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Special No 5

Tuesday 24 December 2013

Vol cxliv

pp. 1–100



2011, The Lord Sainsbury of Turville, K


2010, Sir Leszek Krzysztof Borysiewicz, W

Deputy Vice-Chancellors for 2013–2014:

Anthony John Badger, CL

Dame Athene Margaret Donald, R

Dame Ann Patricia Dowling, SID

The Lord Eatwell, Q

Stuart Laing, CC

Sarah Laetitia Squire, HH

Dame Jean Olwen Thomas, CTH

Ian Hugh White, JE

The Pro-Vice-Chancellors


2008, John Martin Rallison, T, 30 Sept. 2014

2009, Stephen John Young, EM, 31 July 2015

2010, Jennifer Chase Barnes, 31 Dec. 2015

2010, Lynn Faith Gladden, T, 31 Dec. 2015

2011, Jeremy Keith Morris Sanders, SE, 30 Sept. 2014

High Steward:

2010, The Lord Watson of Richmond, JE

Deputy High Steward:

2009, Anne Mary Lonsdale, MUR


2002, The Rt Hon. Lord Mackay of Clashfern, T

Proctors for 2013–2014:

Jonathan Michael Holmes, Q

Richard Keith Taplin, DOW

Deputy Proctors for 2013–2014:

William Own Saxton, MUR

Maria Christina Skott, M


2008, Rupert John Ernest Thompson, SE


2007, Jonathan William Nicholls, EM


2009, Anne Jarvis, W

Deputy Librarian:

2010, Susanne Mehrer, JN

Director of the Fitzwilliam Museum and Marlay Curator:

2013, Timothy Aidan John Knox, CAI

Executive Director of Development and Alumni Relations:

2013, Alison Elizabeth Traub

Esquire Bedells:

2003, Nicola Hardy, JE

2010, Sheila Veronica Scarlett, LC

University Advocate:

2011, Rosamund Ellen Thornton, EM, 30 Sept. 2015

Deputy University Advocate:

2012, Jillaine Karen Seymour, SID, 30 Sept. 2014