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No 6534

Wednesday 23 January 2019

Vol cxlix No 16

pp. 321–354

Notices by the General Board

Senior Academic Promotions, 1 October 2019 exercise: Committee amendments

Further to the notices published on 28 November 2018 and 9 January 2019 (Reporter, 2018–19: 6528, p. 134 and 6532, p. 296), the General Board has approved amendments to the membership of the committees as follows:

General Board’s School Committee (Technology)

Professor Richard William Prager will no longer serve as a member of the School Committee (Technology).

Faculty Committee (Biological Sciences)

Professor Ian Gordon Patrick Goodfellow has been appointed as a member of the Faculty Committee (Biological Sciences) in place of Professor Geoffrey Lilley Smith, with effect from 14 January 2019.