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New Hall


The College will award a Research Studentship from the Michaelmas Term 1998, open to women in any subject. The Studentship is primarily intended for UK or EU students; overseas candidates will be considered only in exceptional circumstances, and their applications must be supported by substantial additional funds such as an ORS award or its equivalent. The Studentship will meet the cost of University and College fees at the home rate, subject to any changes made by the UK government in the way fees are paid. The level of maintenance payments will be determined after considering the successful candidate's income from other sources, and may in certain cases cover full costs at a level equivalent to that of a British Academy award. Candidates must become members of New Hall and have listed it as their College of first preference and must be admitted by the Board of Graduate Studies with the intention of studying for a Ph.D. degree. The award will normally be renewed for a further two years, subject to satisfactory performance. Further particulars may be obtained from the Graduate Tutor to whom applications must be returned by 1 April 1998. (Prospective candidates are advised to have applied to the Board of Graduate Studies by 31 January.)
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Cambridge University Reporter, 19th November 1997
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