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No 6497

Wednesday 28 February 2018

Vol cxlviii No 21

pp. 411–440



5 March, Monday. End of third quarter of Lent Term.

6 March, Tuesday. Discussion at 2 p.m. in the Senate-House (see below).

11 March, Sunday. Preacher before the University at 11.15 a.m., Marilynne Robinson, novelist and essayist, Professor Emerita, Iowa Writers’ Workshop, University of Iowa (Hulsean Preacher).

16 March, Friday. Full Term ends.

Discussions (at 2 p.m.)


 6 March

24 March

20 March

 7 April

Discussion on Tuesday, 6 March 2018

The Vice-Chancellor invites those qualified under the regulations for Discussions (Statutes and Ordinances, p. 105) to attend a Discussion in the Senate-House on Tuesday, 6 March 2018 at 2 p.m., for the discussion of:

1. Joint Report of the Council and the General Board, dated 20 February and 14 February 2018, on arrangements for academic recruitment (Reporter, 6496, 2017–18, p. 398).

2. Report of the General Board, dated 14 February 2018, on the establishment and re-establishment of certain Professorships (Reporter, 6496, 2017–18, p. 408).

The topic of concern on the standard of proof applied in student disciplinary cases will now be discussed on 1 May 2018 (see p. 413).

Proposed amendment to Grace 2 of 17 January 2018 (class-lists)

28 February 2018

Further to the Council’s Notice dated 26 January 2018 (Reporter, 6493, 2017–18, p. 356), the Council will consider the proposed amendment to Grace 2 of 17 January 2018 at its meeting on 19 March 2018.

Discussion of a topic of concern to the University: Universities Superannuation Scheme

26 February 2018

The Council has agreed that there should be an opportunity for the discussion of a topic of concern on proposals to change the future benefit structure of the Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS). A statutory consultation will be conducted by the University on behalf of USS with affected scheme member employees starting on 19 March 2018,* which will include an open meeting for USS members and roadshows on a number of sites across the University. Further information about the proposed changes to the scheme and the consultation is available online at:

The Vice-Chancellor has agreed that this topic of concern will be discussed on Tuesday, 20 March 2018. Owing to other engagements in the Senate-House, this Discussion will take place in Lady Mitchell Hall on the Sidgwick site. All employees of the University who are members of the USS are invited to attend the Discussion and to speak on this topic, time permitting, in addition to those already entitled to attend.

It is expected that this will be a well-attended Discussion with a large number wishing to speak on this topic. In order that the remarks made at the Discussion can be used to inform the consultation, there will be no continuation of the Discussion if the meeting overruns; the Vice-Chancellor has therefore ruled that the procedural arrangements for the Discussion on 20 March will be as follows. The meeting will start at the usual time of 2 p.m. and will finish at 6 p.m. All those attending who wish to speak but who have not been invited to do so by 6 p.m. will, on this occasion, be asked to leave a copy of their remarks with a designated officer, for publication in the Reporter as part of the report of the Discussion. The arrangements for the Discussion will otherwise follow the standard format; further information is available at: Those who wish to speak at a Discussion but are unable to attend in person can ask the Proctors to read their remarks on their behalf; remarks should ideally be sent to the Senior Proctor (email: by 2 p.m. on Monday, 19 March 2018. It will assist in the preparation of the report of the Discussion if all speakers could send an electronic copy of their remarks to as early as possible.

  • *When originally published, the start date for the consultation was incorrectly stated as 12 March 2018; this was corrected on 1 March 2018.

Discussion of a topic of concern to the University: Standard of proof applied in student disciplinary cases

27 February 2018

Further to the Notice dated 16 February 2018 (Reporter, 6496, 2017–18, p. 396) and in taking account of the current strike action, the Vice-Chancellor has rescheduled the discussion of the topic of concern on the standard of proof applied in student disciplinary cases to Tuesday, 1 May 2018.

