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No 6279

Wednesday 3 October 2012

Vol cxliii No 2

pp. 14–32



9 October, Tuesday. Discussion at 2 p.m. in the Senate-House (see below).

14 October, Sunday. Preacher before the University at 11.15 a.m., Dr Eve Poole, of Newnham College, Associate of the Ashridge Business School and Director, the Foundation for Workplace Spirituality.

20 October, Saturday. Congregation of the Regent House at 11 a.m.

23 October, Tuesday. Discussion at 2 p.m. in the Senate-House.

Discussions at 2 p.m.


9 October

20 October, Saturday at 11 a.m.

23 October

24 November, Saturday at 2 p.m.

6 November

20 November

4 December

Notice of a Discussion on Tuesday, 9 October 2012

The Vice-Chancellor invites those qualified under the regulations for Discussions (Statutes and Ordinances, p. 107) to attend a Discussion in the Senate-House, on Tuesday, 9 October 2012, at 2 p.m., for the discussion of:

1. First-stage Report of the Council, dated 30 June 2012, on the restructuring and rationalization of hospital facilities for the Department of Veterinary Medicine at West Cambridge (Reporter, 2011–12, p. 760).

2. First-stage Report of the Council, dated 30 June 2012, on the construction of a new building for the Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology at West Cambridge (Reporter, 2011–12, p. 761).

3. First-stage Report of the Council, dated 16 July 2012, on the construction of a Data Centre on the West Cambridge site (Reporter, 2011–12, p. 811).

4. Report of the General Board, dated 11 July 2012, on the establishment of a Professorship of Empirical Macroeconomics (Reporter, 2011–12, p. 812).

5. Report of the General Board, dated 11 July 2012, on the establishment of a Harold Samuel Professorship of Law and Environmental Policy (Reporter, 2011–12, p. 814).

6. Report of the General Board, dated 11 July 2012, on the re-establishment of a Professorship of Stroke Medicine (Reporter, 2011–12, p. 814).

7. Seventeenth Report of the Board of Scrutiny, dated 27 June 2012 (Reporter, 2011–12, p. 815).

Vice-Chancellor’s deputy appointed: Notice

The Vice-Chancellor gives notice that, further to the Notice of 22 May 2008 (Reporter, 2007–08, p. 810), he hereby also appoints the Registrary, in accordance with Statute D, III, 7(b), to act on his behalf until further notice in relation to the acceptance of benefactions of up to £100,000, provided that he shall not have power to accept from the same donor one or more benefactions which exceed £100,000 in total. (The power of the University to accept benefactions is delegated to the Vice-Chancellor, see Statutes and Ordinances, p. 688, Regulation 6 of the regulations for the Vice-Chancellor.)

Acceptance of all benefactions is considered against the ethical guidelines published by the Council (Statutes and Ordinances, p. 1003). Submission of the appropriate Graces to regulate funds will be published in the Reporter together with announcements of the benefactions received.

Election to the Council: Notice

1 October 2012

The Vice-Chancellor gives notice that an election is to be held of eight persons to serve as members of the Council for four years from 1 January 2013. Members are to be elected in the following classes (see Statute A, IV, 2, Statutes and Ordinances, p. 7):

(a) two from among the Heads of Colleges;

(b) two from among the Professors and Readers;

(c) four from among the other members of the Regent House.

The Council is the principal executive and policy-making body of the University. It has general responsibility for the administration of the University, for defining its mission, for the planning of its work, and for the management of its resources. The Council deals with relations between the University and the Colleges, and conducts negotiations with outside bodies on many matters (other than those relating directly to the educational and research programmes of the University, which are dealt with on its behalf by the General Board of the Faculties). It is responsible for the appointment or nomination of certain members of internal and external bodies, and for many student matters (excluding the selection of entrants, which is a College concern). Further information about the Council is available to members of the University on the Council website (

Duties and responsibilities of Council members

Council membership offers a particularly rewarding and demanding experience. The University is both an exempt charity,1 and a corporation established by common law. As such, Council members are both charity trustees of the University and, effectively, its corporate directors. They have associated legal responsibilities and duties, and are required to promote the interests of the University and act with integrity, care, and prudence.

It is strongly recommended that those considering standing for nomination review the Handbook for Members of the Council, which sets out the Council’s primary responsibilities. Section 4 of the Handbook provides advice and guidance to members of Council on their legal and other responsibilities. The Handbook is available to members of the University to download from the bottom of the Council web page at http://raven.intranet. Potential nominees might also wish to familiarize themselves with the key aspects of the University’s Statutes and Ordinances (, the most recent Budget and Allocations Report (Reporter, 2011–12, p. 652;, and the University’s Annual Report and Financial Statements (Reporter, 2011–12, p. 215;

Further useful information is provided by HEFCE (, and the Charity Commission ( This information includes details of the extent of a charity trustee’s personal liability. Instances of personal liability are rare and unlikely to occur, providing trustees act honestly, prudently, in good faith, and in the best interests of the University, and in compliance with legislation and the University’s governing documents. Nonetheless, it is important for nominees to recognize and accept the obligations that Council membership would confer upon them.

