Classical and Literary Chinese StudiesChap. XII §2

Logic and Algorithms, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Logic, ProfessorChap. XI §3

London Students Hardship FundChap. XII §2

Long VacationChap. II §9

coursesChap. II §10

Long, George, Fund and PrizesStat. E §22, Chap. XII §2

Longsdon Trust FundChap. XII §2

Lopez-Rey, Manuel, FundsChap. XII §2

Low, Matt, FundChap. XII §2

Lowndean Professor of Astronomy and GeometryStat. E §35, Chap. XI §3

Lucas, Hedley, FundChap. XII §2

Lucasian Professor of MathematicsChap. XI §3

Lundgren FundChap. XII §2


M.A. DegreeStat. B §2, Chap. V §2

M.A. StatusChap. II §7

M.A.St. DegreeChap. VII §1

M.B.A. DegreeChap. VII §2

M.C.L. DegreeChap. VII §7

M.Chir. Distinction PrizeChap. XII §2

M.Litt. DegreeChap. VII §12

M.Math. DegreeChap. VII §8

M.Mus. DegreeChap. VII §10

M.Phil. Degree

by advanced studyChap. VII §13

by dissertationChap. VII §12

general regulationChap. VII §13

M.Res. DegreeChap. VII §14

M.Sc. DegreeChap. VII §12

M.St. DegreeChap. VII §16

Maccoll, Norman, LectureshipChap. XII §2

MacCurdy Library FundChap. XII §2

Machine Learning, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Machine Learning, Speech, and Language Technology, M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

Macpherson, Alasdair Charles, FundChap. XII §2

Macroeconomics, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Maintenance Grants in Engineering FundChap. XII §2

Maitland, Frederic William, Memorial FundChap. XII §2

Maitland, Peregrine, Fund and StudentshipStat. E §17, Chap. XII §2

Mammalian Development and Stem Cell Biology, ProfessorChap. XI §3


Judge InstituteChap. IX §5, Chap. IX §6

M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

Management Accounting, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Management Analysis, Judge Management Education Trust M.B.A. PrizeChap. XII §2

Management Studies

M.Res. DegreeChap. VII §14

ProfessorChap. XI §3

Professor (Beckwith)Chap. XI §3

Professor (Diageo)Chap. XI §3

Professor (KPMG)Chap. XI §3

TriposChap. IV §24

supplementary regulationsChap. IV §24

Management Studies in Engineering FundChap. XII §2

Management Studies Project PrizeChap. XII §2

Mann, Elizabeth, FundChap. XII §2

Manufacturing Engineering

ProfessorChap. XI §3

Professor (GKN)Chap. XI §3

TriposChap. IV §25

supplementary regulationsChap. IV §25

Manufacturing, M.St. DegreeChap. VII §16

Marconi Professor of Communications SystemsChap. XI §3

Margaret, Lady

PreacherStat. E §15, Chap. XII §2

Professor of DivinityChap. XI §3

Marine Biological AssociationChap. I §9

Marketing, Strategy, and Innovation, Sandra Dawson Visiting ProfessorChap. XI §3

Marks & Spencer Professor of Farm Animal Health, Food Science, and Food SafetyChap. XI §3

Marks, John, and Mulberry Trust FundChap. XII §2

Marlay CuratorSpec. Ordinances §3

Marlay FundChap. XII §2

Marlow, Gussy, Clinician Ph.D. FellowshipChap. XII §2

Marr Memorial FundChap. XII §2

Marshal, UniversityChap. I §12

Marshall Library FundChap. IX §6

Marshall, Alfred, Fund and LectureshipChap. XII §2

Marshall, Mary, and Arthur Walton, Professor of the Physiology of ReproductionChap. XI §3

Marshall, Sir Arthur, Visiting Professor of Urban DesignSpec. Ordinances §3, Chap. XI §3

Martin, Kingsley, Memorial FundChap. XII §2

Mason Prize for Biblical HebrewChap. XII §2

Materials Chemistry, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Materials Engineering, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Materials Physics, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Materials Science

Goldsmiths’ ProfessorChap. XI §3

M.A.St. DegreeChap. VII §1

Prize (Central Electricity Generating Board)Chap. XII §2

Professor (Sir Alan Cottrell)Chap. XI §3

ProfessorsChap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3

Materials Science and Metallurgy

M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

ProfessorChap. XI §3

Maternity leaveChap. XI §1

Mathematical Astrophysics, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Mathematical Biology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Mathematical Essay Prize FundChap. XII §2

Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Mathematical Genomics and Medicine, M.Res. DegreeChap. VII §14

Mathematical Logic, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Mathematical Physics, ProfessorsChap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3

Mathematical Sciences

Isaac Newton InstituteChap. IX §8

Professor (N. M. Rothschild & Sons)Chap. XI §3

ProfessorsChap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3

Mathematical Statistics, ProfessorsChap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3


Corfield Fund forChap. XII §2

M.A.St. DegreeChap. VII §1

M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

Master ofChap. VII §8

Mathematical TriposChap. IV §26

Professor (Lucasian)Chap. XI §3

Professor (Rouse Ball)Chap. XI §3

ProfessorsChap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3

Mathematics for Operational Research, Churchill ProfessorChap. XI §3

Mathematics of Systems, ProfessorChap. XI §3

MathWorks StudentshipChap. XII §2

MatriculationStat. B §1, Chap. II §1

classes of persons qualified to matriculateChap. II §2

examination requirementsChap. II §3

Matrix Biochemistry, ProfessorChap. XI §3

MAVA Fondation Fund for Conservation LeadershipChap. XII §2

Maxwell, Clerk, Fund and ScholarshipStat. E §39, Chap. XII §2

Maxwell, Clerk, PrizesChap. XII §2

Mayhew PrizeChap. XII §2

Maynard & Betham FundChap. XII §2

Mayne, J. E. O., FundChap. XII §2

McArthur, Ellen, FundStat. E §42, Chap. XII §2

McClean FundChap. IX §6

McCririck FundChap. XII §2

McDonald Institute for Archaeological ResearchChap. IX §6

McDonald, D. M.

Grants and Awards FundChap. XII §2

Trust FundChap. IX §6

McLatchie FundChap. XII §2

McNair, Arnold, Scholarship FundChap. XII §2

Measures, Ethel, FellowshipChap. XII §2

Mechanical Engineering, ProfessorsChap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3

Mechanics of Materials, ProfessorsChap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3

Medical and Veterinary Sciences TriposChap. IV §27

supplementary regulationsChap. IV §27

Medical BoardsStat. C §18, Chap. II §24

Medical Education CommitteeChap. I §9

Medical Education, DirectorChap. IX §6

Medical Genetics and Genomic Medicine, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Medical Genetics and Neurodevelopment, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Medical Genetics and Policy, Centre forChap. IX §6

Medical Genetics, ProfessorsChap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3

Medical Law, The Vincent and Brigid Keown Memorial Prize forChap. XII §2

Medical Libraries FundChap. XII §2

Medical Oncology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Medical Physics, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Medical Science

