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Special No 6

Friday 5 November 2010

Vol cxli

pp. 1–120

Calendar of Awards 2010–11

Closing date for receipt

of applications,

essays, etc.


1 November 2010

Leverhulme Trade Charities Trust

2 November 2010

University of Pennsylvania – Thouron Awards

5 November 2010

Bethune-Baker Fund (Also 25 February and 6 May 2011)

Divinity (German Language) Fund (Also 25 February and 6 May 2011)

Hort Memorial Fund (Also 25 February and 6 May 2011)

Alasdair Charles Macpherson Fund (Also 25 February and 6 May 2011)

Theological Studies Fund (Also 25 February and 6 May 2011)

7 November 2010

Kennedy Scholarships

Frank Knox Memorial Fellowships

9 November 2010

Bell, Abbott, and Barnes Funds (Also 13 February and 21 May 2011)

10 November 2010

Henry Ling Roth Research Fund (Also 11 March 2011)

Leverhulme Trust

15 November 2010

Croucher Foundation of Hong Kong

Zonta International

29 November 2010

John Stewart of Rannoch Scholarships in Sacred Music (Also 18 March and 21 May 2011)

30 November 2010

Bendall Sanskrit Exhibition

International Agency for Research on Cancer

1 December 2010

American Association of University Women Educational Foundation

Hanne and Torkel Weis-Fogh Fund (Also 15 April 2011)

Council for British Research in the Levant-Research Grants

Luca D’Agliano Scholarship

Mott Fund for Physics of the Environment

Ghulam Yazdani Essay Prize (Also 4 March 2011)

2 December 2010

Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation

3 December 2010

Sara Norton Prize and Fund

Tim Whitmore Zoology Fund

Philippe Wiener-Maurice Anspach Foundation

15 December 2010

Cambridge International Scholarship Scheme (CISS)

Grace and Thomas C. H. Chan Scholarship Fund

19 December 2010

Gordon Duff Prize

Hulsean Prize

Norrisian Prize

31 December 2010

Gonville and Caius College

C. H. W. Johns Memorial Fund (Also 2 May 2011)

St Catharine’s College

Margaret Munn-Rankin Fund for Assyriology (Also 31 May 2011)

1 January 2011

Cambridge Political Economy Society Trust

Denis Dooley Prize in Clinical Anatomy

Smuts Memorial Fund (Also 1 March and 1 October 2011)

3 January 2011

Thomas Angear Scholarships

7 January 2011

Balfour Fund and Studentship (Also 17 June 2011)

John Carter Brown Library

8 January 2011

Edith Mary Pratt Musgrave Fund

11 January 2011

Isbel Fletcher Garden Fund and Scholarship

13 January 2011

Harness Prize (Also 31 August 2011)

14 January 2011

Allen, Meek, and Read Scholarships

Peter Brook Award

Lightfoot Scholarships and Grants (Also 22 April 2011)

Sir John Plumb Charitable Trust

St Andrew’s Society of the State of New York

Tyrwhitt’s Hebrew Scholarships

Council for British Research in the Levant

15 January 2011

Bibliographical Society

John Stewart of Rannoch Scholarship in Hebrew

17 January 2011

Hare Prize (Also 24 March 2011)

Members’ Classical Prizes

18 January 2011

Rose Book-Collecting Prize

Harness Prize (Also 31 August 2011)

Smith-Knight Prizes and Rayleigh-Knight Prizes

21 January 2011

Cambridge Historical Society

28 January 2011

Wyse Studentship

30 January 2011

Wingate Scholarships

31 January 2011

Pembroke College

T. H. Middleton Fund

PEO International Peace Scholarship Fund

Wingate Scholarships

1 February 2011

Sir William Browne’s Medals

Montagu Butler Prize

Chancellor’s Medal for an English Poem

Archbishop Cranmer Prize, Studentship, and Grants

Joseph Hodges Choate Memorial Fellowship

Porson Prize

George Williams

Henry and Procter Fellowships

Kurt Hahn Trust

Reverence for Life Essay Prize

4 February 2011

Hanseatic Scholarships

11 February 2011

Kettle’s Yard Travel Fund

Isaac Newton Studentship

Trinity College

12 February 2011

UK–US Fulbright Commission

13 February 2011

Bell, Abbott, and Barnes Fund

Gregg Bury Prize

Norrisian Prize

Ord Travel Fund

14 February 2011

Le Bas Prize

Eric Evans Fund

Wallenberg Prize (Also 24 April 2011)

