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No 6487

Wednesday 6 December 2017

Vol cxlviii No 11

pp. 155–171



13 December, Wednesday. Last ordinary issue of the Reporter in Michaelmas Term.

19 December, Tuesday. Michaelmas Term ends.

25 December, Monday. Christmas Day. Scarlet Day.

5 January, Friday. Lent Term begins.

10 January, Wednesday. First ordinary number of the Reporter in Lent Term.

16 January, Tuesday. Full Term begins.

Discussion on Tuesday, 23 January 2018

The Vice-Chancellor invites those qualified under the regulations for Discussions (Statutes and Ordinances, p. 105), to attend a Discussion in the Senate-House on Tuesday, 23 January 2018 at 2 p.m., for the discussion of:

1. Joint Report of the Council and the General Board, dated 5 December 2017 and 29 November 2017, on the definition of student used in certain procedures applicable to students and in committee membership (see p. 164).

2. Report of the General Board, dated 29 November 2017, on the establishment and re-establishment of certain Professorships (see p. 168).

Further information on Discussions, including details on format and attendance, is provided at

The Leslie Stephen Lecture, 2018

The Vice-Chancellor gives notice that Professor Simon Schama, CBE, M.A., FRSL, FBA, Honorary Fellow of Christ’s College, University Professor of Art History and History, Columbia University, has been appointed to deliver the next Leslie Stephen Lecture.

Professor Schama is expected to speak in the Senate-House at 5.30 p.m. on Monday, 15 October 2018. A title and other details will be announced nearer that time.

Election to the Board of Scrutiny

1 December 2017

The Vice-Chancellor announces that the following person has been elected to serve as a member of the Board of Scrutiny in class (c)(i) (a person who has been a member of the Regent House for not more than ten years on 1 October 2018) with immediate effect until 30 September 2021:*

Dr Richard Michael Mortier, CHR

Details of the poll are as follows:

Number of valid votes cast: 754 (no spoilt papers/invalid votes)

Dr Richard Michael Mortier, CHR



Ms Edna Helen Murphy, ED




  • *The term of office was incorrect when originally published; this was corrected on 7 March 2018.

Grace for submission under Special Ordinance A (i) 5: Real Living Wage

6 December 2017

The Council has received the following Grace which has been initiated under Special Ordinance A (i) 5 by 228 members of the Regent House:

That the University of Cambridge seek accreditation from the Living Wage Foundation in the current academical year and therefore pay the Real Living Wage to all staff and also contractors who work regularly on University premises.

The signatories recommend that the Council should call a ballot, so that a vote can be taken on this Grace.

A list of the signatories is set out in Annex A.

The Council has referred the Grace to its Human Resources Committee and will consider the Grace, the request for a ballot, and the Committee’s response to the proposal put forward by the Grace, at its meeting on 22 January 2018.