M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

M.Res. DegreeChap. VII §14

Medical Students RegisterChap. IX §6, Chap. IX §6

Medicinal Chemistry

Fellowship and Studentship Fund (Herchel Smith)Chap. XII §2

Lectureships Fund (Herchel Smith)Chap. XII §2

Professor (Herchel Smith)Chap. XI §3

Lectureships Fund (Herchel Smith)Chap. XII §1


Clinical Medicine

Associate Clinical Sub-DeanChap. IX §6

Clinical Sub-DeansChap. IX §6

FacultyChap. IX §6

Faculty BoardChap. IX §6

fitness to practise proceduresChap. II §27

General Practice, Directors and Assistant Directors of StudiesChap. IX §6

Medical Education, Director ofChap. IX §6

Postgraduate CertificateChap. VII §27

procedures to determine progress of studentsChap. II §28

Regional Clinical Sub-DeanChap. IX §6

Regional Postgraduate DeanChap. IX §6

register of studentsChap. IX §6

Senior Clinical TutorsChap. IX §6

clinical responsibilityChap. IX §6, Chap. XI §2


Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

Curriculum RegulationsChap. VII §9

New Curriculum RegulationsChap. VII §9

special regulations for confermentChap. VII §9

supplementary regulationsChap. VII §9

Doctor of Medical ScienceChap. VII §9

Doctor of MedicineChap. VII §9

special regulationsChap. VII §9

M.St. (Clinical Medicine)Chap. VII §16

Master of SurgeryChap. VII §9


appointment of examinersChap. VII §9

Final M.B.Chap. VII §9

M.Chir., review of resultsChap. VII §9

review of decisionsChap. VII §9

Second M.B.Chap. VII §9

approved coursesChap. VII §9, Chap. VII §9

exemptionChap. VII §9

F1 doctors, appeal processChap. II §28

M.Chir. CommitteeChap. VII §9

M.D. CommitteeChap. VII §9

ProfessorsChap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3

Medieval and Renaissance English, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Medieval and Renaissance Literature, M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

Medieval English Literature and Palaeography, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Medieval French and Occitan, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Medieval French Literature, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Medieval History

M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

ProfessorChap. XI §3

Medieval Music and Literature, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Medieval Music, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Medieval Scandinavian History FundStat. E §47, Chap. XII §1, Chap. XII §2

Mediterranean History, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Meetings and Public Gatherings

Code of PracticeChap. II §19

Meetings, failure to attendStat. A §10, Spec. Ordinances §1

Mellon Fellowship FundChap. XII §2

Mellon, Paul, Discretionary FundChap. XII §2

Mellon, Paul, FundChap. XII §2

Mellon, Paul, Professor of American HistoryChap. XI §3

Melville Laboratory for Polymer SynthesisChap. IX §8

Members’ Classics FundChap. XII §2

Members’ English FundChap. XII §2

Members’ History FundChap. XII §2

Merck Company Foundation Professor of Experimental NeurologyChap. XI §3

Mere’s CommemorationChap. II §16

Merz, Charles Hesterman, FundChap. XII §2

Metabolic Medicine, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Metabolism and Medicine, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Metabolism and Nutrition, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Metallurgy, Tata Steel ProfessorChap. XI §3

Metamorphic Petrology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Metaphysics and Poetics, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Micro- and Nanotechnology Enterprise, M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

Microbial Pathogenesis, GlaxoSmithKline ProfessorChap. XI §3

Microbiology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Microsystems Technology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Middlebrook, Diane, and Carl Djerassi Visiting Professor of Gender StudiesSpec. Ordinances §3, Chap. XI §3

Middleton, T. H., FundChap. XII §2

Military Education CommitteeChap. I §9

Mills, William, Library Acquisitions FundChap. XII §2

Mineral Physics, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Mineralogy and Mineral Physics, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Mineralogy and Petrology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Minto, Graeme, Prize for Management StudiesChap. XII §2

Mitchell, Professor Joseph, Cancer Research FundChap. XII §2

Mitochondrial Medicine, MRC Research ProfessorChap. XI §3

Mobile Systems, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Modern and Contemporary History, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Modern and Medieval German Studies, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Modern and Medieval Languages TriposChap. IV §28

supplementary regulationsChap. IV §28

Modern Arabic Studies, His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said ProfessorChap. XI §3

Modern British History

M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

ProfessorChap. XI §3

Modern Chinese History, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Modern Cultural History, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Modern European History, M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

Modern German and Comparative Culture, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Modern Greek FundChap. XII §1

Modern Hebrew Studies FundChap. XII §2

Modern Hebrew, Kennedy Leigh FundChap. XII §1, Chap. XII §2

Modern History, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Modern Jewish Studies FundChap. XII §2

Modern Languages

CertificatesChap. VII §24

DiplomaChap. VII §21

Modern South Asian Studies, M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

Moir, Rex, FundChap. XII §2

Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Molecular Biology

Professor (Herchel Smith)Chap. XI §3

ProfessorsChap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3

Molecular Biophysics, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Molecular Cancer Biology, Royal Society Research ProfessorChap. XI §3

Molecular Cell Biology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Molecular Endocrinology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Molecular Genetics and Genomics, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Molecular Genetics, Herchel Smith ProfessorChap. XI §3

Molecular Haematology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Molecular Haemostasis, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Molecular Imaging Chemistry, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Molecular Immunology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Molecular Microbiology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Molecular Modelling, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Molecular Neurobiology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Molecular Neurogenetics, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Molecular Neurology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Molecular Nutrition and Metabolism, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Molecular Pathology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Molecular Pharmacology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Molecular Physiology and Pathology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Molecular Sciences Informatics, Unilever ProfessorChap. XI §3

Molecular Virology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Molteno, P. A., FundChap. XII §2

Mond Laboratory Endowment FundChap. XII §2

Mond, Francis, Professor of Aeronautical EngineeringChap. XI §3

Moran Professor of Conservation and DevelopmentChap. XI §3

Morbid Anatomy and Histopathology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Mordell Lectureship FundChap. XII §2

Morgan, Morien, PrizeChap. XII §2

Morrell Fund and LectureshipChap. XII §2

Morris, Roger, Prizes in Medicine and SurgeryChap. XII §2

Mortensen, Brita, FundChap. XII §2

Mosley, Mary Euphrasia, FundChap. XII §2

Motor vehiclesChap. II §19

Mott Fund for Physics of the EnvironmentChap. XII §2

Mott Publication FundChap. XII §2

Mott, Nevill, Prizes (BP)Chap. XII §2

MRC Research Professors

BiostatisticsChap. XI §3

Cognitive PsychologyChap. XI §3

EpidemiologyChap. XI §3

Mitochondrial MedicineChap. XI §3

Multi-Disciplinary Gender Studies, M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

Mulvey, Thomas, Egyptology FundChap. XII §2

Munby Fund and FellowshipChap. XII §2

Munn-Rankin, Margaret, Fund for AssyriologyChap. XII §2

Musgrave, Edith Mary Pratt, FundChap. XII §2


Bachelor ofChap. VII §10

Doctor ofChap. VII §10

Master ofChap. VII §10

ProfessorChap. XI §3

TriposChap. IV §29

Music and Science, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Music History, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Music Studies, M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

Music Theory and Analysis, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Musical Performance Studies, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Myers, Walter, FundChap. XII §2


Nanotechnology, ProfessorsChap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3

Napier Shaw FundChap. XII §2

Napier, W. P., FundChap. XII §2

National Health Service, Advisory Appointments CommitteesChap. I §9

Natural Philosophy, Jacksonian ProfessorChap. XI §3

Natural Sciences TriposChap. IV §30

Committee of ManagementChap. I §9

Preliminary ExaminationsChap. IV §2

supplementary regulationsChap. IV §30

Natural Sciences, Master ofChap. VII §11

Needham, Joseph, Professor of Chinese History, Science, and CivilizationChap. XI §3

