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No 6581

Wednesday 11 March 2020

Vol cl No 23

pp. 379–413

Notices by Faculty Boards, etc.

Engineering Tripos, Part Ib

(Statutes and Ordinances, p. 329)

With effect from 1 October 2020

The Faculty Board of Engineering gives notice of an amendment to the Supplementary Regulations for Part Ib of the Engineering Tripos so as to update the description of Paper 4 to read as below.


Part Ib

Paper 4. Thermofluid mechanics

The paper shall consist mainly of questions on: fluid dynamics, including boundary layers and internal flows: heat transfer by convection, conduction and radiation; heat exchangers; thermodynamics, including irreversibility, properties of working fluids, non‑ideal cycles, and power generation.

Natural Sciences Tripos, Part II (History and Philosophy of Science), 2020–21

The Board of History and Philosophy of Science gives notice that the written papers available for examination in 2021 will be as follows.

Paper 1: Early History of Science, Medicine and Technology

Paper 2: Sciences and Empires

Paper 3: Modern Medicine and Life Sciences

Paper 4: Philosophy and Scientific Practice

Paper 5: Epistemology and Metaphysics of Science

Paper 6: Ethics and Politics of Science, Technology and Medicine