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Special No 5

Tuesday 24 December 2013

Vol cxliv

pp. 1–100


Biomolecular Sciences and Informatics: J. M. Thornton, CHU, 2016

Cognitive Neuroscience: J. Duncan, 2016

Computational Genomics: R. Durbin, 2018

Conservation Science: R. E. Green, CTH, 2016

Epigenetics: W. Reik, 2018

French Literature: A. M. Finch, CHU, 2015

Genomic Sciences: M. R. Stratton, 2017

Historical Bibliography: D. J. McKitterick, T, 2015

History and Economics: E. Rothschild, 2015

History of Architecture: G. M. Stamp, 2015

International Management: P. J. Williamson, 2015

Latin Literature: P. R. Hardie, T, 2016

Lipid Signalling: M. J. O. Wakelam, DOW, 2016

Machine Intelligence: A. Blake, CLH, 2017

Mammalian Genetics: A. Bradley, 2017

Medieval European History: E. van Houts, EM, 2016

Medieval Philosophy: J. A. Marenbon, T, 2015

Nineteenth-Century French Literature: R. D. Lethbridge, F, 2014

Pancreatic Cancer Medicine: D. Tuveson, 2015

Pathogen Genomics: G. Dougan, 2016

Poetry: A. Leighton, T, 2016

Real Estate Investment: A. Baum, 2014

Social and Economic Geography: S. J. Smith, G, 2016

Theoretical Physics: C. N. Pope, JN, 2016

Title to be confirmed (Department of Medicine): J. Parkhill, 2018


Cell Signalling: Sir Michael Berridge, T

Ethical and Political Philosophy: O. S. O’Neil, N

History of Art: N. J. Morgan, T

History of East Asian Science, Technology and Medicine: C. Cullen, DAR

Integrative Physiology: S. H. P. Maddrell, CAI

Language and Cognition: W. D. Marslen-Wilson, W

Molecular Bioenergetics: Sir John Walker, SID

Music: C. Hogwood, PEM

Penal Theory and Penal Law: A. Von Hirsch, F

Pure Mathematics: B. Bollobás, T

Theoretical Physics: D. Khmelnitskii, T

Theoretical Seismology: C. H. Chapman, CHR