Nehru, Jawaharlal, Professor of Indian Business and EnterpriseChap. XI §3

Nehru, Jawaharlal, Visiting ProfessorChap. XI §3

Nelson, Sir George, Prize in Applied MechanicsChap. XII §2

Nephrology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Neurobiology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Neuroimmunology, Genzyme ProfessorChap. XI §3

Neurological Genetics, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Neurology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Neurophysiology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Neuroradiology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Neurorehabilitation, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Neuroscience, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Neurosurgery, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Neurotechnology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Newall ObservatoryChap. IX §6

Newton LibraryChap. IX §6

Newton, Isaac

Fund and StudentshipsStat. E §25, Chap. XII §2

Institute for Mathematical SciencesChap. IX §8

Institute FundChap. XII §2

Ng, Mau-sang, PrizeChap. XII §2

NHS TrustsChap. I §9

Nicholson, R. A., Fund and PrizesStat. E §44, Chap. XII §2

Noble, Ralph, PrizesChap. XII §2

Nock, A. D., FundChap. XII §2

Nomination BoardChap. I §2

Nonlinear Mathematical Science, ProfessorsChap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3

Norman, Richard, Scholarship FundChap. XII §2

Norris-Hulse Professor of DivinityChap. XI §3

Norrish, Ronald, FundChap. XII §2

Norrisian Fund and PrizeStat. E §19, Chap. XII §2

North Carolina State University FundChap. XII §2

Norton Rose Fulbright Prize in Commercial LawChap. XII §2

Norton, Sara, PrizesChap. XII §2

Nuclear Energy, M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

Nuclear Medicine, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Number Theory and Algebra, Kuwait ProfessorChap. XI §3


Observational Astronomy, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Observational Cosmology and Astrophysics, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Obstetrics and Gynaecology, ProfessorsChap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3

Occupational Physician, ConsultantChap. IX §6

Official residencesChap. XI §2

Old Age Psychiatry, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Oldham, Charles, ScholarshipsChap. XII §2

Oncological Pathology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Oncology, Li Ka Shing ProfessorChap. XI §3

Ong, Michelle, History Undergraduate Travel FundChap. XII §2

Operations Management, ReadersChap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3

Operations Research, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Ophthalmology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Oppenheimer, Ernest, FundChap. XII §2

OratorStat. C §5, Chap. XI §3

Ord Travel FundChap. XII §2

Order of seniority of graduatesChap. II §13


enacting, issuing, amendingStat. A §3

power to issueStat. A §2


definitionStat. A §10

enacting, issuing, amendingStat. A §3

interpretationStat. A §10

power to enactStat. A §2

Organic Chemistry

ProfessorChap. XI §3

Professor (Herchel Smith)Chap. XI §3

Organist, UniversityChap. XI §3

Organizational Ethnography, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Orr, Robin, LectureshipChap. XII §2

Orthopaedic Surgery, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Oschinsky, Dorothea, FundChap. XII §2

Otology and Skull Base Surgery, ProfessorChap. XI §3


Paediatric Fund and PrizesChap. XII §2

Paediatrics, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Paine, Suzy, FundChap. XII §2

Parasitology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Parke-Davis Exchange Fellowship FundChap. XII §2

Parry, Clive, International Law Prize FundChap. XII §2

Parry, Tesni, Memorial FundChap. XII §2

Particle Physics, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Passingham Fund and PrizeChap. XII §2


Bluegnome Molecular Genetic FundChap. XII §2

Department of, Centenary Fund and StudentshipChap. XII §2

Endowment FundChap. XII §2

ProfessorChap. XI §3

Pathology PrizesChap. XII §2

Payments additional to stipendChap. XI §2

Payments to Examiners

Honours Examinations, etc.Chap. III §10

Master's DegreeChap. III §10

Pembroke Visiting Professor of International FinanceChap. XI §3

Pension Fund IIChap. XIII §3

Pensions and Pension SchemesChap. I §10

Perceval FundChap. XII §2

Perinatal Physiology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Perkins, Michael, FundChap. XII §2

Perreau-Saussine de Ezcurra, Dr Amanda, Law Prize FundChap. XII §2

Persian History, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Persian Studies, Ali Reza and Mohamed Soudavar FundChap. XII §2

PET Scientific ServicesChap. IX §6

Petroleum Science, BP ProfessorChap. XI §3

Petrology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Ph.D. DegreeChap. VII §12, Chap. VII §12

Pharmacia & Upjohn PrizeChap. XII §2

Pharmacology, Sheild ProfessorChap. XI §3

Philip, Prince, Scholarships FundChap. XII §2

Phillpotts, Dame Bertha, Memorial FundChap. XII §2

Philosophical Magazine FundChap. XII §2

Philosophical Theology, ProfessorChap. XI §3


Doctor ofChap. VII §12

special regulationsChap. VII §12

M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

Master of

by advanced studyChap. VII §13

by dissertationChap. VII §12

general regulationChap. VII §13

regulations for particular subjectsChap. VII §13

residence for the DegreeChap. VII §13

Professor (Bertrand Russell)Chap. XI §3

Professor (Knightbridge)Chap. XI §3

ProfessorsChap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3

TriposChap. IV §31

Philosophy Graduate Students FundChap. XII §2

Philosophy of Life Sciences, Hatton, FundChap. XII §2

Philosophy of Religion, Stanton Fund and LectureshipStat. E §23, Chap. XII §2

Philosophy of Science, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Phonetics, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Photonic Engineering, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Photonic Systems and Displays, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Photonics, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Photosynthesis, ProfessorChap. XI §3

PHSA Engage Mutual Health FundChap. XII §2

Physic, Regius ProfessorChap. XI §3

Physical Chemistry and Biophysics, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Physical Chemistry, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Physical Geography, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Physical Metallurgy, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Physical Sciences

M.Res. DegreeChap. VII §14

SchoolChap. VIII


Avik Chakravarty Memorial FundChap. XII §2

M.A.St. DegreeChap. VII §1

M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

Professor (Cavendish)Chap. XI §3

Professor (Herchel Smith)Chap. XI §3

ProfessorsChap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3

ReadershipsChap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3

Physics of Materials, John Humphrey Plummer ProfessorChap. XI §3

Physics of Medicine, Raymond and Beverly Sackler FundChap. XII §2

Physics of Sustainability, Winton FundChap. XII §2

Physics of the Environment, Mott FundChap. XII §2

Physics, ProfessorsChap. XI §3


University PhysiologistChap. IX §6

ProfessorChap. XI §3

Physiology of Reproduction, Mary Marshall and Arthur Walton, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Physiology, Development, and Neuroscience, DepartmentChap. IX §6

Pigott Fund for Graduate Studentships in Arts, Humanities, and Social SciencesChap. XII §2

Pike, Alexander, FundChap. XII §2

Pinsent-Darwin Fund and StudentshipChap. XII §2

Pitt Fund and ScholarshipStat. E §8, Chap. XII §2

Pitt Professor of American History and InstitutionsSpec. Ordinances §3, Chap. XI §3

Pitt-Rivers, George, Professor of Archaeological ScienceChap. XI §3

PlagiarismChap. II §19

Planning, Growth, and Regeneration, M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

Plant and Microbial Biochemistry, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Plant Biochemistry and Cell Biology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Plant Biochemistry, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Plant Development, ProfessorsChap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3

Plant Ecology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Plant Sciences, HerbariumChap. IX §6

