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No 6382

Wednesday 15 April 2015

Vol cxlv No 26

pp. 451–480

Awards, etc.

Crane’s Charity for the relief of poor sick scholars: Notice by the Distributors

(Statutes and Ordinances, p. 807)

John Crane, an apothecary in the city of Cambridge in the early seventeenth century, made a number of bequests to the University – the Benefaction of John Crane, 1651 (Endowments of the University of Cambridge (CUP 1904), p. 565). Crane’s Charity for the relief of poor sick scholars is the principal medical charity in the University. It exists to provide financial assistance to students who need treatment for physical or mental illness, or for injuries resulting from accidents.

The Distributors of Crane’s Charity give notice that they will consider requests for assistance from individual students on the basis of an application made on their behalf by their College Tutor. Further information, including a downloadable application form, can be found at

Crane’s Charity has also provided financial assistance for collective activity that the Distributors have determined falls within the purposes of the Charity. Attention is drawn to the regular funding provided to sustain the mental health and psychiatric support work of the University Counselling Service: a Mental Health Advisor; and advice for students provided by a consultant psychiatrist in psychotherapy for half a day per week in Term.

The following table summarizes the expenditure from Crane’s Charity in 2013–14.

Number of grants

Colleges represented

Average grant to students

Expenditure: grants to students

Expenditure: collective activities

Total Expenditure








* Includes an exceptional grant of £3,750 for care assistants