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No 6503

Wednesday 25 April 2018

Vol cxlviii No 27

pp. 525–532



28 April, Saturday. Congregation of the Regent House at 11 a.m. (see p. 531).

1 May, Tuesday. Discussion in the Senate-House at 2 p.m. (see below).

4 May, Friday. End of first quarter of Easter Term.

10 May, Thursday. Ascension day. Scarlet day.

15 May, Tuesday. Discussion in the Senate-House at 2 p.m.

19 May, Saturday. Congregation of the Regent House at 10 a.m.

20 May, Sunday. Whitsunday. Scarlet day. Preacher before the University at 11.15 a.m., Dr D. Mukarji OBE, formerly Director of Christian Aid and sometime Vice-President of the Methodist Conference.

Discussion on Tuesday, 1 May 2018

The Vice-Chancellor invites those qualified under the regulations for Discussions (Statutes and Ordinances, p. 105) to attend a Discussion in the Senate-House on Tuesday, 1 May 2018 at 2 p.m., for the discussion of:

1. Topic of concern to the University: Standard of proof applied in student disciplinary cases (Reporter, 2017–18, 6496, p. 396 and 6497, p. 413).

2. Report of the General Board, dated 27 March 2018, on the establishment and re-establishment of certain Professorships (Reporter, 6501, 2017–18, p. 471).

3. Report of the Council, dated 18 April 2018, on external finance for income-generating projects including housing solutions in the non-operational estate (Reporter, 6502, 2017–18, p. 514).

4. Report of the Council, dated 18 April 2018, on a new University nursery building (Reporter, 6502, 2017–18, p. 516).

Further information on Discussions, including details on format and attendance, is provided at

Honorary Degree Congregation: Wednesday, 20 June 2018

23 April 2018

The Vice-Chancellor reminds members of the University that a Congregation will take place on Wednesday, 20 June 2018, at 2.45 p.m., at which the Chancellor expects to preside and admit the following persons to the titular degrees approved by the Regent House at a Congregation on Saturday, 24 March 2018:

Doctor of Law

Professor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz

Fellow of Wolfson College, Honorary Fellow of Wolfson, St Edmund’s, and Homerton Colleges, Vice-Chancellor and Professor of Medicine Emeritus, Chair of Cancer Research UK, university leader

Doctor of Medical Science

Professor Dame Frances Ashcroft

Honorary Fellow of Girton College, Royal Society GlaxoSmithKline Research Professor, Laboratory of Physiology, University of Oxford, medical physiologist

Doctor of Science

Professor Emmanuelle Charpentier

Director of the Department of Regulation in Infection Biology, the Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology, Berlin, Honorary Professor, The Humbolt University, Berlin, microbiologist, geneticist, and biochemist

Dr Venkatraman Ramakrishnan

Fellow of Trinity College and Honorary Professor of Structural Biology, Group Leader in the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, President of the Royal Society, Nobel Laureate, structural biologist

Doctor of Letters

Professor Sir Michael Edwards

Honorary Fellow of Christ’s College, Professor Emeritus of the Study of Literary Creation in the English Language, Collège de France, Paris, and member of the Académie française, poet, and literary scholar

Professor Robert Evans

Honorary Fellow of Jesus College, Professor of History Emeritus, University of Oxford, historian

Professor Ira Katznelson

Fellow of Sidney Sussex College and member of St John’s College, Pitt Professor of American History and Institutions 2017–18, Ruggles Professor of Political Science and History, Columbia University, New York, political scientist and historian

Miss Joyce Reynolds

Honorary Fellow of Newnham College and Reader in Roman Historical Epigraphy Emerita, classicist and epigrapher


Admission to this occasion will be by ticket only.

All members and staff (including retired staff) of the University and the Colleges are eligible to apply for tickets to attend the Congregation and Reception. In order to allow the greatest possible attendance by such applicants, requests for additional guest tickets will not be accepted.

