Amendments to Statutes and Ordinances, 2016-17

The following amendments to Statutes and Ordinances have been published in the Reporter during Lent Term 2017

Amendments to Special Ordinances to take effect during 2016-17

Page no.with effect from SubjectReporter
page no.
Special Ordinance D (iv) 703.03.17The University Advocate: miscellaneous provisions/new Schedule D (iv) 7377
Special Ordinance D (v)03.03.17New Special Ordinance D (v): Precautionary Action (Special Ordinance under Statute D I)377

Amendments to Ordinances to take effect during 2016-17

Chapter I, 14927.01.17Cambridge University Assistants' Contributory Pension Scheme320
Chapter II03.03.17Cases of Student Harassment and Sexual Misconduct: regulation established377
Chapter II, 19503.03.17Initiation of Proceedings before the University Tribunal, the Discipline Committee, or the Discipline Board377
Chapter IV, 29122.02.17Computer Science Tripos, Part II375
Chapter VII, 51608.03.17M.Phil. Degree in Mathematics (by advanced study): regulations rescinded395
Chapter IX, 64006.01.17Kettle's Yard Committee membership amended303
Chapter XI, 71531.03.17Diane Middlebrook and Carl Djerassi Fund: regulations amended439
Chapter XII, 75231.03.17Ashby Scholarship Fund: regulations amended440
Chapter XII, 83031.03.17Hatton Philosophy of Life Sciences Fund: regulations amended440
Chapter XII03.03.17Interdisciplinary Research in the Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities Fund established377

Amendments to Ordinances to take effect from next or subsequent academical year

Chapter II, 16501.10.18Examination Requirements for Matriculation: Schedule I307
Chapter III, 23401.10.18Dates of Examinations and Publication of Class-Lists307
Chapter III, 23701.10.18Publication of Lists of Successful Candidates in Examinations307
Chapter IV, 25401.10.17Preliminary Examination for the Psychological and Behavioural Sciences Tripos304
Chapter IV, 34501.10.17Human, Social, and Political Sciences Tripos: Correction303
Chapter IV, 37001.10.18Medical and Veterinary Sciences Tripos rescinded: Medical Sciences Tripos and Veterinary Sciences Tripos established307
Chapter IV, 39901.10.17Natural Sciences Tripos, Part II: Psychology382
Chapter IV, 40101.10.17Natural Sciences Tripos, Part III: Earth Sciences343
Chapter IV, 40701.10.17Psychological and Behavioural Sciences Tripos304
Chapter VII, 43101.10.17Examination for the degree of Master of Business Administration325
Chapter VII, 45801.10.18Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery: Curriculum Regulations307
Chapter VII, 48501.10.18Schedule to the regulations for the degrees of Doctor of Philosophy, Master of Science, Master of Letters, and Master of Philosophy by Dissertation395
Chapter VII, 51601.10.18M.Phil. Degree in Mathematics (by dissertation) approved395
Chapter VII, 54401.10.18Examination in Interdisciplinary Design for the Built Environment for the M.St. Degree reinstated343
Chapter VII, 54601.10.18Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine: Revised Regulations307
Chapter IX, 59201.10.18Rules made by the General Board in accordance with Regulation 11 for the election of student members of Faculty Boards and other bodies307
Chapter XI, 70401.10.17Professorship of Education (2004) temporarily discontinued439
Chapter XI01.10.17Professorship of International Law established366
Chapter XI01.02.18Professorship of Cancer Sciences established404
Chapter XII, 93301.10.18Marmaduke Sheild Scholarship: regulations amended307