Statutes and Ordinances of the University of Cambridge
p. 420


1. A Bachelor of Arts may be admitted Master of Arts not less than six years from the end of his or her first term of residence if two years have elapsed since he or she was admitted Bachelor of Arts.

2. The degree of Master of Arts may be conferred upon a person who has been admitted to the office of Vice-Chancellor.

3. The degree of Master of Arts may be conferred on any other person qualified under Statute B II 2, provided that he or she

  1. (a)has been matriculated as a member of the University;
  2. (b)has attained the age of twenty-four years (unless in a particular case the Council see fit to grant exemption from this provision);
  3. (c)holds one or more of the following positions:
  4. (i)the Headship of a College, or being a Head-elect or designate of a College;
  5. (ii)a Fellowship (other than an Honorary Fellowship) of a College;
  6. (iii)a University office;
  7. (iv)a post in the University Press specially designated under Statute J 7;
  8. (v)an appointment approved by the University for the purpose of Statute A III 10(e) in a University institution designated by the University for the purpose of Statute B II 2;4

provided also that, if the person concerned holds one of the positions specified in sub-paragraphs (c)(ii)–(v) which on initial appointment or election did not carry tenure to the retiring age, he or she has already held such a position, or any combination of such positions, for a total period, which need not be continuous, of at least three years.

4. Each application by or on behalf of a candidate for the degree of Master of Arts under Statute B II 2 shall state:

  1. (a)the candidate's full name and date of birth;
  2. (b)the name of the College, if any, to which he or she has been admitted or approved for admission;
  3. (c)the University office, College Headship, College Fellowship, or other post or appointment that the candidate holds;

and shall be sent to the Registrary.


  1. 4. The Local Examinations Syndicate and the Investment Office have been designated for the purpose of Statute B II 2.a