Grace for submission under Special Ordinance A (i) 5: Universities Superannuation Scheme

28 February 2018

The Council has received the following Grace which has been initiated under Special Ordinance A (i) 5 by 501 members of the Regent House:

That this Regent House, as the governing body of the University,

(i)notes the importance of adequate pension provision to the University’s recruitment and retention at all levels;

(ii)regards the proposals and assumptions set out by the Universities Superannuation Scheme Trustee in the September 2017 Technical Provisions Consultation, including the draft recovery plan and provision for additional conditional contributions of up to 7% of pensionable pay ‘in extremis’ over 20 years, as an acceptable basis for ensuring the future sustainability of the Scheme;

(iii)accepts the level of risk implied by the Trustee’s proposals and assumptions in its September 2017 valuation; and

(iv)resolves that the University shall continue to offer a competitive Defined Benefit pension scheme as part of a nationally and internationally competitive employment package.

A list of the signatories is set out in Annex A.

The Council has referred the Grace to its Finance Committee and will consider the Grace, and the Finance Committee’s response to it, at its meeting on 19 March 2018.

Annex A

R. H. Abbott

M. M. Abdel Rahman

M. A. Abreu

W. M. Adams

L. M. Alcántara

J. S. Aldred

G. R. Alexander

A. Alexandrova

B. C. Allanach

E. J. F. Allen

M. R. Allen

M. A. R. Arbabzadah

G. C. Arber

N. S. Arnold

W. J. Astle

M. Atature

R. D. Attenborough

H. Azérad

S. A. Bacallado de Lara

H. L. G. Bach

P. R. M. Badcock

P. J. N. Baert

A. Bagnoli

A. S. Baker

P. M. Ball

A. P. Balmford

G. Balmforth

J. Bangham

J. D. Barrow

R. Bauerschmidt

J. J. Baumberg

J. R. Bavidge

P. M. Bays

S. J. Beard

M. B. Beckles

D. S. A. Bell

J. S. Bell

A. Bennett

J. L. Berenbeim

A. R. Beresford

N. E. Berestycki

D. J. Berry

G. S. Betegh

M. J. Bickle

J. S. Biggins

E. G. Bithell

R. P. Blakesley

T. T. Blaxter

K. J. Boddy

M. J. Boyd

K. V. Boyle

A. R. Branch

E. F. J. Breuillard

R. W. H. Bricheno

K. M. Brindle

C. D. Briggs

R. W. Broadhurst

C. R. Brown

G. C. Brown

J. M. Browne

D. N. Bryant

D. C. E. Bulmer

W. Burgwinkle

C. Burt

N. O. Burton

S. A. Butler

O. Buxton-Dunn

G. Byng

J. L. Caddick

P. Campana

A. Cardona Torrens

S. S. S. Cardoso

D. M. Carrington

D. P. Carter

R. P. G. Carter

A. Cates

M. E. Cates

J. H. Chalfen

H. A. Chalmers

C. E. Chambers

M. C. Chambers

E. K. Christie

D. Chu

S. M. Clarke

C. T. Clarkson

W. J. Clegg

M. J. Cliffe

N. E. Cole

R. M. Coleman

S. M. Collins

P. J. Connell

M. J. Conterio

D. A. Coomes

K. J. Coutts

S. Cowell

A. M. B. Cox

E. R. Crema

N. Crilly

G. M. Cronin

I. R. M. Cross

J. A. Crowcroft

O. A. Croze

G. Csányi

P. J. Cunningham

