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No 6505

Thursday 10 May 2018

Vol cxlviii No 29

pp. 550–569


Result of ballot on Grace 2 of 17 January 2018

8 May 2018

The Registrary gives notice that as a result of the ballot held between 27 April and 7 May 2018 the following Grace of the Regent House was approved:

2. That, with effect from 25 May 2018, Regulations 4 and 6 of the regulations for the Publication of Lists of Successful Candidates in Examinations (Statutes and Ordinances, p. 253) be amended to read as follows:

4. (a) Subject to sub-paragraph (b) below, all class-lists shall be published by the Registrary and subsequently printed in the Reporter. A list shall be deemed to have been published as soon as either (i) the Registrary has caused a copy of it to be posted outside the Senate-House or (ii) a copy of it has been read in the Senate-House. Any copy of a list read in the Senate-House shall immediately thereafter be posted outside the Senate-House.

(b) The publication of a class-list in the Reporter, a copy of the class-list issued for posting outside the Senate-House or in any Faculty, Department, or other institution in the University or a College, or read in the Senate-House, shall exclude the names of any candidates who have requested the removal of their names in accordance with a procedure approved from time to time by the General Board.

6. The Chair of Examiners shall communicate to the Registrary as soon as practicable a statement of the day on which the Registrary may expect to receive the list and whether the list is to be read in the Senate-House.

The results of the voting on this Grace are as follows:

Number of valid votes:

803 (no invalid votes)

In favour of the Grace (placet)


Against the Grace (non-placet)


The fly-sheets received in relation to this ballot are reprinted on p. 564.

E. M. C. RAMPTON, Registrary