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No 6490

Wednesday 10 January 2018

Vol cxlviii No 14

pp. 268–305

Form and conduct of examinations

Notices by Faculty Boards, or other bodies concerned, of changes to the form and conduct of certain examinations to be held in 2018–19, by comparison with those examinations in 2017–18, are published below. Complete details of the form and conduct of all examinations are available from the Faculties or Departments concerned.

Economics Tripos, Part I

The Faculty Board of Economics gives notice that, with effect from the examination to be held in 2018–19, the form of the examination for the following paper for Part I of the Economics Tripos will be as specified below:

Paper 5. British economic history

Assessment will be by a 2,500-word essay and a two-hour examination.

The essay will be on the British Industrial Revolution lectures and will be set at the beginning of the Easter Term, with four days allowed to complete it. Two titles will be set and the candidate will have to complete one of these. The essays should be typed, will be subject to Turnitin checks for plagiarism, and supervisors will not supervise on these topics or the essays while they are in progress. The essay will constitute 50% of the overall mark for the paper.

The examination will be of two hours’ duration. It will be a sectioned paper in which the candidate will be required to answer two questions out of a choice of three in the time period chosen (1850–1914 or Interwar). This part of the assessment will constitute 50% of the overall mark, with half going to each of the two questions answered.