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No 6279

Wednesday 3 October 2012

Vol cxliii No 2

pp. 14–32

Notices by Faculty Boards, etc.

Electronic calculators in University examinations, 2012–13

The Faculty Boards and other authorities concerned give notice that in the following examinations in 2012–13 candidates will be permitted to take a designated calculator into the examination room:


Archaeological and Anthropological Tripos, Parts IIa and IIb (Biological Anthropology);

Architecture Tripos, Parts Ia, Ib, and II;

Chemical Engineering Tripos, Parts I, IIa, and IIb;

Computer Science Tripos, Part Ia (Calculators are not permitted in the Mathematics papers borrowed from either the Mathematical Tripos, Part Ia or from the Natural Sciences Tripos, Part Ia);

Computer Science Tripos, Parts Ib, II, and III;

M.Phil. Examination in Advanced Computer Science;

M.Phil. Examination in Computational Biology;

Economics Tripos, Parts I, IIa, and IIb; Diploma and M.Phil. Examinations;

Engineering Tripos, Parts Ia, Ib, IIa, and IIb;

Geography Tripos, Parts Ia, Ib, and II;

Management Studies Tripos;

Manufacturing Engineering Tripos, Parts I and II;

M.B.A. and Executive M.B.A. Examinations;

Master of Finance;

Medical and Veterinary Sciences Tripos (MVST), Parts Ia and Ib;

Second M.B. and Second Veterinary M.B. Examinations;

Final M.B. and Final Veterinary M.B. Examinations;

M.Phil. Examinations in Epidemiology and in Public Health;

Natural Sciences Tripos, Part Ia (Calculators are not permitted in the subject Mathematics);

Natural Sciences Tripos, Parts Ib, II, and III;

Philosophy Tripos, Part Ia (Paper 3 only);

Politics, Psychology, and Sociology Tripos, Parts I, IIa, and IIb.

For the above examinations the following calculators marked in the approved manner are permitted:

CASIO fx 991 (any version)

CASIO fx 115 (any version)

CASIO fx 570 (any version).

Each such calculator must be marked by the Department in the approved fashion.

No other calculator may be brought into the examination.


Preliminary Examination for Part I of the Education Tripos

Education Tripos, Parts I and II

Candidates taking papers from the Natural Sciences Tripos will be permitted to use the calculator permitted for that examination (see above).


Mathematical Tripos

The use of electronic calculators will not be permitted in any papers set for the Mathematical Tripos. Candidates for Part Ia of the Mathematical Tripos who offer a paper from the Natural Sciences Tripos will be permitted to use the calculator permitted for that examination (see above).


Land Economy Tripos and M.Phil. Examinations

The permitted calculators for use in the Land Economy Tripos, and in the various M.Phil. Examinations, will be the standard University calculator CASIO fx991 (any version); CASIO fx 115 (any version); or CASIO fx 570 (any version); or the Hewlett Packard HP 10BII.


Other subjects

Papers from the examinations named above may be taken by those who are candidates for other examinations. The restriction on the use of calculators will apply when any paper or subject is offered from an examination which is the subject of this Notice.

It is the responsibility of each student to equip themselves with a suitable calculator as described.

They must be marked in the approved fashion by the Department so that they are clearly identified as being permitted during the examination.

Sale of approved calculators

Approved calculators, marked in the approved fashion, will be on sale from:

Computer Laboratory, William Gates Building (Computer Science Tripos)

Department of Chemistry (Natural Sciences Tripos)

Faculty of Economics Building

Department of Engineering (Engineering Examinations)

Department of Land Economy (Land Economy Tripos and M.Phil.) (HP 10BII only)

Department of Physiology, Development, and Neuroscience (MVST).

Approved calculators bought elsewhere will need to have the approved marking applied by the Department.

Archaeological and Anthropological Tripos, Parts I, IIa, and IIb, 2012–13: Amendment

The Faculty Board of Human, Social, and Political Science give notice of an amendment to the list of papers offered for Parts I, IIa, and IIb of the Tripos in the academical year 2012–13 (Reporter, 2011–12, p. 599).

The following papers will not be offered:


The evolutionary history of African populations


Evolutionary ecology of extinct hominins

The following paper will be offered:


Human evolutionary endocrinology

The Faculty Board are confident that no candidate’s preparation for the examination will be affected by this change.