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No 6501

Wednesday 28 March 2018

Vol cxlviii No 25

pp. 465–495


Grace submitted to the Regent House on 28 March 2018

The Council submits the following Grace to the Regent House. This Grace, unless it is withdrawn or a ballot is requested in accordance with the regulations for Graces of the Regent House (Statutes and Ordinances, p. 105) will be deemed to have been approved at 4 p.m. on Friday, 6 April 2018.

1. That a Bennett Institute for Public Policy Fund be established in the University, to be governed by the following regulations:1

Bennett Institute for Public Policy Fund

1. The funds received from or on behalf of Peter W. Bennett, together with such other sums as may be received or applied for the same purpose, shall form an endowment fund called the Bennett Institute for Public Policy Fund to advance research in the field of public policy by supporting a Bennett Institute for Public Policy.

2. The Managers shall be responsible for the administration of the Fund and the application of its income and shall comprise the Head of the School of the Humanities and Social Sciences, who shall be Chair, the Chair of the Faculty of Human, Social, and Political Science, and the Head of the Department of Politics and International Studies.

3. The income of the Fund shall be applied towards the following:

(a)the payment of the stipend, national insurance, pension contributions, and associated indirect costs of the following offices and posts payable by the University:

(i)the Executive Director of the Bennett Institute for Public Policy, which may, subject to the provisions of Special Ordinances C (vii) A. 10 and C (x) 11, be held concurrently with a University office;

(ii)two Bennett Lectureships or such other named teaching offices (including more Bennett Lectureships and/or Professorships) as the Managers shall determine;

(iii)Bennett Senior Visiting Fellowships, the holders of which shall be appointed by the Managers, in accordance with criteria and for a period of tenure and a stipend determined by the Managers, the stipend within a range approved from time to time by the General Board, with one or more Fellowships being appointed from the income of the Fund in any financial year;

(b)the support of the Bennett Institute for Public Policy in such manner as the Managers shall determine, including but not limited to the award of up to two Bennett Prizes in any academical year (one to a graduate student and one to a postdoctoral researcher).

4. Any unexpended income in any financial year, including income accrued during a vacancy in the offices and posts supported by the Fund, may, at the discretion of the Managers, be carried forward for use as income in accordance with Regulation 3 in any one or more subsequent financial years, including the support of additional Lectureships, other such named teaching offices, and Fellowships.


  • 1See the Vice-Chancellor’s Notice (p. 466).

Graces to be submitted to the Regent House at a Congregation on 7 April 2018

The Council has sanctioned the submission of the following Graces to the Regent House at a Congregation to be held on Saturday, 7 April 2018.

That the following person be admitted to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy by incorporation:

1. Aleksandra Anna Watson, Fellow of Murray Edwards College, Doctor of Philosophy of the University of Oxford (2009).

That the following persons be admitted to the degree of Master of Arts under the provisions of Statute B II 2:

2. Pamela Helen Baxter, Director in the Local Examinations Syndicate.

3. Marianne Ellen Hirtzel, Assistant Director in the Local Examinations Syndicate.

4. Sertaz-Niel Singh Kang, Associate Lecturer in the Faculty of Clinical Medicine.

5. Andrew Mark Nye, Assistant Director in the Local Examinations Syndicate.

6. Paula White, Administrative Officer in the Estate Management Division of the University Offices.