Statutes and Ordinances of the University of Cambridge
Statute D
p. 40

Chapter XVIII


1. There shall be such number of University Senior Lectureships in each Faculty or Department or other institution under the supervision of the General Board as may from time to time be determined by the General Board.

2. (Repealed by Grace 10 of 8 May 2003 and by Order in Council dated 11 February 2004.)

3. The appointment to a University Senior Lectureship shall be made in such manner as the University shall from time to time determine. Such appointment shall be subject to the satisfactory completion of a period of probation under arrangements approved from time to time by the University unless the waiver of this requirement is recommended by the Appointments Committee and approved by the General Board. On confirmation of an appointment, a University Senior Lecturer shall hold office, subject to the provisions of Statute U, until the retiring age, so long as he or she satisfactorily performs the duties of the office.

4. The teaching to be given by University Senior Lecturers and their stipends shall be determined in the same manner as for University Lecturers.

5. The restrictions imposed by Statute on the teaching which may be given by University Lecturers otherwise than on behalf of the University shall apply also to University Senior Lecturers.

6. When there is an incremental scale of prime stipends the General Board shall determine a University Senior Lecturer's place on the scale on appointment. If a revised scale of stipends is approved by the University, it shall be competent for the General Board to alter a University Senior Lecturer's place on the scale in accordance with the objects and conditions of the revision.