Plant Systematics and Evolution, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Play in Education, Development, and Learning, LEGO ProfessorChap. XI §3

Plumian Professor of Astronomy and Experimental PhilosophyChap. XI §3

Plummer, John Humphrey

Poetry and Poetics, Gorley Putt ProfessorChap. XI §3

Polar Studies, M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

Political Economy

ProfessorChap. XI §3

Political Economy, ProfessorsChap. XI §3

Political Thought and Intellectual History, M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

Political Thought, John Robert Seeley LectureshipChap. XII §2


ProfessorChap. XI §3

Professorship FundChap. XII §2

Polonsky–Coexist Fund for Jewish StudiesChap. XII §1, Chap. XII §2

Polymer Physics, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Polymer Synthesis, Melville LaboratoryChap. IX §8

Polymeric Materials Chemistry and Physics

ProfessorChap. XI §3

Popperwell, Ronald, Memorial FundChap. XII §2

Porson Fund, Prize, and ScholarshipStat. E §8, Chap. XII §2, Chap. XII §2

Porter, Harry, Footlights FundChap. XII §2

Portuguese Literature and Culture, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Scientific ServicesChap. IX §6

Postgraduate qualifications, review of examination resultsChap. VI §2

Postgraduate Study, Certificates ofChap. VII §25

special regulationsChap. VII §25

Potter, David and Elaine, Fund for Governance and Human RightsChap. XII §1, Chap. XII §2

Practitioner Professional Development, Postgraduate AwardsChap. VII §27

Precincts, UniversityStat. A §10, Chap. II §11

Preclinical and Clinical Medical and Veterinary Students, procedures to determine progressChap. II §28

Prehistoric Europe and Heritage Studies, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Preliminary ExaminationsChap. IV

Prendergast Fund and StudentshipStat. E §27, Chap. XII §2

Press, University

accountsStat. J

post-holders designated as University officersStat. J

SealStat. J, Chap. I §9

SyndicateStat. J, Chap. I §9

Annual ReportStat. J

‘property of'Stat. J

Pressland, A. J., FundChap. XII §2

Pretty, Gwynaeth, Research Fund and StudentshipChap. XII §2

PricewaterhouseCoopers Prize in EconomicsChap. XII §2

Primary Care Research

M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

ProfessorChap. XI §3

Prince Consort Prize FundChap. XII §2

Prince Philip Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary BiologyChap. XI §3

Prince Philip Professor of TechnologyChap. XI §3

Prince Philip Scholarships FundChap. XII §2

Prior, Edward S., FundChap. XII §2

Private International Law, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Pro-Vice-ChancellorsStat. C §3, Chap. XI §3

Probability, ProfessorChap. XI §3

ProcessionsChap. II §13

Proctors and Pro-ProctorsStat. C §4, Chap. XI §3

Proctors, deputySpec. Ordinances §3, Spec. Ordinances §3

Professorial FellowshipsSpec. Ordinances §5

Professors and ProfessorshipsStat. C §11, Spec. Ordinances §3, Chap. XI §3

Protein Crystallography, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Psychiatry, ProfessorsChap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3

Psychological and Behavioural Sciences TriposChap. IV §32

Psychology in the Social Sciences, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Psychology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Public Health

InstituteChap. IX §6

M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

Public Health Medicine, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Public Health, Cambridge University Medical School Charitable Fund forChap. XII §2

Public Law

ProfessorChap. XI §3

Professor (Sir David Williams)Chap. XI §3

Public Law and Jurisprudence, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Public Law and Private International Law, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Public Policy

M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

ProfessorChap. XI §3

Public Understanding of Risk, Winton Fund for theChap. XII §2

Public Understanding of Risk, Winton ProfessorChap. XI §3

PublicationStat. A §10

Pugh, L. P., MedalChap. XII §2

Pure Mathematics

Professor (Herchel Smith)Chap. XI §3

Professor (Sadleirian)Chap. XI §3

ProfessorsChap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3

ReadershipChap. XI §3

Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics, ReadershipChap. XI §3

Putt, Gorley, Fund and LectureshipChap. XII §2

Putt, Gorley, Professor of Poetry and PoeticsChap. XI §3


Qualcomm European Research Studentship Fund in TechnologyChap. XII §2

Quantitative Sociology, ReaderChap. XI §3

Quantum Electronics, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Quantum Physics

Professor (Leigh Trapnell)Chap. XI §3

ProfessorsChap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3

Quaternary Palaeoenvironments, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Quick Fund and Professor of BiologySpec. Ordinances §3, Chap. XI §3

Quiller-Couch and T. R. Henn FundChap. XII §2

Quinquennial Equalization FundChap. XIII §3

Quintiles Health Management FundChap. XI §3

QuorumsStat. A §10, Spec. Ordinances §1


Ra Jong-Yil FundChap. XII §2

Rabbinics FundChap. XII §2

Radiation Oncology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Radio Astronomy, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Radiology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Radzinowicz, Sir Leon

Criminological FundChap. XII §2

Visiting FellowshipChap. XII §2

Ramsay, J. Arthur, FundChap. XII §2

Ramsden SermonChap. II §16

Ramsey, Frank, Professor of EconomicsChap. XI §3

RAND Professor of Health Services ResearchChap. XI §3

Randolph, Barnard, FundChap. XII §2

Rank Professor of EngineeringChap. XI §3

Rapson Fund and ScholarshipChap. XII §2

Rausing Fund for History and Philosophy of ScienceChap. XII §2

Rausing, Hans, FundChap. XII §2

Rausing, Hans, Professor of History and Philosophy of ScienceChap. XI §3

Rausing, Sigrid, Professor of Social AnthropologyChap. XI §3

Rawlinson FundChap. XII §2

Rayleigh LibraryChap. IX §6

Rayleigh PrizesStat. E §29

Rayleigh-Knight PrizesChap. XII §2

Readers and ReadershipsStat. C §12, Spec. Ordinances §3, Chap. XI §3

Real Estate and Housing Finance, ReaderChap. XI §3

Real Estate Finance

M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

Professor (Grosvenor)Chap. XI §3

Real Estate, M.St. DegreeChap. VII §16

Reckitt, Albert, FundChap. XII §2

Rede, Sir Robert, LectureshipStat. E §14, Chap. XII §2

Redhead, Jennifer, PrizeChap. XII §2

RedundancyStat. C §15, Stat. C §16

Redundancy CommitteeStat. C §16

Reformation History, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Regenerative Medicine, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Regent HouseStat. A §3

age-limitsStat. A §3

conduct of businessSpec. Ordinances §1

Graces and CongregationsStat. A §3, Spec. Ordinances §1, Chap. I §4

membershipStat. A §3

MembershipChap. I §3

powersStat. A §3

RollStat. A §3, Chap. I §3

objectionsChap. I §3

promulgationStat. A §3, Chap. I §3

Regional and Applied Economics, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Regional Postgraduate DeanChap. IX §6

RegistraryStat. C §6

Regius ProfessorshipsStat. C §11, Spec. Ordinances §3

Reitlinger, Henry, FundChap. XII §2

ReporterStat. A §10, Spec. Ordinances §1, Chap. I §1

ReportsStat. A §3, Spec. Ordinances §1

AnnualChap. I §9

signature ofStat. A §10

Representation Theory, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Reproductive Biology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Reproductive Immunology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Reproductive Physiology, ProfessorChap. XI §3


