Statutes and Ordinances of the University of Cambridge
Statute C

Chapter V


1. On the recommendation of the General Board, the University may at any time constitute one or more Departments within any Faculty, may constitute Departments independent of any Faculty but under the supervision of the General Board, or may suppress any Department.

2. There shall be a Head of each Department. The manner of appointment and the period of service of Heads of Departments shall be prescribed by Ordinances made by the General Board.

3. Subject to the powers of the Faculty Board or comparable authority and subject to such regulations as the University or the General Board may make from time to time, it shall be the duty of the Head of a Department:

  1. (a)to organize the teaching and research of the Department;
  2. (b)to prepare and submit to the General Board, in accordance with arrangements determined by Ordinance, the annual estimates of the Department for consideration by the Board in accordance with Statute C, I, 1(b);
  3. (c)to be responsible for the proper application of the funds available to the Department, and to ensure that the approved estimate of expenditure is not exceeded and that the accounts are correctly maintained;

provided that the duties specified under subsections (b) and (c) may be assigned by the Head of a Department to some other person approved by the General Board.