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Special No 1 Friday 18 September 2009 Vol CXXXX


All arrangements for courses in the Lent and Easter terms are provisional only.

Issued by the authority of the General Board of the Faculties

The rubrics about fees at the head of the list of lectures announced by each Faculty Board or other authority concerned are subject to revision. Except where otherwise stated, lectures are held between the following dates, designated weeks 1-8, starting on a Thursday:

MICHAELMAS TERM Tuesday, 6 October — Friday, 4 December
LENT TERM Tuesday, 12 January — Friday, 12 March
EASTER TERM Tuesday, 20 April — Friday, 11 June

The lecture-list is provided online in the form of Adobe Acrobat PDF files.

The issue has been split approximately into Faculties as listed below, to make the individual files more manageable for viewing. Note that owing to the large amount of information on each page, and hence the size of print used in the original publication, the PDF files may prove unwieldy for viewing on screen. In this situation, printing the required pages may be more useful. It is intended in future to provide a form of the lecture-list which is more appropriate for online use.

Notes on viewing PDF files are provided.




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