Applications should preferably be made online at:

Those who prefer may apply on paper or by email, stating a postal address and their qualifying University and/or College affiliation. Postal applications should be sent to Honorary Degrees, The Vice-Chancellor’s Office, The Old Schools, Trinity Lane, Cambridge, CB2 1TN, or emailed to (which can also be used for queries relating to the Congregation).

The deadline for applications is Friday, 18 May 2018. If demand for places exceeds capacity, all applications received by that date will be balloted. Successful applicants should expect to receive their ticket in late May or early June and further details about the day will be included on the tickets.

Applicants who discover at any stage that they can no longer attend are asked to inform the Vice-Chancellor’s Office promptly so that their application can be deleted and the place offered to others. Tickets already sent should be destroyed as they are not transferable.


Ticket-holders who are not processing will need to be in their seats in the Senate-House not later than 2.30 p.m. The Congregation is expected to end at about 3.35 p.m.


There will be a Reception on the lawn in Senate-House Yard after the Congregation for all those attending. Refreshments will be served and there will be a marquee to provide cover.


Members of the University attending are reminded that they are required by regulations in Ordinances to wear academical dress (although by custom others present do not).

The day of the Congregation will be a ‘scarlet day’, so Doctors should wear their festal gowns. Graduates are requested to wear hoods. In accordance with the regulations and with the exception of the Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor, High Steward, Deputy High Steward, Commissary, Proctors, Registrary, Esquire Bedells, Orator, and Honorary Graduands, members of the University holding non-Cambridge degrees may wear the dress appropriate to those degrees if they wish.


Provided that the weather allows, a procession will form in the Schools Arcade at 2.25 p.m. Those specified below who wish to process are asked to state this clearly in their application. Only holders of Cambridge Professorial Chairs or Cambridge Higher Doctorates, i.e. D.D., LL.D., M.D. (if conferred before 2014), Med.Sc.D., Sc.D., Litt.D., or Mus.D. are eligible to process as Professors or Doctors. Processional tickets will only be issued up to the maximum allowed by the available seating for the procession, so a processional ticket cannot be guaranteed.

After consulting the Proctors in accordance with the relevant regulation, the Vice-Chancellor has prescribed the following order of processions prior to this Congregation:

The Vice-Marshal

Heads of Colleges

The Regius Professors of Divinity, Civil Law, Physic, Hebrew, Greek, History, Botany, and Engineering

Professors who are Doctors of Divinity, Law, Medicine (if conferred before 2014) or Medical Science, Science, Letters, or Music

Doctors of Divinity, Law, Medicine (if conferred before 2014) or Medical Science, Science, Letters, or Music

The Librarian

Other Professors and the Director of the Fitzwilliam Museum

Members of the Council

The Pro-Proctors

A second procession will form and proceed immediately after the first:

The Esquire Bedells

The Chancellor

The Chancellor’s Train-bearer

The University Marshal

The Registrary     The Vice-Chancellor     The Orator

The Proctors

(University Constables)

The High Steward

The Deputy High Steward

The Commissary

The Pro-Vice-Chancellors

The Honorary Graduands

The Deputy Proctors

King Edward VII Professorship of English Literature

The Vice-Chancellor gives notice that, on the recommendation of the Prime Minister, H.M. The Queen has approved the appointment of Professor Clair Elizabeth Wills, B.A., D.Phil., Oxford, Leonard L. Milberg Professor of Irish Letters, Princeton University, as the King Edward VII Professor of English Literature from 1 October 2018, in succession to Professor David Trotter.

Elections to the Nominating Committee for External Members of the Council

23 April 2018

Further to the Notice dated 2 March 2018 (Reporter, 6498, 2017–18, p. 442), the Vice-Chancellor gives notice of an election to fill the following vacancies on the Nominating Committee for External Members of the Council in the following classes:

(c)one member elected by the Regent House from among those who at the time of election are members of the Council in classes (a), (b), and (c), to serve with immediate effect until 30 September 2021;

(d)two members of the Senate elected by the Regent House, to serve with immediate effect until 30 September 2021.

