Statutes and Ordinances of the University of Cambridge
Statute C

Chapter III


1. The term Faculty shall denote a body of persons associated in accordance with the Statutes for the purpose of furthering the study of a subject or subjects.

2. On the recommendation of the General Board the University may at any time institute one or more Faculties, and may combine existing Faculties, suppress any Faculty, change the scope of any Faculty, or divide any Faculty into two or more Faculties. Each Faculty shall be assigned to one or other of the Schools.

3. The members of each Faculty in any year shall be

  1. (a)those persons, giving instruction in a subject falling within the scope of the Faculty, who belong to any of the following classes, namely,
  2. (i)University officers;
  3. (ii)persons whose lectures or other instruction the Faculty Board has approved as part of the teaching programme of the Faculty for the current academical year, if they are (1) Heads or Fellows of Colleges or (2) persons employed by the University to undertake teaching or research;
  4. (iii)persons who occupy in a College or in an Approved Society, as teachers of subjects falling within the scope of the Faculty, the position of Praelector, Lecturer, Assistant Lecturer, or Director of Studies;
  5. (b)other persons or members of classes of persons approved for this purpose by Ordinance; and
  6. (c)any other persons who may be appointed by the Faculty Board to be members of the Faculty until the next promulgation, or the next promulgation but one, of the list of the members of the Faculty.

The Faculty Board concerned shall have power to decide whether a subject falls within the scope of the Faculty for the purpose of subsection (a) above, and whether the instruction given by a person is of such nature and quantity as to entitle him or her to be included as a member of the Faculty under that subsection. An appeal on any such question shall lie from the Faculty Board to the General Board, from whose decision there shall be no further appeal.

4. A list of the members of each Faculty shall be promulgated in each year on a day prescribed by Ordinance of the General Board. Objections to the inclusion or omission of any name shall be decided in such manner as may be prescribed by Ordinance of the General Board.

5. Nothing contained in the Statutes shall prevent any person from being a member of two or more Faculties at the same time.

6. The Chairman of each Faculty shall be the person elected Chairman of the Faculty Board.

7. There shall be an annual meeting of the members of each Faculty for the election of a member or members of the Faculty Board.

8. In addition to the annual meeting, the Chairman may summon a meeting of the Faculty whenever he or she thinks it desirable to do so. The Chairman shall summon a meeting without delay upon receiving a written request signed by at least ten members of the Faculty.

9. At any election by a Faculty of a member of the Faculty Board nominations shall be made in writing and votes shall be taken by ballot.

10. At the annual meeting, and at any other meeting, of a Faculty there may be a discussion of any matter connected with the work of the Faculty that may be raised by any member of the Faculty after notice given to the members, or at the discretion of the Chairman without notice. No resolution of a Faculty shall be binding on the Faculty Board.