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No 6487

Wednesday 6 December 2017

Vol cxlviii No 11

pp. 155–171

Regulations for examinations

Historical Tripos and History and Modern Languages Tripos

(Statutes and Ordinances, p. 338 and p. 343)

With effect from 1 October 2018

The General Board, on the recommendation of the Faculty Board of History and the Committee of Management for the History and Modern Languages Tripos, has approved changes to the regulations for the Historical Tripos and consequently the History and Modern Languages Tripos, as follows:

Regulation 13.

By retitling Paper 14 as ‘Paper 14. European history, c. 900–c.1450’.

And by inserting a footnote suspending ‘Paper 15. European history, 1200–1520’ until further notice.

Master of Studies

(Statutes and Ordinances, p. 555)

With immediate effect

The General Board has approved an amendment to the General Regulations for the degree of Master of Studies, to reinsert text that was deleted in error (see the footnote to Grace 4, p. 169).

By inserting the following as new Regulation 15 and renumbering the remaining regulations:

15. If the Tutor of a candidate for the degree supplies the Board of Graduate Studies with satisfactory evidence that the candidate has been hindered by illness or other grave cause in preparing for or taking the examination or any part of the examination for the degree, and such representations are received by the Secretary of the Board not later than three months after the date on which the result of the examination was communicated, the Board shall have power, notwithstanding any provision to the contrary in the relevant regulations,



to approve the candidate for the degree or other qualification without further examination, provided that no candidate shall be so approved unless the Degree Committee concerned judge her or him to have performed with credit in a substantial part of the examination,



to allow the candidate to be examined or re-examined under such conditions and at such time as may be determined by the Board after consultation with the Degree Committee concerned.

Representations received after the prescribed time limit shall not be considered. The Secretary of the Board shall communicate any decision by the Board under this regulation to the Strategic Committee of the Institute of Continuing Education.

A student may seek review of a decision made by the Board of Graduate Studies. The request for review shall be made under the Procedure for the Review of Decisions of University Bodies established by the General Board.