No person may be a member of the Committee in class (d) who is a member of the Council or who holds any of the University offices of Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Registrary, or Director or Deputy Director in the University Offices.

Further information about the Committee can be found in the Statutes and Ordinances (p. 113) and obtained from the Registrary (email:

The University is committed to a proactive approach to equality, which includes supporting and encouraging all under-represented groups, promoting an inclusive culture, and valuing diversity. Nominations from groups that are under-represented on the Nominating Committee are welcomed.

Nomination procedure and election timetable

The nomination procedure and election timetable for the elections is as follows.

In order to be eligible, a candidate for election must be nominated on a paper sent to the Vice-Chancellor at the Old Schools so as to be received not later than 12 noon on Friday, 11 May 2018. The nomination paper must contain (a) a statement signed by two members of the Regent House, nominating the candidate for election and specifying the body and the class to which he or she is nominated, and (b) a statement signed by the candidate certifying that he or she consents to be so nominated. The candidate is also required to provide a statement of her or his curriculum vitae by the same date (see below).

The Vice-Chancellor would be obliged if nominations could be delivered to the Registrary in the Old Schools during office hours. Documents which are submitted by fax to 01223 (3)32332 or scanned documents containing a signature or signatures sent to the Registrary at will also be accepted. Nominations will be published on the Senate-House Noticeboard as they are received; the complete list of nominations will be published in the Reporter on Wednesday, 16 May 2018.

In accordance with the regulations governing the elections (Statutes and Ordinances, p. 112), each person nominated for election is required to send to the Registrary, not later than 12 noon on Friday, 11 May 2018, a statement of her or his curriculum vitae for distribution to members of the Regent House with the voting papers. It is suggested that such a statement should be of not more than 500 words in length, and that it should cover the following points:

the candidate’s present position in the University;

previous posts held, whether in Cambridge or in other universities or outside the university system, with dates;

the candidate’s reasons for standing for election, and the experience and skills they would bring to the role;

a note of the candidate’s particular interests within the field of University business.

If more than one nomination is received for each vacancy by the deadline, an election will be conducted by ballot under the Single Transferable Vote regulations. Online voting will open at 10 a.m. on Monday, 21 May 2018 and close at 5 p.m. on Thursday, 31 May 2018. Hard-copy voting papers and supporting materials will be distributed not later than Monday, 21 May 2018 to those who opted by 2 November 2017 to vote on paper; the last date for the return of voting papers will be 5 p.m. on Thursday, 31 May 2018.

Office of Pro-Vice-Chancellor

23 April 2018

The Council gives notice that, after consultation with the General Board, and on the recommendation of the Nominating Committee for the appointment and reappointment of Pro-Vice-Chancellors (comprising the Vice-Chancellor as Chair; Professor Ross Anderson, Professor Michael Proctor, and Ms Sara Weller (members of the Council); and Professor Abby Fowden and Professor Martin Millett (members of the General Board)), it has appointed Professor David Cardwell, F, as Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Strategy and Planning for three years from 1 August 2018.

Divestment Working Group Report

23 April 2018

The Council has received a report from its Divestment Working Group, established to consider broadly the question of disinvestment from businesses involved in fossil fuel extraction, following the approval of Grace 1 of 11 January 2017 initiated by members of the Regent House (Reporter, 2016–17, 6464, p. 509 and 6467, p. 556). The Council welcomed the report, which was seen as a significant step in helping the University enhance its leadership role in understanding and tackling climate change. The Council will consider its response in detail over the next few weeks. It expects to publish that response and the Working Group report in full after the next Council meeting on 21 May 2018. The objective, as the report sets out, is to promote and execute urgent and tangible action to deliver a carbon neutral future. The University is already taking steps that must be further expanded in the areas of its investments, research, education, estate, and policy.

Environmental Sustainability Report, 2017

The University has published its Environmental Sustainability Report for 2017, setting out its progress over the past twelve months, including key achievements and where there is room for improvement. The report is available at