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No 6488

Wednesday 13 December 2017

Vol cxlviii No 12

pp. 172–194



19 December, Tuesday. Michaelmas Term ends.

25 December, Monday. Christmas Day. Scarlet Day.

5 January, Friday. Lent Term begins.

10 January, Wednesday. First ordinary number of the Reporter in Lent Term.

16 January, Tuesday. Full Term begins.

Discussion on Tuesday, 23 January 2018

The Vice-Chancellor invites those qualified under the regulations for Discussions (Statutes and Ordinances, p. 105), to attend a Discussion in the Senate-House on Tuesday, 23 January 2018 at 2 p.m., for the discussion of:

1. Joint Report of the Council and the General Board, dated 5 December 2017 and 29 November 2017, on the definition of student used in certain procedures applicable to students and in committee membership (Reporter, 6487, 2017–18, p. 164).

2. Report of the General Board, dated 29 November 2017, on the establishment and re-establishment of certain Professorships (Reporter, 6487, 2017–18, p. 168).

3. Joint Report of the Council and the General Board, dated 11 December 2017 and 29 November 2017, on the governance of the Careers Service (p. 179).

Further information on Discussions, including details on format and attendance, is provided at

Election to the Council

8 December 2017

The Vice-Chancellor announces that the following candidate has been nominated in accordance with Statute A IV 2 for election to the Council in class (a) (Heads of Colleges), and that it has been certified to him that the candidate has consented to be nominated:


Nominated by:

Rev’d Dr Jeremy Morris, Master of Trinity Hall

Professor M. R. E. Proctor, Provost of King’s College, and Professor R. V. Penty, Master of Sidney Sussex College

No other persons having been nominated, Dr Morris is duly elected in class (a), to serve from 1 January 2018 for one year.

Election of a member of the Council’s Finance Committee in class (b)

8 December 2017

A vacancy will arise on the Council’s Finance Committee for a member of the Regent House, elected by representatives of the Colleges, to serve for three years from 1 January 2018.

The election is conducted in accordance with the Single Transferable Vote regulations. Voting is by postal ballot.

Nominations should be made in writing to the Head of the Registrary’s Office, University Offices, The Old Schools, Cambridge, CB2 1TN, and must include a statement by the person nominated that he or she is willing to serve on the Finance Committee. Nominations and statements should be made by 12 noon on Tuesday, 2 January 2018. Nominations should be supported by the signatures of two members of the Regent House.

If a ballot is necessary, papers will be dispatched by Thursday, 4 January 2018, for return by 12 noon on Monday, 15 January 2018.

Cambridge Centre for Crop Science

11 December 2017

The Cambridge Centre for Crop Science is a joint research initiative led by the University and the National Institute of Agricultural Botany (NIAB). Funding of £16.928m towards the capital costs of a new University laboratory building and plant growth facilities, to be constructed on NIAB operational sites in Cambridge and at Park Farm, Histon, has been awarded from HEFCE’s UK Research Partnership Investment Fund 2018–20.

The facilities will be leased to the University for a period of 60 years and will therefore constitute a University building for the period of the lease. Approval for implementation of the project will be sought by Grace of the Regent House in Easter Term 2018, subject to approval of the Full Case by the Planning and Resources Committee. A Concept Case was approved by the Committee on 11 October 2017.

The University facilities will be established as part of a wider programme of refurbishment and development across the two sites. That programme is led by NIAB, which has accordingly made planning applications to Cambridge City and South Cambridgeshire District Councils.

Project and Programme Governance Guidelines for information technology and services

The Information Services Committee draws the attention of the University to its Project and Programme Governance Guidelines which provide a framework for the oversight of projects in information technology and services. Projects falling within that definition and within the purview of the Information Services Committee will only be progressed within that framework.

The Information Services Committee considers that the governance arrangements and procedures set out in the Guidelines are of wider application and commends the framework for projects more generally. The Guidelines are therefore brought to the attention of the University and include a schedule of documents that, together, form the framework which supports:

(i)the consideration and making of investment decisions;

(ii)monitoring the progress of projects and programmes;

(iii)final sign-off of projects and programmes once they have delivered against agreed objectives; and

(iv)the post-project review.

The Guidelines have therefore been published on the Information Services Committee’s site on the University governance hub at: