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No 6185

Wednesday 21 April 2010

Vol cxl No 26

pp. 685–756

Notices By Faculty Boards, etc.

Faculty of Economics: Notice

The Chairman of the Faculty Board of Economics gives notice that a conference of University officers in the Faculty and others giving lectures in the Faculty of Economics will be held at 2 p.m., on Tuesday, 4 May, in the Meade Room, Austin Robinson Building, Sidgwick Avenue, for the purpose of considering the Lecture-list for 2010–11 and any other matters.

Politics, Psychology, and Sociology (Social and Political Sciences) Tripos, Parts IIa and IIb, 2010–11: Notice

The Faculty Board of Politics, Psychology, Sociology, and International Studies give notice of the following papers which are offered, and those which are not offered, for Parts IIa and IIb of the Tripos in 2010–11.

Politics papers


Pol. 1

The history of political thought to c. 1700

Pol. 2

The history of political thought c. 1700 to c. 1890

Pol. 3

The analysis of modern politics II

Pol. 5

Conceptual issues in modern politics

Pol. 6

Political philosophy and the history of political thought since c. 1890

Pol. 7

A subject in modern politics II: the politics of security and development

Pol. 8

A subject in modern politics III: the politics of Europe

Pol. 10

Japanese politics

Pol. 11

A subject in modern politics V: the politics of East Asia

Pol. 12

A subject in modern politics VI: politics of the international economy

Pol. 13

Conceptual issues and texts in modern politics

Pol. 14

The history of political thought to c. 1700

Pol. 15

The history of political thought c. 1700 to c. 1890

Not offered:

Pol. 4

The analysis of modern politics III

Pol. 9

A subject in modern politics IV

Psychology papers


Psy. 1

Social psychology

Psy. 2

Experimental psychology

Psy. 3

Biological and cognitive psychology

Psy. 4

Development and psychopathology

Psy. 6

A subject in psychology II: psychology and social issues

Psy. 7

A subject in psychology III: gender development: biological, psychological, and clinical perspectives

Not offered:

Psy. 5

A subject in psychology I: current issues in social psychology

Sociology papers


Soc. 1

Social theory

Soc. 2

Contemporary societies and global transformations

Soc. 3

Concepts and arguments in sociology

Soc. 4

A subject in sociology I: media, culture, and society

Soc. 5

A subject in sociology II: modern Britain

Soc. 6

A subject in sociology III: advanced social theory

Soc. 7

A subject in sociology IV: the political economy of capitalism

Soc. 8

The sociology of education

Soc. 9

A subject in sociology V: religion and politics

Soc. 10

A subject in sociology VI: medicine, body, and society

Interdisciplinary papers


Int. 1

Inquiry and analysis I

Int. 2

Inquiry and analysis II

Int. 5

An interdisciplinary subject III: gender, kinship, and care

Int. 6

Criminology, sentencing, and the penal system

Int. 7

Society, politics, and culture in Latin America

Int. 8

A specified subject in South Asian Studies: sociology and politics of South Asia

Int. 9

An interdisciplinary subject IV: the family

Int. 10

An interdisciplinary subject V: colonialism and empire

Not offered:

Int. 3

An interdisciplinary subject I

Int. 4

An interdisciplinary subject II

The Faculty Board are satisfied that no candidate’s preparation for the examination in 2011 is adversely affected by this late Notice.