Amendments to Statutes and Ordinances, 2016-17

The following amendments to Statutes and Ordinances have been published in the Reporter during Michaelmas Term 2016

Amendments to Ordinances to take effect during 2016-17

Page no.with effect from SubjectReporter
page no.
Chapter I, 13225.11.16Joint Committee on Development119
Chapter I, 14025.11.16University Sports Committee119
Chapter I, 15330.09.16University Composition Fees: Table of Fees9
Chapter III, 22914.10.16Allowances to Candidates for Examinations31
Chapter IV, 27802.11.16Asian and Middle Eastern Studies Tripos: Supplementary Regulations, Part II90
Chapter IV, 29414.12.16Economics Tripos, Part IIA272
Chapter IV, 36901.10.16Mathematical Tripos, Part III89
Chapter IV, 37016.11.16Medical and Veterinary Sciences Tripos, Part IB106
Chapter IV, 37030.11.16Medical and Veterinary Sciences Tripos, Part IB: Correction157
Chapter IV, 38401.10.16Modern and Medieval Languages Tripos, Part IB5
Chapter IV, 40701.10.16Psychological and Behavioural Sciences Tripos: naming of the Parts5
Chapter VII, 45816.11.16Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, Curriculum Regulations107
Chapter VII, 45830.11.16Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, Curriculum Regulations: Correction157
Chapter VII, 49816.11.16Examination in Chemistry for the M.Phil. Degree106
Chapter VII, 49916.11.16Examination in Conservation Leadership for the M.Phil. Degree106
Chapter VII, 52216.11.16Examination in Polar Studies for the M.Phil. Degree107
Chapter VII, 54616.11.16Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine, Revised Regulations107
Chapter VII, 54630.11.16Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine, Revised Regulations: Correction157
Chapter VII, 56916.11.16Certificate in Postgraduate Study: Natural Science (Chemistry)107
Chapter IX, 64530.11.16Staff of the University Library and affiliated libraries154
Chapter XI, 66701.08.16University salaries and stipends: increase31
Chapter XI, 72730.09.16Professorship of Climate Change Economics and Policy retitled9
Chapter XI01.10.16Professorship of Clinical Microbiology re-established158
Chapter XI01.03.17Professorship of Cell Biology established158
Chapter XI01.08.17Professorship of Oncological Imaging established158
Chapter XII, 74330.09.16Endowed University Lectureships: additions9
Chapter XII, 78930.09.16Corfield Fund for Mathematics9
Chapter XII, 83018.11.16Hatton Philosophy of Public Health Fund established101
Chapter XII, 99409.12.16Wolfson Fund for Industrial Co-operation: regulations amended158
Chapter XII09.12.16Bennett Fund for Public Policy established158
Chapter XII09.12.16Dr John C. Taylor Professorship of Innovation Fund established158

Amendments to Ordinances to take effect from next or subsequent academical year

Chapter IV, 28401.10.17Classical Tripos, Part II271
Chapter IV, 31101.10.17Engineering Tripos, Part IIB105
Chapter IV, 31101.10.17Engineering Tripos, Part IIB: Correction272
Chapter IV, 33301.10.18History and Modern Languages Tripos155
Chapter IV, 34501.10.17Human, Social, and Political Sciences Tripos85
Chapter IV, 39401.10.17Natural Sciences Tripos, Part IB129
Chapter IV, 39501.10.17Natural Sciences Tripos, Part II157
Chapter VII, 56801.10.17Certificate of Postgraduate Study in Management48
Chapter XI01.10.17Bennett Professorship of Public Policy established158
Chapter XI01.10.17Dr John C. Taylor Professorship of Public Innovation established158