17 February 2011

Whewell Scholarship in International Law

25 February 2011

Bethune-Baker Fund

Burney Studentship and Fund

Crosse Studentship

Divinity (German Language Fund)

Hort Memorial Fund

Hedley Lucas Fund

Peregrine Maitland Studentship

Alasdair Charles Macpherson Fund

Steel Theological Studentship

Theological Studies Fund

Wordsworth Studentship

28 February 2011

Henry Roy Dean Prize

Alasdair Charles Macpherson Fund

1 March 2011

Anglo-Danish Society

Bartle Frere Exhibition, Mary Euphrasia Mosley Fund, and Worts Travelling Scholars Fund

H. M. Chadwick

Devon Cambridge Society

Evans Fellowship

Leverhulme Trade Charities Trust

Smuts Memorial Fund

Trinity College – Rouse Ball Travelling Studentship in Mathematics

4 March 2011

UAC of Nigeria Travel Fund

Richards Fund

Ghulam Yazdani Essay Prize

Wiener-Anspach Awards to the University of Brussels

11 March 2011

Henry Ling Roth Research Fund

Sara Norton Fund Grants

Entente Cordiale Scholarships

Kurt Hahn Trust

14 March 2011

Clemoes Reading Prize

15 March 2011

Hulsean Prize

Frederick Williamson Memorial Fund

17 March 2011

Robert Gardiner Memorial Scholarships

Ridgeway-Venn Travel Studentship

18 March 2011

Charles Oldham Shakespeare Scholarship

John Stewart of Rannoch Scholarship in Sacred Music

John Kinsella and Tracy Ryan Poetry Prize

The Other Prize

24 March 2011

Hare Prize

25 March 2011

Gordon Duff Prize

Oliver Gatty

31 March 2011

Anglo-Israel Association

Cambridge Finance Best Student Paper Award

Christ’s College – Levy Travel Fellowships

Girton College

Jesus College

Trinity Hall

Lundgren Fund (Also 30 September 2011)

1 April 2011

Fortes Fund

New Hall

Newnham College


PEO International Peace Scholarship

Sidney Sussex College

11 April 2011

Cambridge Home/EU Scholarship Scheme (CHESS)

15 April 2011

Crowther-Beynon Fund

Members’ English Fund

Hanne and Torkel Weis-Fogh Fund

Sir Albert Howard Travel Exhibition

20 April 2011

Wrenbury Scholarship

22 April 2011

Archbishop Cranmer Fund, Studentship and Grants

Lightfoot Scholarships and Grants

John Stanley Gardiner Studentships

24 April 2011

Balfour-Browne Fund

24 April 2011

Wallenberg Prize

25 April 2011

David Richards Travel Scholarships

29 April 2011

Holland Rose Studentship

Marr Memorial Fund

30 April 2011

George Drexler Foundation

Fitzwilliam College

Sims Fund Scholarships and Grants

C. T. Taylor Fund

Anthony Wilkin Fund

University of Oxford

Marr Memorial Fund

1 May 2011

Professor A. J. Arberry Travelling Scholarship

E. G. Browne Memorial Fund

Robert Daglish Fund

Professor Dame Elizabeth Hill Fund

Martin Hinds Travel Fund

Jebb Fund

Magdalene College

Rapson Scholarship

John Winbolt Prize

Wright Studentships

2 May 2011

C. H. W. Johns Memorial Fund and Studentship

Raymond Burton Fund

Richard Kahn Research Studentships

Margaret Munn-Rankin Fund for Assyriology

Suzy Paine Fund

Tudor Studentships in Financial Econometrics

4 May 2011

Clemoes Reading Prize

6 May 2011

Ellen McArthur Prize and Studentship

Prince Consort and Thirlwall Prize (Also 31 October 2011)

