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No 6318

Wednesday 25 September 2013

Vol cxliv No 1

pp. 1–15

Notices by the General Board

Curator and Deputy Director of the Botanic Garden

With immediate effect

The General Board, on the recommendation of the Botanic Garden Syndicate, have approved an amendment to the regulations for the Botanic Garden (Statutes and Ordinances, 2012, p. 633), correcting an error in the Notice published on 31 July 2013 (Reporter, 6317, 2012–13, p. 776).

By amending the second sentence of Regulation 9 so as to read:

Appointments and reappointments to the office shall be made by an Appointments Committee appointed by the Head of the Department of Plant Sciences, provided that the Appointments Committee shall include the Director of the Botanic Garden and the Chairman of the Botanic Garden Syndicate.