Annex A

R. H. Abbott

D. Ford

V. Mottier

T. A. Ablett

R. C. Franklin

S. E. Nicol

C. E. Adams

M. J. F. Gales

M. del C. Olmedilla Herrero

W. M. Adams

M. A. Galvin

C. M. M. Oppenheimer

A. Agarwal

M. Gandy

J. E. Overhill

G. A. J. Amaratunga

C. T. Garrett

T. L. H. Page

A. H. Amin

S. M. Garrigan-Mattar

E. Pesaran

R. D. Attenborough

N. J. Gay

R. B. Pettit

H. Babinsky

M. Gonzalez-Rubinos

C. Quy

S. K. Baddeley

G. D. Goodrick

S. A. Radcliffe

A. St J. Baker

G. M. Gradon

P. Ramos Pinto Oliveira da Silva

A. Barford

W. R. Graham

D. A. Rasheed

C. Y. Barlow

P. M. Gray

S. N. Redhead

C. P. Bartlet

J. M. Green

A. J. Reid

M. B. Beckles

A. M. Guite

J. D. Rhodes

C. A. Belcher

S. K. Haigh

P. G. M. Richardson

J. S. Bell

C. J. Hay

R. J. E. Riley

D. J. Berry

R. Haynes

R. Rodd

E. G. Bithell

P. Heiner

S. C. Rogers

M. Bithell

A. C. Herle

B. L. Romano

E. C. Blair

M. Herzog

L. Ruprecht

P. M. Blake

S. Hochgreb

N. A. Rutter

T. L. Boram

J. G. Hocking

D. T. Salmon

A. Boyle

J. Holgate

A. Sanchez

A. R. Branch

P. M. R. Howell

M. G. Sargeant

R. W. H. Bricheno

G. R. Hunt

S. S. Saxena

C. R. Brooke

H. E. M. Hunt

W. O. Saxton

U. Büntgen

M. A. Hunter

S. J. Schaffer

A. M. Bunyan

J. L. Huppert

J. L. Scott

B. J. Burchell

S. K. Jackson

S. A. Scott

C. M. Burlinson

L. Janik

J. E. Scott-Warren

J. P. Burnham

K. M. Jeary

K. A. Seffen

C. Burt

A. S. Jeffrey

C. J. Sendall

M. T. Calaresu

D. Johnson

D. J. Sexton

R. D. Camina

S. Johnson

S. M. Shorrock

M. Candea

A. T. Judd

T. A. Simpson

D. P. Carter

A. J. Kabla

E. St J. Smith

C. P. Caulfield

M. Kandzezauskas

J. E. Smith

D. Cebon

J. A. Karger

M. R. Smith

D. J. Cole

D. Kelly

P. Smith

N. E. Cole

A. R. Kent

R. W. Smith

R. M. Coleman

S. R. Keynton

L. Spinks

S. M. Collins

J. P. King

S. W. Stark

A. M. B. Cox

N. I. King

B. D. Starling

A. P. Cox

A. R. Kitching

A. D. Stone

A. E. Culver

A. Künzl-Snodgrass

M. A. Stoute

N. J. Cunniffe

F. E. R. Lahr

A. N. Strange

D. E. A. Curtis

C. S. Lane

S. Strong

U. K. Das

J. A. Langley

C. P. Sumnall

M. J. De Jong

M. R. Laven

Z. A. M. Svendsen

M. S. Desai

C. Lawson

P. N. Taylor

T. L. Dickerson

C. L. Lemanski

M. Ten Wolde

P. Dominiak

I. M. Leslie

S. Tofaris

T.-H. Donker

J. Li

E. M. C. Van Houts

S. Donnelly

S. J. Lucy

H. A. Van Noorden

A. R. Donovan

S. Maghenzani

S. D. Waller

R. V. L. Doubleday

F. Malarée

J. R. Ward

R. J. Dowling

A. I. Malik

R. J. Wareham

J. C. Eason

N. Mattin

M. C. Warren

A. J. Edgar

E. E. Mawdsley

N. R. D. Watkins-Wright

C. V. Edwards

C. Maxwell

E. Watson

D. G. Edwards

D. W. McBride

R. I. Watson

M. J. Edwards

E. E. McPherson

S. Watson

M. Eilstrup-Sangiovanni

F. A. McRobie

G. N. Wells

M. G. E. Emmerson

C. Mein

R. Westley

M. Evans Lee

L. G. Mellor

C. E. White

E. Evenhuis

S. C. Mentchen

D. J. Wild

V. H. Everett

T. J. Miley

J. M. Wilkins

S. L. D. Falk

A. L. Milroy

T. D. Wilkinson

M. Faultless

M. B. Mirazon Lahr

A. Winkels

R. A. Fenner

K. Mohaddes

J. Woodhouse

A. Fernandez Trujillo

M. T. Moore

P. C. Woodland

F. A. N. Finch

M. G. Moreno Figueroa

V. R. Woodley

N. A. Fleck

R. Morieux

W. Yaqoob

R. A. Foley

K. L. Morris

M. Young

L. T. Foot

I. D. Morrison

D. Youngson

Report of the General Board on revised terms of reference for Degree Committees: Notice in response to Discussion remarks

29 November 2017

The General Board has received the remarks made at the Discussion on 24 October 2017 (Reporter, 6482, 2017–18, p. 94) on the above Report (Reporter, 6479, 2017–18, p. 42).

The Board thanks Dr Padman for her remarks in support of the Report, in her capacity as Chair of the Board of Graduate Studies. The Board also thanks Professor Edwards for highlighting some errors in the wording of proposed Regulation 6(c) in the revised terms of reference for Degree Committees, which the Board has agreed to correct, to read as follows:

(c)to receive the reports and recommendations from Examiners and Assessors on the work of candidates for the degrees of Doctor of Divinity, Law, Science, Letters, Music, Philosophy, Engineering, Education, Medicine, Medical Science, and Veterinary Medicine, and of Master of Science and of Letters, and to make recommendations to the Board of Graduate Studies on whom, in the opinion of the Committee, the degrees should be conferred;

The Board notes Professor Edwards’ opinion that the change to allow Ordinances relating to General Board institutions (now called Regulations) to be made or amended by the General Board was regrettable. The Board does not share this view. Where significant policy changes are being proposed, but which only entail changes to General Board Regulations, the Board will continue to publish a Report, as it has done in this case. Corrections and comments concerning approved changes to the Regulations should be provided to the relevant body or to for onward submission.

Finally, the Board takes this opportunity to clarify the wording of proposed Regulation 1(c) of the revised terms of reference, by replacing the words ‘Degree Committees may co-opt at least one member from another Degree Committee;’ with ‘Degree Committees may co-opt one or more members from other Degree Committees;’.

The Council, on the recommendation of the General Board, is submitting a Grace, as amended by this Notice (Grace 1, p. 169), for the approval of the recommendations of this Report.

Stephen Toope, Vice-Chancellor

Darshana Joshi

Helen Thompson

Philip Allmendinger

Martha Krish

Graham Virgo

Abigail Fowden

Martin Millett

Mark Wormald

David Good

Richard Prager

A. L. Greer

Susan Rankin