A. M. Currie

D. E. A. Curtis

P. Daly

U. K. Das

S. Davis

A. Dawar

J. Dawson

M. de la Roche

L. M. Delap

T. J. Denmead

G. A. N. Denyer Willis

R. Dervan

C. Devlieger

S. N. Diepeveen

M. Donaldson

E. J. Dourish

R. J. Dowling

A. L. du Bois-Pedain

O. S. Dunn

P. Dupree

F. Durup

S. J. Eglen

J. M. R. Elias

J. A. Elliott

M. Elliott

A. J. Enright

A. L. Erickson

T. G. Euser

D. W. Evans

N. Evans

S. J. Evans

E. Evenhuis

V. H. Everett

B. Everill

S. M. Eves

D. Fairen Jimenez

R. W. Farndale

A. C. Ferrari

F. A. N. Finch

D. Finucane

L. Fisher

N. A. Fleck

R. E. Flemming

R. A. Foley

L. T. Foot

T. E. Forster

R. C. Franklin

C. A. I. French

R. H. Friend

S. Frost

L. Fruk

A. M. Fulton

M. J. Galante

L. Gatto

M. W. Gehring

A. C. Gerrard

P. J. Girling

H. C. Glegg

P. Gola

R. E. Goldstein

M. Gonzalez-Rubinos

G. D. Goodrick

C. J. Goodson

P. Gopal

R. S. C. Gordon

E. J. Gowers

S. A. Gräf

P. M. Gray

J. S. Greatorex

M. J. Greaves

D. S. Green

F. M. Green

J. L. Griffin

M. W. Gross

H. M. Grosse Ruse-Khan

V. M. Gruar

H. Grunwald

A. Guillermet

N. S. M. Guyatt

S. Haggarty

S. E. Hakenbeck

W. A. Hale

H. P. P. Halferty Drochon

A. E. Halfpenny

C. A. Hall

B. Hallmark

W. J. Handley

C. A. Haniff

B. J. Harris

N. J. Harwood

M. Hatzimichali

J. D. Hawkes

R. S. Haynes

J. J. Head

P. Heiner

A. C. Herle

F. Hernandez

D. A. Hillman

S. Hochgreb

R. J. Holton

N. D. Hopwood

A. Houen

S. Houghton-Walker

P. M. R. Howell

M. Hrebeniak

K. E. Hughes

J. M. E. Hyland

M. J. Hyvonen

S. A. Innes

S. J. Ison

A. J. Iwasiewicz-Wabnig

A. P. Jackson

S. C. James

M. Jamnik

L. Janik

B. S. Jardine

T. J. Jeffrey

C. D. Jiggins

S. D. John

C. A. Jones

E. J. Jones

M. Jones

Neil. G. Jones

L. M. Joy

J. P. Joy

A. P. Judson

C. F. Kaminski

M. Kandzezauskas

L. T. Kassell

R. D. W. Kay

J. H. Keeler

A. P. A. Kent

D. Keown

R. S. Kershner

S. R. Keynton

W. T. Khaled

M. L. Kilkenny

N. Kindersley

J. P. King

O. I. Kitov

T. Kivisild

P. M. Knox

N. Kozicharow

D. Kronhaus

F. E. R. Lahr

M. Landgraf

H. Lango Allen

A. A. Lapkin

T. H. Larsson

D. F. Lauga

M. R. Laven

C. Lawrence

C. Lawson

P. F. Leadlay

R. F. Lee

H. M. M. Lees-Jeffries

M. Lengyel

C. R. Leow

I. J. Lewis

J. R. Lewis

K. M. Liddell

A. C. Lindon

J. M. Line

M. M. G. Lisboa

D. L. Lister

T. D. Littlewood

C. J. Logan

S. M. Lovell

M. V. Lucas-Smith

B. F. Luisi

R. T. R. Lyne

T. G. McAuley

D. W. McBridge

F. McCall

F. M. McCaughan

I. A. McFarland

K. Macfarlane

R. Macfarlane

J. M. Maciejowski

J. D. McLarty

G. J. McShane

L. J. MacVinish

A. S. Mahon

A. I. Malik

S. H. Mandelbrote

P. Mandler

A. E. Mansey

D. Margocsy

A. T. Markettos

A. D. Marsham

S. J. Martin

A. Martin Campillo

C. Mascolo

J. I. Mata

J. M. R. Matheson

E. E. Mawdsley

D. J. Maxwell

P. Mazumdar

C. S. Meckstroth

S. Meer