Nomination procedure

In order to be eligible, a candidate for election in each case must be nominated on a paper sent to the Vice-Chancellor at the Old Schools so as to be received not later than noon onFriday, 9 November 2012. The nomination paper must contain (a) a statement signed by two members of the Regent House, nominating the candidate for election and specifying the class in which he or she is nominated, and (b) a statement signed by the candidate certifying that he or she consents to be so nominated. A form to facilitate the nomination process is available on the Registrary’s Office website (see The candidate is also required to provide a statement of her or his curriculum vitae by the same date (see below). No one may be nominated for election in more than one class. The Council has agreed to make known its view that two periods of four years should normally be regarded as the maximum length of continuous service for elected members.

The Vice-Chancellor would be obliged if nominations could be delivered to the Registrary in the Old Schools during office hours. Nominations will be published on the Senate-House Noticeboard as they are received; the complete list of nominations will be published in the Reporter on Wednesday, 14 November 2012.

In accordance with the regulations governing the election (Statutes and Ordinances, p. 114), each person nominated for election is required to send to the Registrary, not later than noon on Friday, 9 November, a statement of her or his curriculum vitae for distribution to members of the Regent House with the voting papers. It is suggested that such a statement should be of not more than 500 words in length, and that it should cover the following points:

• the candidate’s present position in the University;

• previous posts held, whether in Cambridge or in other universities or outside the university system, with dates;

• a note of the candidate’s particular interests within the field of University business.

The election will be conducted by postal ballot, under the Single Transferable Vote regulations. Voting papers will be distributed, together with the statements provided by candidates, on or before Monday, 19 November 2012. The last date for the return of voting papers will be Thursday, 29 November 2012.


  • 1The University has charitable status but is exempt from the statutory requirement which otherwise obliges a charity to register with the Charity Commission. HEFCE is the principal regulator of the University as regards its compliance with its legal obligations in exercising control and management of its administration as a charity. 

North West Cambridge, funding for preparatory works: Notice

1 October 2012

At its meeting on 24 September 2012, the Council approved a recommendation from the Finance Committee to allocate £4m from the Chest to fund necessary preparatory works for a potential Phase 1 of the proposed development of the University’s lands at North West Cambridge. The preparatory works are to enable a timely start to be made on the site, should the Regent House decide to approve a Grace early in 2013 to proceed with Phase 1.

The intention of Phase 1 is to provide, in part, 300 units of student housing, and 530 units of housing for post-doctoral and other junior staff in time for the beginning of the 2015–16 academical year. Undertaking the preparatory works now will ease a tight timetable for the delivery of these and other elements in Phase 1, so that the housing is ready for occupation as planned. The preparatory works include demolitions, ecological works, archaeology, the provision of utilities, and the associated fees. If the Regent House decides to proceed with Phase 1, the costs will be met from the approved budget for that Phase. The Council concluded that the approval of this warrant now was a prudent measure to reduce the risk that Phase 1 would be late thereby delaying occupation of the housing for students and staff by a full year. Such a delay would create considerable problems for the admission of graduate students, and would result in a significant loss of rental income.

The Regent House is requested to note this decision. The Council will consider the case for proceeding with Phase 1 at its meeting on 22 October, and will, if it decides to recommend proceeding, publish a Report and Grace for Discussion and approval by ballot shortly thereafter.

Amendment to payments additional to stipend: Correction

The Notice outlining the new Schedules of Payment Additional to Stipend (see Statutes and Ordinances, p. 685) agreed by the General Board and published on 18 July (Reporter, 2011–12, p. 806) was incorrect. The correct Schedules are published below.






Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics


Archaeology and Anthropology




Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology

Physiology, Development, and Neuroscience


Public Health and Primary Care

Judge Business School

Veterinary Medicine

Materials Science and Metallurgy



Astronomy (Institute)


Clinical Biochemistry

Land Economy

Clinical Neurosciences


Computer Laboratory

Plant Sciences

Earth Sciences



Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics






Politics and International Studies


Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership

Middle Eastern Studies

East Asian Studies



Spanish and Portuguese



History of Art

Theoretical and Applied Linguistics

History and Philosophy of Science


Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic

Obstetrics and Gynaecology



Medical Genetics

Slavonic Studies





Modern and Medieval Languages







The Institute of Criminology and the Lauterpacht Centre for International Law are included within Law.

The Centre for Business Research is included within Judge Business School.

Roll of the Regent House: Notice

1 October 2012

The draft Roll of the Regent House for the academical year 2012–13 (i.e. the list of names which it is proposed to place on the Roll when it is promulgated in November) was published in the Reporter, Special Number 1, on 1 October 2012.

Members of the Regent House are asked to check the list and to make sure that their entries are correct. They should note that the Roll constitutes the list of eligible voters for any elections to the Council or ballots that may be called during the following academical year. Notice of any corrections or amendments should be sent in writing to the Registrary at the Old Schools as soon as possible; any corrections received by 24 October will be incorporated in the definitive Roll, which is to be promulgated on 6 November 2012.

Lecture-list 2012–13: Notice

The lecture-list for 2012–13 is available at Courses are listed by Faculty, with drop-down boxes for each course providing either a link to a departmental website where the relevant timetable can be accessed, or a calendar version of the timetable which can be viewed either as a report or as a weekly timetable.

Examination results statistics: Notice

Examination results statistics for 2012 are now available at (accessible only to those in the Cam domain). Student statistics and related data are available from the Student Statistics Office website at