Assistant Directors ofChap. XI §3

Master ofChap. VII §14

Senior Assistants inChap. XI §3

Research Ethics Committee, UniversityChap. IX §9

Research in University laboratories, approval of use by outside bodiesChap. I §18

Research Maintenance Grants FundChap. XIII §3

Research Students Amenities FundChap. XII §2

Reserved businessSpec. Ordinances §1, Chap. I §5, Chap. I §7

Faculty BoardChap. IX §3

ResidenceStat. A §10, Chap. II §11

for the Degree of Master of PhilosophyChap. VII §13

University officersChap. XI §1

Residences, officialChap. XI §2

Resident (Clinical Veterinary Medicine)Chap. IX §6

Resignation of membership

SenateStat. A §1

UniversityChap. II §4

Respiratory Biology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Respiratory Medicine

ProfessorChap. XI §3

ReaderChap. XI §3

Respiratory Science, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Retiring age, University officersSpec. Ordinances §3

RIBA (Anderson and Webb) Scholarship for ArchitectureChap. XII §2

Ricardo PrizeChap. XII §2

Richards FundChap. XII §2

Richards, David, Fund and Travel ScholarshipsChap. XII §2

Ridgeway-Venn Travel FundChap. XII §2

Ritchie-Ginsburg FundChap. XII §2

Rivers Lectureship in Social AnthropologyChap. XII §2

RNA Molecular Biology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Roberts, A. W. Rymer, FundChap. XII §2

Roberts, B. B., FundChap. XII §2

Roberts, D. W., Prize FundChap. XII §2

Rose Book-Collecting PrizeChap. XII §2

Rose, Holland, StudentshipChap. XII §2

Ross, Archibald Douglas, FundChap. XII §2

Roth, Henry Ling, Research FundChap. XII §2

Rothschild Visiting ProfessorsChap. IX §8

Rothschild, Miriam, Professor of Conservation BiologyChap. XI §3

Rothschild, N. M., & Sons, Professor of Mathematical SciencesChap. XI §3

Rouse Ball LectureshipChap. XII §2

Rouse Ball Library FundChap. XII §2

Rouse Ball Professor of English LawChap. XI §3

Rouse Ball Professor of MathematicsChap. XI §3

Royal Aeronautical Society Prize in AeronauticsChap. XII §2

Royal Commonwealth Society LibraryChap. XII §2

Royal Society Napier Research Professor of Cancer BiologyChap. XI §3

Royal Society Research Professor of Earth SciencesChap. XI §3

Royal Society Research Professor of Molecular Cancer BiologyChap. XI §3

Rural Economy, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Russell, Bertrand, Professor of PhilosophyChap. XI §3

Russian and East European Studies, Cambridge Committee forChap. I §9

Rustat FundStat. E §12

RusticationSpec. Ordinances §4

Rylands, Betha Wolferstan, PrizeChap. XII §2

Rylands, G. H. W., FundChap. XII §2


Sabbatical leaveSpec. Ordinances Under Statute C §1, Spec. Ordinances Under Statute C §1, Chap. XI §1

Sackler, Raymond and Beverly, BenefactionsChap. XII §2

Physic, Regius Professor Endowment FundChap. XII §2

Sackler Distinguished Lectures FundChap. XII §2

Sackler Fund for AstronomyChap. XII §2

Sackler Fund for Medical SciencesChap. XII §2

Sackler, Raymond and Beverly, Fund for the Physics of MedicineChap. XII §2

Sadleirian Professor of Pure MathematicsChap. XI §3

Safety, Consultative Committee forChap. I §9

Sainsbury LaboratoryChap. IX §8

Salary scaleChap. XI §2

Salisbury, F. S., FundChap. XII §2

Samuel, Harold, Professor of Law and Environmental PolicyChap. XI §3

Samuel, Harold, StudentshipsChap. XII §2

Sandars Readership in BibliographyChap. XI §3, Chap. XII §2

Sandys Fund and StudentshipStat. E §46, Chap. XII §2

Sanger, Dr F., FundChap. XII §2

Sansom, Robert, Professor of Computer ScienceChap. XI §3

Scandinavian StudentshipChap. XII §2

Scandinavian Studies FundChap. XII §2

Schiff, George and Lilian, StudentshipsChap. XII §2

Schlumberger Complex Physical Systems FundChap. XII §2

Schlumberger Professor of Complex Physical SystemsChap. XI §3

Scholefield Fund and PrizesStat. E §30, Chap. XII §2

Scholl, Dr William M., Lectureship FundChap. XII §1, Chap. XII §2

Schools and Councils of the SchoolsStat. A §5, Chap. VIII

Heads of SchoolsStat. A §5

Schools, composition ofSpec. Ordinances §1

Schroders Book Fund for Japanese StudiesChap. XII §2

Schröder Professor of GermanChap. XI §3


Doctor ofChap. VII §15

Master ofChap. VII §12

Science Education, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Scientific Computing, M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

Scott Polar Research InstituteChap. IX §7

Endowment FundsChap. IX §7

Scott Polar Scholarship FundChap. XII §2

Scott, A. W., FundChap. XII §2

Scott, Captain, FundChap. XII §2

Scrutiny, Board ofStat. A §7, Chap. I §6

election of membersChap. I §6

Seals, UniversityStat. A §2, Chap. I §19

Seatonian Fund and PrizeStat. E §11, Chap. XII §2

Secretaries and Superintendents of Faculties, Departments, etc.Chap. XI §3

Security Engineering, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Sedgwick Museum of Earth SciencesChap. IX §6

Sedgwick PrizeChap. XII §2

Sedgwick Rough FundChap. XII §2

Seeley MedalChap. XII §2

Seeley, John Robert, Lectureship in Political ThoughtChap. XII §2

Select Preachers SyndicateChap. I §9

Semiconductor Engineering, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Semitic Philology, Edward Ullendorff, Lecture FundChap. XII §2


ballotsChap. I §4

GracesChap. I §4

membership ofStat. A §1

resignation fromStat. A §1

Senate-House SyndicateChap. I §9

Senior Assistants in ResearchChap. XI §3

Senior Design EngineersChap. IX §6

Senior Language Teaching OfficersChap. XI §3

Seniority of graduates, orderChap. II §13

Sensor Technologies and Applications, M.Res. DegreeChap. VII §14

SeptemviriStat. D §2, Spec. Ordinances §3, Spec. Ordinances §4, Spec. Ordinances §4, Spec. Ordinances §4, Chap. II §25

Seraphim, Alkis, Memorial LectureChap. XII §2

Serena Professor of ItalianChap. XI §3

SermonsStat. A §10, Chap. I §9, Chap. II §16

select preachersChap. I §9

Seven Pillars Studentship FundChap. XII §2

Sexton, David, FundChap. XII §2

Sheehy, Sir Patrick, Professor of International RelationsChap. XI §3

Sheepshanks Benefaction FundChap. IX §6

Sheild Professor of PharmacologyChap. XI §3

Sheild, Marmaduke, Fund and ScholarshipChap. XII §2

Shell Fund for Chemical EngineeringChap. XII §2

Shell Professor of Chemical EngineeringChap. XI §3

Shore Fund for Language TeachingChap. XII §2

Short, Kathleen Madge, Cancer FundChap. XII §2

Sidgwick Memorial FundChap. XII §1

Signal Processing, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Simpson, Norman Douglas, Memorial FundChap. XII §2