T. Meissner

M. R. Mellor

T. G. Micklem

D. R. Midgley

J. K. Miles

T. J. Miley

A. L. Milroy

M. B. Mirazon Lahr

P. Mody

I. Möller

Ú. Monaghan

R. E. Monson

L. Moretti

E. M. Morfoot

J. E. Morgan

C. Morgenstern

R. Morieux

I. D. Morrison

M. G. Morrison-Helme

R. M. Mortier

J. E. S. Moshenska

M.-F. Moss

H. R. Mott

C. G. A. Mouhot

J. A. Munro

S. M. Murk-Jansen

A. Mycroft

E. R. Myers

J. F. K. Nall

D. P. Nally

J. A. Neufeld

J. R. Neve

P. H. Newport

P. W. Neyroud

D. Nietlispach

P. R. Nigst

Y. Nobis

R. Nyrup

R. R. O’Bryen

T. C. O’Connell

J. O’Donoghue

J. A. O’Sullivan

S. G. Oliver

R. J. Oosterhoff

S. G. Ottewill-Soulsby

D. Owen

S. S. Owen

H. Papazian

J. Partner

D. S. Paul

M. C. Payne

J. L. Pearce

A. M. Pearn

L. Pellegrini

J. V. L. Pema

A. M. L. F. Pensaert

A. I. Pesci

R. B. Pettit

H. Pfeifer

A. R. Pires

A. M. Pitts

J. L. Pollard

G.-B. Popa

A. Popescu

D. E. Pounds

R. C. Powell

J. E. Pringle

V. Pugliano

D. M. Pullinger

E. Raffan

H. Rahmoune

S. A. Raich

R. C. Ralley

S. Ranganathan

G. Rangwala

C. E. Rasmussen

O. Rath-Spivack

S. C. N. Read

S. N. Redhead

D. I. Redhouse

J. J. Regan

R. Z. Reich

Alice M. Reid

C. B. Rider

J. E. Robb

G. Roberts

K. M. Roddwell

T. M. Rogan

M. J. Rutter

A. P. Sage

I. Salguero Corbacho

G. P. C. Salmond

J. Sampson

P. A. V. Sarris

A. D. J. Scadden

S. J. Schaffer

J. Schleicher

J. E. Scott-Warren

S. Seaman

J. A. Secord

P. A. Secord

S. Sehlikoglu

S.-T. Seita

M. J. Sewell

A. M. Sharkey

N. J. Sheridan

H. F. A. C. Shevlin

S. J. Sigurdsson Hardradi

E. M. A. Silva

J. M. Skopek

P. A. Sliwa

P. J. Sloman

C. W. J. Smith

D. L. Smith

E. St J. Smith

R. J. Smith

H. Spelman

K. E. Spence

R. A. W. Staley

M. F. K. Steffek

A. D. Stone

K. M. Stott

D. K. Summers

E. L. Swann

S. R. S. Szreter

N. Tanna

A. L. Tapp

H. Taylor

J. V. Taylor

S. W. Teal

A. J. W. Thom

C. E. Thomas

D. R. Thomas

R. J. E. Thompson

C. M. Thornhill

J. L. Thorogood

E. J. Tomlinson

A. L. Toribio Fierro

D. J. Trippett

D. Trocmé-Latter

C. L. Trowell

I. M. Tsimpli

E. Turro Bassols

P. J. van Houten

M. M. Vander Linden

P. P. Varju

V. Vassiliadis

M. D. Vestergaard

D. Viejo Rose

A. A. Vinnicombe

G. Vinnicombe

B. Vira

M. W. Waibel

M. J. Waithe

D. J. Wales

C. Walker Gore

C. E. Wallace

R. F. Waller

H. E. Ward

P. S. Warde

R. J. Wareham

C. G. Warnes

M. C. Warren

P. T. Warwick

B. M. Watkins

R. I. Watson

S. Watson

S. Watts

H. M. Webb

T. T. Weil

R. Westley

B. A. Weston

P. S. White

J. Whitelock

L. B. Wilcox

J. M. Wilkins

B. D. Williams

D. I. Wilson

E. C. F. Wilson

R. M. Wilson

E. Wilson-Lee

H. J. R. Wilton

M. B. Wingate

M. Winterbottom

S. Withington

A. J. E. Wood

C. Woodford

V. R. Woodley

S. Wright

L. Yang

W. Yaqoob

X. You

A. Zaccone

B. Zacka

N. A. S. Zair

B. Zucca Micheletto

E. P. Zychowicz-Coghill