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Special No 4

Friday 23 December 2016

Vol cxlvii

pp. 1–64



2011, The Lord Sainsbury of Turville, K


2010, Sir Leszek Krzysztof Borysiewicz, W, 30 Sept. 2017

Deputy Vice-Chancellors for 2016–2017:

Dame Carol Black, N
Christopher Martin Dobson, JN
Dame Athene Margaret Donald, CHU
Dame Ann Patricia Dowling, SID
The Lord Eatwell, Q
Simon Colin Franklin, CL
Stuart Laing, CC
Dame Fiona Reynolds, EM
Geoffrey Christopher Ward, HO
Ian Hugh White, JE
Anthony David Yates, R
The Pro-Vice-Chancellors in office


2015, Duncan John Maskell, W, 31 July 2018 (Senior PVC)
2014, Graham John Virgo, DOW, 30 Sept. 2017
2015, Eilís Veronica Ferran, CTH, 30 Sept. 2018
2016, Christopher Abell, CHR, 31 Dec. 2018
2016, Nigel Kenneth Harry Slater, F, 31 Dec. 2016

High Steward:

2010, The Lord Watson of Richmond, JE

Deputy High Steward:

2009, Anne Mary Lonsdale, MUR


2016, The Rt Hon. Lord Judge, M

Proctors for 2016–17:

Gordon Chesterman, ED
Andrea Ristuccia, TH

Deputy Proctors for 2016–17:

David John Goode, W
David Anthony Woodman, R
Richard Keith Taplin, DOW


2008, Rupert John Ernest Thompson, SE


2007, Jonathan William Nicholls, EM, 31 Dec. 2016

Acting Registrary:

2017, Emma Machteld Clara Rampton, SID (from 1 Jan. 2017)


2017, Jessica Pearsall Gardner (from 18 Apr. 2017)

Deputy Librarian:


Director of the Fitzwilliam Museum and Marlay Curator:

2013, Timothy Aidan John Knox, CAI

Esquire Bedells:

2003, Nicola Hardy, JE
2010, Sheila Veronica Scarlett, LC

University Advocate:

2015, Rosamund Ellen Thornton, EM, 30 Sept. 2017

Deputy University Advocate:

2012, Jillaine Karen Seymour, SID, 30 Sept. 2017