Sims Fund and ScholarshipChap. XII §2

Sinanide, Oreste and Florence, Fund and ScholarshipChap. XII §2

Sindall, Morgan, PrizeChap. XII §2

Singh, Manmohan, Bursary FundChap. XII §2

Single Transferable Vote RegulationsChap. I §8

Sinyi Professor of Chinese ManagementChap. XI §3

Sismey FundChap. XII §2

Sites and Buildings RegulationsChap. XIII §1

committeesChap. XIII §1

definitions and guidanceChap. XIII §1

Expenditure ApprovalsChap. XIII §1

Specific Operational ApprovalsChap. XIII §1

Skinner, Quentin, Prize FundChap. XII §2

Slade Professor of Fine ArtSpec. Ordinances §3, Chap. XI §3

Slater, Charles, FundChap. XII §2

Slater, Eliot, Prize in PsychiatryChap. XII §2

Slaughter and May PrizeChap. XII §2

Slavonic Studies, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Small Animal Medicine, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Small Animal Surgery, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Smart, Frank

PrizesChap. XII §2

Studentship in BotanyChap. XII §2

Smith Fund and Smith's PrizesStat. E §28

Smith Fund and Smith’s PrizesChap. XII §2

Smith System Engineering PrizeChap. XII §2

Smith, Adam, Prize Endowment FundChap. XII §2

Smith, Adam, Professor of Corporate GovernanceChap. XI §3

Smith, Herbert, Prize in the Conflict of LawsChap. XII §2

Smith, Herchel, Fellowship FundChap. XII §2

Smith, Herchel, Laboratory of Medicinal Chemistry FundChap. XII §2

Smith, Herchel, Lectureship in Intellectual Property Law FundChap. XII §1, Chap. XII §2

Smith, Herchel, Lectureships in Medicinal Chemistry FundChap. XII §2

Smith, Herchel, Medicinal Chemistry Fellowship and Studentship FundChap. XII §2

Smith, Herchel, Professor of BiochemistryChap. XI §3

Smith, Herchel, Professor of Intellectual Property LawChap. XI §3

Smith, Herchel, Professor of Medicinal ChemistryChap. XI §3

Smith, Herchel, Professor of Molecular BiologyChap. XI §3

Smith, Herchel, Professor of Molecular GeneticsChap. XI §3

Smith, Herchel, Professor of Organic ChemistryChap. XI §3

Smith, Herchel, Professor of PhysicsChap. XI §3

Smith, Herchel, Professor of Pure MathematicsChap. XI §3

Smith, Herchel, Research Studentship and Research Fellowship FundChap. XII §2

Smith, Sheila Joan, Professor of ImmunologyChap. XI §3

Smith, Sheila Joan, Research FundChap. XII §2

Smith-Knight PrizesChap. XII §2

Smuts Memorial FundChap. XII §2

Smuts Professor of Commonwealth HistoryChap. XI §3, Chap. XII §2

Snelson, Sir Edward, FundChap. XII §2

Social and Developmental Psychology

M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

Social Anthropology

ReaderChap. XI §3

M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

M.Res. DegreeChap. VII §14

Professor (Sigrid Rausing)Chap. XI §3

Professor (William Wyse)Chap. XI §3

ProfessorsChap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3

Social Innovation, M.St. DegreeChap. VII §16

Social Theory, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Societies and ClubsChap. II §19

Societies SyndicateChap. I §9

Technical CommitteeChap. I §9

Societies, ApprovedStat. G §1, Chap. XV §2


M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

ProfessorsChap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3

ReaderChap. XI §3

Sociology and Political Economy, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Sociology of Education, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Soft Solids and Surfaces, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Software Policy, UniversityChap. I §9

Solar Physics ObservatoryChap. IX §6

Solid Mechanics, Hibbitt Endowed Fund forChap. XII §1, Chap. XII §2

Somers, Robert M., PrizeChap. XII §2

Soudavar, Ali Reza and Mohamed, Fund for Persian StudiesChap. XII §2

Soudavar, Ali Reza and Mohamed, Lectureship FundChap. XII §1, Chap. XII §2

Soulby, D. E. B., FundChap. XII §2

South Asian History, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Spanish, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Special OrdinancesStat. A §3

enacting, issuing, amendingStat. A §3

interpretationStat. A §10

Spencer FundChap. XII §2

Sports Committee, UniversityChap. I §9

Spratling, Ron, FundChap. XII §2

Spärck Needham FundChap. XII §2

Squire Law Library Appeal FundChap. XII §2

Squire, Rebecca Flower

Fund and ScholarshipsStat. E §43

Fund and Scholarships and StudentshipsChap. XII §2

Squire, William Barclay, FundChap. XII §2

Staff Childcare CommitteeChap. I §9

Staff Review and Development SchemeChap. I §14

Stanton Fund and Lectureship in the Philosophy of ReligionStat. E §23, Chap. XII §2

Starbridge Lectureship FundChap. XII §1, Chap. XII §2

Statistical LaboratoryChap. IX §7

Statistical Science, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Statistical Signal Processing, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Statistics in Biomedicine, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Statistics, ProfessorsChap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3


commencementStat. A §10

declaration of meaningStat. A §9

interpretationStat. A §10

making, altering, repealingStat. A §3

repealStat. A §10

Statutes and Ordinances

compliance withStat. A §9

invalid proceedingsStat. A §9

Steel Theological StudentshipsChap. XII §2

Stellar Evolution, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Stem Cell Biology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Stem Cell Medicine, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Stephen Hawking Trust Fund

Postdoctoral FellowshipsChap. XII §2

StudentshipsChap. XII §2

Visiting ProfessorshipsChap. XII §2

Stephen, Leslie, LectureshipChap. XII §2

Stevenson PrizesChap. XII §2

Stewart of Rannoch, John, Funds and ScholarshipsStat. E §3

Greek and LatinChap. XII §2

HebrewChap. XII §2

Sacred MusicChap. XII §2

Stipends and salariesChap. XI §2, Chap. XI §2

additional payments for administrative responsibilityChap. XI §2

payments additional toChap. XI §2

Stochastic Analysis, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Stokes LecturerChap. XII §1

Storey, Graham, FundChap. XII §2

Strategic Planning Reserve FundChap. XIII §3

Strategy and Innovation, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Strategy, Marketing, and Operations, M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

Strauss FundChap. XII §2

Strickland CuratorChap. IX §6

Stroke Medicine, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Structural and Molecular Biology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Structural Biology, ProfessorsChap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3

Structural Dynamics, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Structural Engineering, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Structural Mechanics, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Student Housing FundChap. XIII §3

Student Union

Cambridge UniversityChap. II §17

code of practiceChap. II §18

Graduate UnionChap. II §18

Students, complaints byChap. II §26

Studies, Master ofChap. VII §16

Study of Religion FundChap. XII §2

Sub-departmentsChap. IX §7

DirectorsChap. IX §7

Sultan Qaboos Professor of Abrahamic Faiths and Shared ValuesChap. XI §3

Superalloys, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Superannuation SchemesChap. I §10

Superconducting Engineering, ProfessorChap. XI §3

SupplicatsChap. II §12

Supramolecular and Polymer Chemistry, ProfessorChap. XI §3


Department of, PrizeChap. XII §2

ProfessorChap. XI §3

Surgical Oncology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Sustainability Leadership, M.St. DegreeChap. VII §16

