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No 6160

Wednesday 7 October 2009

Vol cxl No 1

pp. 1–56

Notice by the University Bellringer

On Saturday, 5 September, at the University Church, the following rang a full peal of 5042 changes of Cambridge Surprise Maximus in 3 hours and 25 minutes:

1. R. M. Unsworth

2. D. J. Pipe

3. P. L. H. Brooke

4. A. L. Brooke

5. F. H. King

6. L. D. G. Simpson

7. E. A. Orme (Conductor)

8. L. T. W. Smith

9. R. A. Smith

10. M. C. Faulkes

11. B. R. M. Johnson

12. P. M. Orme

This was the first peal on the new bells which were generously donated by Dr Martin C. Faulkes to celebrate the 800th anniversary of the foundation of the University.