Bethune-Baker Fund

Divinity (German Language Fund)

Emmanuel College – Brewer Hall Prize

Hort Memorial Fund

Alasdair Charles Macpherson Fund

Theological Studies Fund

King’s College

11 May 2011

Huppert Prize in Geophysics

Charlie Bayne Travel Trust

12 May 2011

Chaucer Reading Prize

13 May 2011

Members’ History Prize and Fund

Newnham College

Stanley Baldwin Fund

15 May 2011

J. B. Trend Fund

16 May 2011

F. S. Salisbury Fund

20 May 2011

Butterfield Studentship

Elizabeth Kolb Memorial Trust

21 May 2011

Allen, Meek, and Read Scholarships

Bell, Abbott, and Barnes Funds

Desmond Hawkins Award

John Stewart of Rannoch Scholarship in Sacred Music

27 May 2011

J. Arthur Ramsay Summer Scholarships

Visiting Fellowship at the University of Canterbury

29 May 2011

Gibson Spanish Scholarship

30 May 2011

Queen Mary, University of London

31 May 2011

Manuel Lopez-Rey Studentship

Lucy Cavendish College

Schiff Foundation

Trinity College

Wakefield Scholarship

Martin Hinds Travel Fund

1 June 2011

Gregg Bury Prize

Dorothea Coke Fund

Jesus College

Magdalene College

Brita Mortensen Fund

Newnham College

Dame Bertha Phillpotts Memorial Fund

Scandinavian Studies Fund

Tennant Fund and Studentship

3 June 2011

Glennie Prizes in Child Psychiatry

The Hebrew University Jerusalem

10 June 2011

Eliot Slater Prize in Psychiatry

13 June 2011

Fitzwilliam College

17 June 2011

Department of Surgery Prize

Balfour Fund and Studentship

24 June 2011

Arnold McNair Scholarship in International Law

Rausing Studentships

Raymond and Edith Williamson Studentships

30 June 2011

Clare Hall

British Chamber of Commerce in Germany Foundation

Emmanuel College

Le Bas Prize

Elizabeth Kolb Memorial Trust

1 July 2011

Christ’s College – Robert Owen Bishop Studentships

Cambridge Political Economy Society Trust

Wright Rogers Law Scholarships

15 July 2011

John and Margaret Henderson Memorial Prize

31 July 2011

Odette de Mourgues Fund

Anglo-Israel Association

Rhodes University

Tiarks German Scholarships and Bursaries

Rausing Studentships

30 August 2011

Paediatrics Prizes

31 August 2011

Harness Prize

Darwin College

Le Bas Prize

15 September 2011

Hamilton Prize

16 September 2011

Frank Smart Studentship in Botany

25 September 2011

Fitzwilliam College Prizes

30 September 2011

Jesus College

Seatonian Prize

C. T. Taylor Studentships

1 October 2011

Sedgwick Prize

Smuts Memorial Fund

20 October 2011

Carus Greek Testament Prizes

Evans Prize

Jeremie Prizes

Trinity College – Zdanowich Prizes for Polish Studies

31 October 2011

Prince Consort and Thirlwall Prize

Hamilton Prize

1 December 2011

Bartle Frere Exhibition, Mary Euphrasia Mosley Fund, and Worts Travelling Scholars Fund

3 December 2011

Yorke Prize

19 December 2011

Hulsean Prize

Norrisian Prize

George Williams Prize

Applications for the following Funds may be submitted at any time:

William George Collins Endowment Fund

Ford of Britain Trust

Foreign Travel Fund

Frederic William Maitland Memorial Fund

Charles Hesterman Merz Fund

Rex Moir Fund

Rebecca Flower Squire Fund and Scholarship

Travelling Expenses Fund

Alexander Von Humboldt Foundation Awards