Sustainability Leadership, University of Cambridge Institute forChap. IX §8

Sustainable Business

Postgraduate CertificateChap. VII §27

Postgraduate DiplomaChap. VII §27

Sustainable Design, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Sustainable Reaction Engineering, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Sustainable Value Chains, Postgraduate CertificateChap. VII §27

Sweet and Maxwell PrizeChap. XII §2

Sykes, Henry, FundChap. XII §2

SyndicatesStat. A §6, Spec. Ordinances §1, Chap. I §9

AccommodationChap. I §9

Careers ServiceChap. I §9

Local ExaminationsChap. I §9

PressChap. I §9

Select PreachersChap. I §9

Senate-HouseChap. I §9

SocietiesChap. I §9

University TheatreChap. I §9

West and North West Cambridge EstatesChap. I §9

Synthetic and Chemical Biology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Synthetic Biology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Systems Biology and Biochemistry, ProfessorChap. XI §3


Tata Steel Fund for MetallurgyChap. XI §3

Tata Steel Professor of MetallurgyChap. XI §3

Tax Law, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Taylor, C. T., Fund and StudentshipsChap. XII §2

Taylor, G. I., Professor of Fluid MechanicsChap. XI §3

Teape PrizeChap. XII §2

Technical OfficersChap. XI §3

SeniorChap. XI §3


Professor (Prince Philip)Chap. XI §3

Qualcomm European Research Studentship FundChap. XII §2

SchoolChap. VIII

Technology Policy, M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

Tench, Richard, FundChap. XII §2

Tennant Fund and StudentshipChap. XII §2

TermsStat. A §10, Chap. II §9

Thalmann BequestChap. XII §2

Thatcher, Margaret, Management Studies FundChap. XI §3

Thatcher, Margaret, Professor of Enterprise StudiesChap. XI §3

Theatre Syndicate, UniversityChap. I §9

Theatre, ADCChap. I §9

Theological and Religious Studies TriposChap. IV §33

supplementary regulationsChap. IV §33

Theological Studies FundStat. E §30, Chap. XII §2

Theology and Religious Studies

Advanced DiplomaChap. VII §22

M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

Theology for Ministry

BachelorChap. VII §3

supplementary regulationsChap. VII §3

Committee of ManagementChap. IX §6

DiplomaChap. VII §27

Theoretical and Applied Linguistics, M.Phil. DegreesChap. VII §13

Theoretical and Computational Physics, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Theoretical Astrophysics, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Theoretical Chemistry, ProfessorsChap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3

Theoretical Computer Science, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Theoretical Cosmology, Centre forChap. XII §2

Theoretical Geophysics, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Theoretical Mineral Physics, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Theoretical Physics

Therapeutics, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Thermofluid Dynamics, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Thirlwall Prize FundChap. XII §2

Thoday, J. M., FundChap. XII §2

Thomas, Henry Arthur, Fund, Studentship, Prizes, Travel Exhibitions, and Research Facilitation FundChap. XII §2

Thomson, Sir J. J., FundChap. XII §2

Tiarks German Scholarship FundChap. XII §2

Tiarks PrizeChap. XII §2

Titles of degrees, honoris causaStat. A §2

Todd, Alexander, Visiting Professor of ChemistrySpec. Ordinances §3, Chap. XI §3

Toynbee, Jocelyn, Library FundChap. IX §6

Transfusion Medicine, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Translational Biomedical Research, M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

Transplantation, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Trapnell, Leigh, Professor of Quantum PhysicsChap. XI §3

Trend, J. B., FundChap. XII §2

Trevelyan, George Macaulay, Fund and LectureshipChap. XII §2

Tribunal, UniversityStat. D §2, Spec. Ordinances §4, Spec. Ordinances §4, Chap. II §21

appointment of membersChap. II §21

initiation of proceedingsChap. II §20

rules of procedureChap. II §21

Trophoblast Research FundChap. XII §2

Trower, Nigel, FundChap. XII §2

Trusts, general provisionsStat. E

Tudor Studentships in Financial EconometricsChap. XII §2

Turner and Newall FellowshipsChap. XII §2

Turner, H. A., PrizeChap. XII §2

Tyrwhitt's Hebrew ScholarshipsChap. XII §2

Tyson Fund, Medal, and PrizeStat. E §4, Chap. XII §2


UAC of Nigeria Travel FundChap. XII §2

Ukrainian Studies Endowment FundChap. XII §2

Ukrainian Studies FundChap. XII §2

Ullendorff, Edward, Semitic Philology Lecture FundChap. XII §2

Ultra Precision Engineering, M.Res. DegreeChap. VII §14

Undergraduate Admissions CommitteeChap. I §9

Unified Administrative ServiceChap. XI §3

Standing Appointments CommitteeChap. XI §3

Unilever Prize for Physical ChemistryChap. XII §2

Unilever Professor of Molecular Sciences InformaticsChap. XI §3


Cambridge University Students'Chap. II §17

GraduateChap. II §18

Universities Superannuation SchemeSpec. Ordinances §3, Chap. I §10


membershipStat. B §1

resignation or deprivationStat. B §1, Spec. Ordinances §4, Chap. II §4

suspensionSpec. Ordinances §4

powers ofStat. A §2

University Advocate and DeputieSpec. Ordinances §4

University Advocate and DeputiesStat. C §10, Stat. C §17, Spec. Ordinances §4, Chap. II §20, Chap. XI §3

University and Assistants Joint BoardChap. I §9

University assistantsChap. I §14

persons excluded from status ofChap. I §14

University buildingsStat. F §2

University CentreChap. X

General ManagerChap. X

University Classical ScholarshipsChap. XII §2

University Clinical AnatomistChap. IX §6

University Clinical Veterinary AnatomistChap. IX §6

University Combination RoomChap. I §9

University Composition FeeChap. I §16

University CourtsStat. D §2, Spec. Ordinances §4, Chap. II §20

University Courts Spec. Ordinances §4

University Development and Alumni RelationsChap. X

University Education FundChap. XIII §3

University FarmChap. X

University flexible working policyChap. I §14

University Funds, general regulationsChap. XIII §3

University Information ServicesChap. X

DirectorChap. X

University LecturersStat. C §13

University MarshalChap. I §12

University officersStat. C §1

additional payments for administrative responsibilityChap. XI §2

admission to officeSpec. Ordinances §3

age-limitsSpec. Ordinances §3

appointmentsChap. XI §1

deputies forStat. C §1

dispensation from dutiesSpec. Ordinances §3

dutiesStat. C §1

general regulationsChap. XI §1

leave of absenceStat. C §1, Chap. XI §1

limitationStat. C §1

maternity leaveChap. XI §1

membership of Regent HouseStat. A §3

paternity leaveChap. XI §1

permission to undertake certain teachingChap. XI §1

residenceSpec. Ordinances §3, Chap. XI §1

retiring ageSpec. Ordinances §3

statutory provisions Stat. C §1

stipendsSpec. Ordinances §3, Chap. XI §2

tenureSpec. Ordinances §3

termination of employmentChap. XI §1

University offices

concurrent tenureStat. C §1

vacanciesSpec. Ordinances §3

University Offices, staff (Unified Administrative Service)Chap. XI §3

University OrganistChap. XI §3

University PhysiologistChap. IX §6

University Press – see Press, UniversityStat. J

University Senior LecturersStat. C §13, Spec. Ordinances §3, Chap. XI §3

University Sports CommitteeChap. I §9

University Theatre SyndicateChap. I §9

University TribunalStat. D §2, Spec. Ordinances §4, Spec. Ordinances §4, Chap. II §21

appointment of membersChap. II §21

initiation of proceedingsChap. II §20

rules of procedureChap. II §21

Urban and Regional Economics, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Urban Design, Sir Arthur Marshall Visiting ProfessorSpec. Ordinances §3, Chap. XI §3


