Statutes and Ordinances of the University of Cambridge
Statute C

Chapter IV


1. There shall be a Board of each Faculty, which shall oversee the work of the Faculty.

2. Every Faculty Board shall include members in each of the following classes (a), (b), and (c):

  1. (a)members in one or both of the following categories:
  2. (i)Heads of Departments within the Faculty;
  3. (ii)holders of Professorships assigned to the Faculty or to a Department within the Faculty and of other offices specified in Schedule B of the Statutes which have been approved by Grace as qualifying their holders for membership in this category of a particular Faculty Board;
  4. (b)members appointed by the Council after consultation with the General Board;
  5. (c)members elected by the Faculty.
  6. The General Board may make provision by Ordinance, on the recommendation of the Faculty Board, for the addition of members in the following classes:
  7. (d)members co-opted by the Faculty Board;
  8. (e)representatives of cognate studies and holders of specified offices;
  9. (f)members elected by and from among the students in the Faculty in a manner to be determined by Ordinance of the General Board; provided that a member in class (f) shall cease to be a member if he or she ceases to be a student in the Faculty.

3. For every Faculty Board the number of members in each category of class (a) and the number of members in classes (b), (c), (d), (e), and (f) shall be determined by Ordinance of the General Board on the recommendation of the Faculty Board; provided that

  1. (a)the number of members in class (f) shall not be more than three, and
  2. (b)if there are three, at least one shall be a graduate student.

4. For the purpose of this Statute the terms student in the Faculty and graduate student shall be defined by or under Ordinance.

5. For every Faculty Board the General Board shall determine by Ordinance the period of membership of members in category (ii) of class (a) and of members in classes (b), (c), (d), and (f) and of representatives of cognate studies in class (e).

6. Each Faculty Board shall elect annually one of its members as Chairman and, unless for a particular Faculty Board it is provided otherwise by Ordinance of the General Board, a Secretary; provided that no Board shall elect either as Chairman or as Secretary a person who is a student in any Faculty.

7. A Faculty Board may make recommendations to the General Board for any changes which it considers desirable in the Ordinances for those examinations with which it is concerned.

8. Each Faculty Board shall submit to the General Board nominations of such examiners as it is required by Ordinance of the General Board to nominate.

9. Each Faculty Board shall be responsible to the General Board for ensuring the provision of appropriate instruction and adequate facilities for research in the subjects of the Faculty, for preparing the teaching programme of the Faculty, and for ensuring that the teaching given is of a high standard. For the discharge of these duties it shall be empowered:

  1. (a)to make representations to the General Board concerning the resources needed by the Faculty for the support of its activities in teaching and research;
  2. (b)to prescribe the subjects in which instruction is to be given in the teaching programme of the Faculty;
  3. (c)to authorize courses of lectures and other instruction to be given by persons not holding University offices, under such conditions of remuneration as may be approved by the General Board;
  4. (d)to report to the General Board if any University officer in the Faculty is not performing satisfactorily the duties of his or her office or is not fulfilling the conditions attaching to it.

10. The Secretary of each Faculty Board shall be responsible for the proper application of the funds available to the Faculty, other than those for which Heads of Departments are responsible under the provisions of Statute C, V, 3(c), for ensuring that the approved estimate of expenditure is not exceeded, and that the accounts are correctly maintained; provided always that if the General Board so requires these duties shall be assigned by the Faculty Board to some other person approved by the General Board.

11. Each Faculty Board shall submit to the General Board, in accordance with arrangements determined by Ordinance, estimates of annual expenditure for consideration by the Board in accordance with Statute C, I, 1(b).

12. A Faculty Board shall prepare any reports on the work of the Faculty which the General Board may require.

13. Under the provisions of Statute K, 20(c), the election of the Chairmen and Secretaries of Faculty Boards, the co-optation of members of Faculty Boards, and the appointment (or nomination for appointment) of examiners, electors to Professorships, members of Faculties, members of Appointments Committees, and members of Degree Committees shall be reserved business; and the provisions of Statute K, 20 concerning reserved business shall apply to any member of a Faculty Board in class (f) who is not in statu pupillari as if he or she were a person in statu pupillari.