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The Governing Body of Peterhouse, applying the benefactions of the late William Stone, former Scholar of the College, and of Sir Michael Sobell, intends to elect not later than 11 May 1998 a number of Research Fellows. The Research Fellows, either men or women, will enter upon their tenure on 1 October 1998.

 Candidates must by 1 October 1998 have passed all examinations required for a first degree at a university, and must at the same date be under twenty-eight years of age. Normally candidature will be restricted to graduates or research students of Oxford or Cambridge. Their programme of research must fall within a field approved by the College.

 Candidates should obtain a form of application from the Master by 31 January 1998. They will be asked to name two or three referees who know their work, and to request them to write direct to the Master a letter supporting their candidature. The completed application form and the letters from the referees must reach the Master by 5 February 1998.

 The Electors will make a select list of candidates who will normally be invited to submit dissertations. From among those so invited the Electors may invite some candidates to meet them.

 The annual remuneration of a Research Fellow from 1 October 1997 is £13,444 (non-resident in College) or £11,950 (resident), with an annual book allowance of £313 and a travel allowance of up to £448. The stipend for 1998 is under review. Stipends will be subject to deduction in consideration of emoluments from other sources. In the case of a Research Fellow who has not yet taken the Ph.D., the College may pay certain approved University fees. Research Fellows are expected to engage in full-time research, but may be permitted to teach for up to six hours a week and will be paid for this. Free rooms in College with service may be provided for a Fellow who is single. All Research Fellows are allowed seven meals a week at the Common Table. There is an entertainment allowance in kind. The tenure is three years and in certain circumstances may be renewed. Up to one year's absence may be granted. All correspondence should be directed to the Master, Peterhouse, Cambridge, CB2 1RD.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 19th November 1997
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