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No 6285

Wednesday 14 November 2012

Vol cxliii No 8

pp. 119–130



20 November, Tuesday. Discussion at 2 p.m. in the Senate-House (see below).

24 November, Saturday. Congregation of the Regent House at 2 p.m.

28 November, Wednesday. Scarlet day and Flag day (see below).

29 November, Thursday. End of third quarter of Michaelmas Term.

30 November, Friday. Full Term ends.

Discussions at 2 p.m.


20 November

24 November, Saturday at 2 p.m.

4 December

Notice of a Discussion on Tuesday, 20 November 2012

The Vice-Chancellor invites those qualified under the regulations for Discussions (Statutes and Ordinances, p. 107) to attend a Discussion in the Senate-House, on Tuesday, 20 November 2012, at 2 p.m., for the discussion of:

1. Report of the Review Panel, dated 10 October 2012, to the Council and the General Board of the Review of the University’s IT infrastructure and support (Reporter, 6282, 2012–13, p. 57).

2. Consultation paper on amendments to the Second Joint Report of the Council and the General Board on the pay and grading scheme for non-clinical staff (Reporter, 6283, 2012–13, p. 83).

3. Report of the General Board, dated 31 October 2012, on the establishment of a Professorship of Experimental Psychology (Reporter, 6284, 2012–13, p. 116).

4. Report of the General Board, dated 5 November 2012, on the establishment of a Readership in Comparative Oncology and Genetics (Reporter, 6284, 2012–13, p. 116).

Notice of a benefaction

8 November 2012

The Vice-Chancellor gives notice that he has received with gratitude a benefaction in excess of £228,000 from the grandchildren and other family members of Mr Robert Stewart Whipple. Mr Whipple donated the founding collection of the Whipple Museum of the History of Science in 1944. The new benefaction is to be used to support conservation at the Museum.

The Council is submitting a Grace to the Regent House (Grace 3, p. 124) for the approval of regulations to govern the Fund.

Additional ‘scarlet day’ and ‘flag day’ on Wednesday, 28 November 2012: Notice

14 November 2012

The Vice-Chancellor gives notice that to mark a visit to Cambridge by Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on Wednesday, 28 November 2012, he has designated that day as an additional ‘scarlet day’ in accordance with the regulations for Academical Dress, and also as an extra ‘flag day’.

Closure of Senate-House Yard and of the University Combination Room on Wednesday, 28 November 2012: Notice

14 November 2012

On the occasion of a visit to Cambridge by Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on Wednesday, 28 November 2012, both the Senate-House Yard and the Combination Room will be closed.

Access to the University Offices will be from Trinity Lane.

Election to the Council: Notice

9 November 2012

The Vice-Chancellor announces that the following candidates have been duly nominated in accordance with Statute A, IV, 2 for election to the Council in classes (a), (b), and (c), and that it has been certified to him that each candidate has consented to be nominated in the class shown:

Class (a)


Nominated by

Professor Ian Hugh White, JE

Professor R. Lethbridge, F, and Professor A. D. Yates, R

Professor Anthony David Yates, R

Professor A. K. Dixon, PET, and Professor C. M. Dobson, JN

Class (b)


Nominated by

Professor Athene Margaret Donald, R

Professor W. J. Stirling, PET, and Professor R. C. Kennicutt, CHU

Professor Fiona Eve Karet

Professor P. H. Maxwell, T, and Professor C. A. Gilligan, K

Class (c)


Nominated by

The Rev’d Jeremy Lloyd Caddick, EM

Dr J. D. McLarty, W, and Mr P. Warren, CC

Dr David Arthur Good, K

Dr J. M. Browne, K, and Professor S. J. Peacock

Mr David John Goode, W

Professor J. J. Lipner, CLH, and Professor R. W. Farndale, F

Dr Rebecca Julie Lingwood, HO

Professor L. R. R. Gelsthorpe, PEM, and Professor N. Peake, EM

Dr Rachael Padman, N

Professor W. M. Beard, N, and Dr J. H. Keeler, SE

No other persons having been nominated, the candidates named above in classes (a) and (b) are duly elected.

An election is necessary to select four members in class (c). The election will be by postal ballot, under the Single Transferable Vote regulations. Voting papers will be distributed, together with the statements provided by the candidates, not later than Monday, 19 November. The deadline for the return of voting papers will be 5 p.m. on Thursday, 29 November 2012.

Court of Discipline: Notice

The Court of Discipline met on 20 September 2012 to consider a charge brought by the University Advocate on a complaint by the Senior Pro-Proctor against an undergraduate member of the University. The Court consisted of: Dr D. M. Fox, JN (Chair); Mr M. M. Beber, SID; Mrs N. Blanning, JN; Mr A. D. Lemons, HH; and Dr A. M. Nicholls, JN. Dr J. A. Knapton acted as Clerk to the Court, with Dr K. A. Allen assisting. On the application of the Defendant, the Court consisted of senior members only and sat in camera.

The Defendant was charged with an offence contrary to Regulation 6 of the General Regulations for Discipline, namely that they had used unfair means in a University examination by having in their possession unauthorized material, held on a memory stick, of which use was made in the examination; further that they substantially plagiarized without due acknowledgement from the work of others, including lecture handouts and published sources. The Defendant pleaded guilty. The University Advocate outlined the circumstances of the case and the Defendant’s representative presented the Defendant’s case.

The Court accepted the guilty plea and made clear to the Defendant the serious nature of the offence. In determining its sentence, it considered the evidence presented in mitigation concerning the Defendant’s character, their early admission of guilt and subsequent apology, and their personal circumstances. It placed particular weight on the compelling medical evidence with which it had been presented. It ordered that the Defendant’s mark for the relevant examination paper be reduced to zero, even though that would make no difference to the Defendant’s classification in that paper or for the year as the relevant Part of the Tripos had been failed. The Court also ordered that the Defendant be fined the substantial sum of £175 in order to signal the gravity of their offence. The Court stressed that this aspect of its sentence was a response to the fact that the option of reducing the class of the Defendant’s examination performance in the relevant Part of the Tripos was not available on this occasion. The imposition of a fine should not be regarded as a regular ‘tariff’ in future cases concerning use of unfair means in a University examination. The Court stressed that its sentencing should be understood within the context of the Defendant’s rehabilitation and specific personal situation.

Computing Service Christmas and New Year Closing: Notice

The University Computing Service will be closed from 4.30 p.m. on Friday, 21 December 2012, until 9 a.m. on Wednesday, 2 January 2013.