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No 6179

Wednesday 17 February 2010

Vol cxl No 20

pp. 545–600

Notices By Faculty Boards, etc.

Mathematical Tripos, Part III, 2010: Notice by Examiners (amendment)

Further to their Notices of 26 November 2009 (Reporter, p. 270), 9 December 2009 (Reporter, p. 377), and 20 January 2010 (Reporter, p. 489) in accordance with Regulations 18 and 19 for the Mathematical Tripos (Statutes and Ordinances, p. 361), the Examiners give notice that a candidate may submit an essay on the following additional topics:

83. Application of Statistic Field Theory to reaction-diffusion problems

84. Sex, pregnancy, and statistics: estimating conception probabilities from temperature data

85. Interface evolution and pattern formation in the FitzHugh-Nagumo Model

86. Directional motion of photochemically active nanoparticles

87. Stream and wrinkle, shear and ripple

88. Pseudodifferential operators

89. Black rings

90. Warp Drive Theory

91. Geometric quantization

92. Comparison of optimal quantum control algorithms

93. The Dirichlet problem for the minimal surface equation

94. Realizability

95. Constructing elliptic curves with a given number of points

96. Carleson’s Theorem for Walsh Fourier Series

97. Picard’s Little Theorem via Brownian motion

98. Block-sorting data compression

99. Convergent sequences of graphs