Statutes and Ordinances 2013

New Statutes and Special Ordinances now in force

The new Statutes and Special Ordinances of the University are now in force following approval of the new Statutes by Her Majesty in Council on 11 February 2014 (Reporter, 6338, 2013-14, p. 371). The previous Statutes (pp. 3-98 of the 2013 print edition) are therefore repealed and the new Statutes, Special Ordinances and consequential amendments to the Ordinances approved by Graces 2 of 3 July and 1 of 27 November 2013 are now in effect. A supplement containing the text of the new Statutes and Special Ordinances is published below.

For ease of reference, a spreadsheet has been created to help with cross-referencing between the previous Statutes and the new Statutes and Special Ordinances. Appendix II of the Report of the Council on the Technical Review of the Statutes of 28 June 2012, which contains colour-coded cross-references and explanation, may also prove useful.

Cross-reference spreadsheet: pdf version   Excel spreadsheet

New Statutes and Special Ordinances (with effect from 11 February 2014)


Full Supplement: New Statutes and Special Ordinances (1.16 MB)



New Statutes

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Statute A: The Chancellor and the Government of the University



Statute B: Membership of the University and Degrees



Statute C: University Offices and Employment in the University



Statute D: Discipline and the University Courts



Statute E: Trusts



Statute F: Finance, Audit, Planning and Resource Allocation, Property and Buildings



Statute G: Colleges and Collegiate Foundations



Statute J: University Press




Special Ordinances

Special Ordinances under Statute A: The Chancellor and the Government of the University



Special Ordinances under Statute B: Matriculation, Residence, Degrees, Discipline



Special Ordinances under Statute C: Schools and Faculties



Special Ordinances under Statute D: The University Officers



Special Ordinances under Statute G: Obligations of Colleges




2013 Statutes (repealed)


S&O 2013 Page Nos

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Passages from Acts of Parliament relating to the University of Cambridge,
Procedure for making a Statute for a College,
Rules of Procedure made by the Commissary under Statute D, V, II



Acts - 61k


Online version

S&O 2013 Page Nos

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Chapter I: The Chancellor and Government of the University


Chapter I - 366k

Chapter II: Matriculation, Residence, Admission to Degrees, Discipline


Chapter II - 317k

Chapter III: Examinations


Chapter III - 103k

Chapter IV: Preliminary Examinations and Tripos Examinations


Chapter IV - 876k

Chapter V: B.A. Degree and M.A. Degree


Chapter V - 30k

Chapter VI: Graduate Students


Chapter VI - 64k

Chapter VII: Degrees, Diplomas, and Other Qualifications


Chapter VII - 646k

Chapter VIII: Schools and Councils of the Schools


Chapter VIII - 47k

Chapter IX: Faculties, Departments, and other institutions under the supervision of the General Board


Chapter IX - 391k

Chapter X: Institutions under the supervision of the Council


Chapter X - 36k

Chapter XI: The University Officers


Chapter XI - 1741k

Chapter XII: Trust Emoluments


Chapter XII - 1284k

Chapter XIII: Finance and Property


Chapter XIII - 532k

Chapter XIV: Colleges


Chapter XIV - 130k

Chapter XV: Institutions recognized under Statute H


Chapter XV - 15k

Appendix I: Procedures and Guidelines


Appendix I - 43k

Termly amendments to the Statutes and Ordinances

Amendments to the Statutes and Ordinances are published in the Reporter and will be published here as they appear, on a termly basis.

Statutes and Ordinances: Bound editions

It has become apparent that some printed copies of the 2013 Statutes and Ordinances are missing pages 801–16 (part of Chapter XII: Trust Emoluments). These missing pages, which were included within the full text of Chapter XII available in both the online and pdf editions below, are reproduced here in PDF. We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause.

Previous Editions of the Statutes and Ordinances

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The online editions of the Statutes and Ordinances from previous years are available above. Please note that these editions were published in October of the relevant year and DO NOT incorporate any amendments made during the subsequent academical year.