Statutes and Ordinances of the University of Cambridge
p. 181


Amended by Grace 6 of 13 July 2016

1. The order of seniority of graduates shall be as follows

The Chancellor

The Vice-Chancellor

The High Steward

The Deputy High Steward

The Commissary

The Pro-Vice-Chancellors

Heads of Colleges

The Regius Professor of Divinity

The Regius Professor of Civil Law

The Regius Professor of Physic

The Regius Professor of Hebrew

The Regius Professor of Greek

The Regius Professor of History

The Regius Professor of Botany

The Regius Professor of Engineering

Professors, the Orator, the Registrary,

 the Librarian, the Director of the

 Fitzwilliam Museum, if Doctors,

 in the order of their complete degrees

Doctors of Divinity

Doctors of Law

Doctors of Medicine19

Doctors of Medical Science

Doctors of Science and Doctors of Letters

Doctors of Music

The Orator

The Registrary

The Librarian

Professors, the Director of the Fitzwilliam Museum,

 if not Doctors, in the order of their appointment

Members of the Council

Bachelors of Divinity

Doctors of Medicine20

Doctors of Veterinary Medicine

Doctors of Philosophy

Doctors of Engineering

〈Doctors of Business〉21

Doctors of Education

Masters of Surgery

Masters of Arts

Masters of Law

Masters of Corporate Law

Masters of Science and Masters of Letters

Masters of Research

Masters of Philosophy

Masters of Music

Masters of Mathematics

Masters of Advanced Study

Masters of Engineering

Masters of Business Administration

Masters of Finance

Masters of Education

Masters of Natural Sciences

Masters of Studies

Bachelors of Medicine

Bachelors of Surgery

Bachelors of Law

Bachelors of Veterinary Medicine

Bachelors of Music

Bachelors of Arts

Bachelors of Education

Bachelors of Theology for Ministry

2. Of two persons holding the same or an equal degree, he or she shall be the senior who was admitted to the degree on the earlier day.22

3. Of two persons admitted to the same or an equal degree on the same day, he or she shall be the senior who was the senior in virtue of any degree previously held; or, if neither of them was previously senior to the other, he or she whose surname comes before the other's in alphabetical order.22

4. For the purpose of determining seniority among Bachelors of Arts, the days of General Admission in the Easter Term shall be counted as one and the same day.

5. In processions the following conventions shall be observed:

  1. (a)the Esquire Bedells precede the Chancellor and the Vice-Chancellor;
  2. (b)the Vice-Chancellor is accompanied by the Registrary and followed immediately by the Proctors;
  3. (c)in a procession before the conferment of honorary degrees the Vice-Chancellor is accompanied also by the Orator;

provided that the Vice-Chancellor, after consulting the Proctors, shall have power to vary the order of any procession, subject to giving notice on each occasion of any intended variation in the normal order.


  1. 19. Persons who proceeded to this degree before 1 March 2014.a
  2. 20. Persons who proceeded to this degree after 1 March 2014.a
  3. 21. The entry in angular brackets will be inserted with effect from 1 October 2017.a
  4. 22. For the purpose of determining the seniority of a woman upon whom the title of a degree was conferred before women became eligible for complete degrees of the University, the date of the Diploma conferring the title of the degree is deemed to be the day on which she was admitted to that degree.a b