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No 6336

Wednesday 5 February 2014

Vol cxliv No 19

pp. 354–362

Form and conduct of examinations, 2014

Notices by Faculty Boards, or other bodies concerned, of changes to the form and conduct of certain examinations to be held in 2014, by comparison with those examinations in 2013, are published below. Complete details of the form and conduct of all examinations are available from the Faculties or Departments concerned.

Classical Tripos, 2014: Amendment

Further to their earlier Notice of 27 November 2013 (Reporter, 6327, 2013–14, p. 119), the Faculty Board of Classics give notice that, with effect from the examination to be held in 2014, the form of examination for the following paper for Part II of the Classical Tripos will now be as specified below.

Part II

Paper D4

The examination will offer a choice of about twelve essay-type questions reflecting the range of teaching in the course. Candidates will be required to answer three questions.

All other papers remain unchanged. The Faculty Board of Classics have confirmed that no student’s preparation for the examination in 2014 will be adversely affected by this change.