Statutes and Ordinances of the University of Cambridge
Statute J
p. 53

1. There shall be in the University a University Press which shall be devoted to printing and publishing in the furtherance of the acquisition, advancement, conservation, and dissemination of knowledge in all subjects; to the advancement of education, religion, learning, and research; and to the advancement of literature and good letters.

2. There shall be in the University a Press Syndicate. The management of the finance, property, and affairs generally of the University Press shall be the responsibility of the Press Syndicate which shall exercise in relation thereto all the powers of the University except in so far as the Statutes and Ordinances expressly or by necessary implication provide otherwise. The Press Syndicate shall consist of the Vice-Chancellor or a duly appointed deputy as Chair and such number of members of the Senate appointed in such manner as shall be determined from time to time by Ordinance.

3. The Press Syndicate shall have power in the name of the University and for the purposes of the University Press to exercise the powers in Statute A II 3–8. These powers shall apply to investment as well as to any other activity or function of the University Press. Save only insofar as the Statutes, Ordinances or regulations enacted under Statute J 5 expressly or by necessary implication provide otherwise, these powers may be exercised at the absolute discretion of the Press Syndicate.

4. All income accruing to the University Press shall be credited to the accounts of the Press Syndicate and all University Press capital and income shall be controlled by the Press Syndicate and applied by them at their sole discretion for the purposes of the University Press.

5. The Council shall have authority to impose limitations on the power of the Press Syndicate to enter into any financial commitments or to grant security on the property of the University Press.

6. The Press Syndicate shall have power in the name of the University to engage persons for employment in the service of the University Press, determine their salaries and pensions, and prescribe the conditions of their service.

7. Persons holding certain posts in the University Press which have been specially designated under this section by the Council on the recommendation of the Press Syndicate shall be treated as University officers for the purposes of Statute A III 10(b), Statute B I 1, Statute B II 2, and Statute A X 2(b).1

8. The accounts of the University Press shall be audited annually by one or more qualified accountants appointed by the Council. The Council shall in every year appoint one or more persons from among the members of the Finance Committee, who shall examine these accounts, confer with the auditor or auditors, and report to the Council.

9. There shall be a Press Seal, as a seal of the University to be used on the directions of the Press Syndicate in matters relating to the affairs of the University Press; but the existence of the Press Seal shall not invalidate the use in connection with such matters of any other seal of the University. The University shall have power to make Ordinances concerning the custody and affixing of the Press Seal.

10. The Press Syndicate shall have power to delegate any of their powers under this Statute subject to any limitations imposed by Ordinance.

11. The term ‘property of the University Press’ here and elsewhere in Statutes and Ordinances shall refer to property of the University, both real and personal, held or used for the purposes of the University Press. In favour of any person having dealings with the University Press a certificate signed by the Registrary that any particular property is the property of the University Press, or that any limitations imposed under Statute J 5 have been complied with, shall be conclusive.

12. The Press Syndicate shall make an Annual Report to the Council, which shall be published to the University either as a whole or in summary.

13. Notwithstanding the provisions of the foregoing sections, the Council shall have power in circumstances which the Council deems to be exceptional, on the advice of its Finance Committee, to discharge the Press Syndicate, and to assume full responsibility itself for the management of the Press for the time being. If the Council has occasion to exercise the powers available under this section, the Council shall make a full report to the University on the circumstances necessitating such action.


  1. 1. The following have been specially designated under this section: the Secretary of the Press Syndicate, Directors, Associate Directors, Senior Editors and Senior Managers of the Press.a