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Special No 6

Friday 5 November 2010

Vol cxli

pp. 1–120


University awards: Notice

This issue of the Reporter gives details of the Studentships, Scholarships, Prizes, and other awards announced for competition during the current academical year.

Tutors and prospective candidates are reminded that they should examine each of the five sections of this issue. Section A (University Awards: General, and related to more than one subject), and Section E (Awards offered by other bodies), include a large number of awards for which candidates with particular interests may be eligible, and should be studied in addition to Sections B, C, and D. There are certain awards which it has not been possible to include in this issue; notices relating to these may appear from time to time in ordinary numbers of the Reporter.

The Registrary wishes to draw the attention of candidates and their advisers to the general regulations for awards (Statutes and Ordinances, 2010, p. 738). Extracts from these regulations, containing the provisions most directly relevant to candidates, are reproduced below. Particular attention is drawn to Regulation 4, which governs the eligibility of Affiliated Students and Graduate Students.


1. Competition for any University Studentship, Scholarship, Exhibition, Prize, Medal, or other such award shall be restricted to candidates who are actual members of the University unless there is clear evidence of a contrary intention in the regulations or document governing the award. Whenever by any regulation for any award it is required that an application or an entry be submitted to the Registrary or to some other person by a certain date that regulation shall be interpreted as requiring that the application or entry shall be sent so as to reach the Registrary or other person not later than that date.

4. (a) For the purpose of these regulations an Affiliated Student shall be deemed to have kept by residence the three terms next preceding the term in which he or she first resides within the Precincts of the University, and to have been matriculated in the first of those terms.

(b) A person who possesses the status of Master of Arts or Bachelor of Arts shall not at any time be eligible for any University Prize, Scholarship, Studentship, or similar emolument for which only undergraduates are eligible. For the purposes of any regulation respecting the standing of candidates for other emoluments the term in which a person received the status of Master of Arts shall be counted as his or her twentieth term, and the term in which a person received the status of Bachelor of Arts shall be counted as his or her tenth term.

8. Subject to the provisions of any special regulations, the awarders of any University Studentship, Scholarship, or similar award may require that the whole or part of the emolument shall be used for one or more of the following purposes:

(a) the purchase of books or recordings;

(b) the purchase of equipment;

(c) travel abroad.

10. Candidates shall be required to state, generally in a preface to their submitted work, and specifically in notes, the sources from which their information is taken, the extent to which they have availed themselves of the work of others, or have received help and advice from a Director of Studies, Supervisor, or other person, and the portions of the submitted work which are claimed as original.

11. Candidates shall also be required to state in the preface what previous use (if any) has been made of the submitted work, or of any part of it, and whether it has been published in whole or in part; and a Graduate Student shall further be required to state whether and, if so, how, its subject appertains to his or her approved course of research or to work submitted for a degree of the University.

12. No work submitted for a University prize shall be considered which in the opinion of the Examiners or Adjudicators for that prize is substantially the same as work published by the candidate or used by the candidate elsewhere as a thesis for a degree or for a prize before coming into residence in the University; and if part of the work submitted has been so used, or if, in the case of a Graduate Student, the work submitted has already been submitted for a degree of the University, or closely appertains to work which has been so submitted, the Examiners or Adjudicators shall have power to take that circumstance into consideration in making their award.

13. Regulations 11 and 12 shall not apply to the Adams Prize, the Harness Prize, or the Raymond Horton-Smith Prize. Regulation 12 shall not apply to the Hare Prize, the Ellen McArthur Prize, the Gedge Prize, the Members’ History Prize, the Prince Consort Prize, or the Thirlwall Prize.

14. A prize-winner who is required or elects to lay out the whole or part of the value of a prize in the purchase of books, and who is required or desires to have the books stamped with the arms of the University, shall submit to the Registrary the title of each such book, together with a statement of its price and the cost of special binding if any.

15. The Registrary shall be authorised, after consultation with the Vice-Chancellor, to permit the arms of the University to be stamped on any book of which the title has been submitted in accordance with Regulation 14, and which the Vice-Chancellor has approved, and to issue for each such book a label recording the name and year of the prize and the name and College of the prize-winner; provided that permission shall not be given in respect of a book or books whose cost, including the cost of binding and stamping, exceeds the value of the prize.

18. Wherever the regulations for a prize or other award provide that a copy of the winning exercise shall be deposited in the University Library or in some other place, it shall be the responsibility of the author to ensure that the copy is bound or cased and identified by an inscription on the spine or cover in accordance with instructions given by the Registrary. The payment of the emolument shall be withheld until a copy of the exercise has been so deposited.


Sources of information for students looking for awards include ‘The Grants Register’ (Macmillan), ‘The Directory of Grant Making Trusts’ (Charities Aid Foundation), ‘Funding for US Study’ (IIE), and ‘Study Abroad’ (UNESCO) which are usually available in reference libraries.