Vacancies, casualStat. A §10, Spec. Ordinances §1

Value Added TaxChap. I §17

Van Eck Professor of EngineeringChap. XI §3

Van Geest Foundation FundChap. XII §2

Van Geest Foundation Fund for Brain Repair and NeuroscienceChap. XII §2

Ver Heyden de Lancey FundChap. XII §2

Vergottis, George and Marie, FundChap. XII §2

Verulam Buildings, 3, PrizesChap. XII §2

Veterinary Diagnostic Pathology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Veterinary Education CommitteeChap. I §9

Veterinary Medicine

Bachelor of (Revised Regulations)Chap. VII §17

degreesChap. VII §17

DepartmentChap. IX §6

Doctor of

Old RegulationsChap. VII §17

Revised RegulationsChap. VII §17


Final VeterinaryChap. VII §17

Review of decisionsChap. VII §17

Second Vet.M.B.Chap. VII §17

approved coursesChap. VII §17

supplementary regulationsChap. VII §17

fitness to practise proceduresChap. II §28

procedures to determine progress of studentsChap. II §28

SchoolChap. IX §6

University officesChap. IX §6

Vet.M.B., Premedical requirementsChap. VII §17

Veterinary SchoolChap. IX §6

Veterinary Science, M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

Veterinary Students RegisterChap. IX §6, Chap. IX §6

Veterinary Surgeons, Royal College of, membersChap. I §9

Vice-ChancellorChap. XI §3

admissionStat. C §3, Chap. XI §3

appointmentStat. C §3, Chap. XI §3

benefactionsChap. XI §3

deputiesStat. C §3

duties and powersStat. C §3

removal from officeStat. C §3

residenceChap. XI §3

returning officer at electionsChap. I §8

Vice-Chancellor Stat. C §3

Vice-Chancellor’s Endowment FundChap. XII §2

Viral Pathogenesis, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Virology, ProfessorChap. XI §3

Visiting Professor of ArchitectureSpec. Ordinances §3, Chap. XI §3

Volcanology, ProfessorChap. XI §3


casting vote, electionStat. A §10

casting vote, meetingSpec. Ordinances §1, Chap. I §9

Single Transferable Vote RegulationsChap. I §8


Wace MedalChap. XII §2

Waddington Fund and ScholarshipStat. E §8, Chap. XII §2

Wade, E. C. S., PrizesChap. XII §2

Wade, Sir William, PrizeChap. XII §2

Wakefield Book Fund for CriminologyChap. XII §2

Wakefield Fund and ScholarshipsChap. XII §2

Waldmann FundChap. XII §2

Walker's, Dr, Rentcharge FundChap. XII §2

Walker, John Lucas, Fund and StudentshipStat. E §9, Chap. XII §2

Walker, Nigel, PrizeChap. XII §2

Walker, Robert, Prize in SurgeryChap. XII §2

Wallenberg PrizeChap. XII §2

Walston FundChap. XII §2

Walston StudentshipChap. XII §2

Walters Kundert

Next Generation Chemistry Fellowships FundChap. XII §2

Outreach in Chemistry FundChap. XII §2

Warnock, Peter, FundChap. XII §2

Warr, George Charles Winter, ScholarshipChap. XII §2

Watkins FundChap. XIII §3

Watson, Hugh, Fund and Assistant CuratorChap. XII §2

Weis-Fogh, Hanne and Torkel, FundChap. XII §2

Wellcome Trust/Cancer Research UK Gurdon InstituteChap. IX §8

West and North West Cambridge Estates BoardChap. I §9

West and North West Cambridge Estates SyndicateChap. I §9

West Midlands Examinations Board FundChap. XII §2

Whalley PrizeChap. XII §2

Whewell Professor of International LawStat. E §20, Chap. XI §3

Whewell Trust Fund and ScholarshipsStat. E §20, Chap. XII §2

Whipple Museum of the History of ScienceChap. IX §6

Conservation FundChap. XII §2

Whipple, R. S., FundChap. XII §2

Whitby, Sir Lionel

Medal and PrizeChap. XII §2

Memorial FundChap. XII §2

Whitmore, Tim, Geography and Zoology FundsChap. XII §2

Whittington, H. B. and Dorothy A., FundChap. XII §2

Whittle Lab Studentship FundChap. XII §2

Whittle, Peter, FundChap. XII §2

Wigan, Gordon, FundChap. XII §2

Wightman FundChap. XIII §3

Wilkin, Anthony, Studentship in Ethnology and ArchaeologyChap. XII §2

Williams, George, Fund and PrizesStat. E §30, Chap. XII §2

Williams, Glanville, PrizeChap. XII §2

Williams, Professor Sir David, FundChap. XII §2

Williams, Sir David

Professor of Public LawChap. XI §3

Professorship of Public Law FundChap. XII §2

Williamson, Frederick, Memorial FundChap. XII §2

Williamson, Raymond and Edith, FundChap. XII §2

Wilson, Edward, Memorial FundsChap. XII §2

Wilson, Judith E., FundChap. XII §2

Wilson-Barkworth FundChap. XII §2

Wiltshire PrizeStat. E §31, Chap. XII §2

Winbolt, John, PrizeChap. XII §2

Winchester Reading PrizesChap. XII §2

Winton Fund for the Physics of SustainabilityChap. XII §2

Winton Fund for the Public Understanding of RiskChap. XII §2

Winton Professor of the Public Understanding of RiskChap. XI §3

Wiseman, Neil, FundChap. XII §2

Wishart FundChap. XII §2

WMEB FundChap. XII §2

Wolfe, Bernard, Health Neuroscience

Wolfson Fund for Industrial Co-operationChap. XII §2

Wolfson Professor of CriminologyChap. XI §3

WomenChap. II §12

Wood, T. B., PrizeChap. XII §2

Wood-Legh PrizeChap. XII §2

Woodman, H. E., Fund and PrizeChap. XII §2

Woodwardian Professor of GeologyChap. XI §3

Wordsworth Fund and StudentshipsChap. XII §2

World History, M.Phil. DegreeChap. VII §13

Wort, Donald, FundsChap. XII §2

Worts FundStat. E §13

Worts Travelling Scholars FundChap. XII §2

Wrenbury Scholarship FundChap. XII §2

Wright Rogers Law ScholarshipsChap. XII §2

Wright StudentshipChap. XII §2

Wyse, William, Professor of Social AnthropologyChap. XI §3


Yarrow, Eric, Lectureship FundChap. XII §1

Yasuda Trust and Banking Company FundChap. XII §2

Yazdani, Ghulam, Essay Prize FundChap. XII §2

Yorke Fund and PrizesStat. E §21, Chap. XII §2

Youhotsky, Olga, Catherine Matthews, and Irene Gore Fund and PrizeChap. XII §2

Young, Thomas, MedalChap. XII §2


Zayed, Sheikh, Fund for Islamic StudiesChap. XII §1, Chap. XII §2


MuseumChap. IX §6

ProfessorsChap. XI §3, Chap. XI §3

Tim Whitmore FundChap. XII §2

Zoology Fund for Outstanding ContributionChap. XII §2

Zoëllner, Ursula, Professor of Cancer ResearchChap. XI §3