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No 6165

Wednesday 4 November 2009

Vol cxl No 6

pp. 169–204


Graces submitted to the Regent House on 4 November 2009

The Council submits the following Graces to the Regent House. These Graces, other than any which is withdrawn or for which a ballot is requested in accordance with the regulations for Graces of the Regent House (Statutes and Ordinances, p. 107), will be deemed to have been approved at 4 p.m. on Friday, 13 November 2009.

1. That the recommendations in paragraph 6 of the Joint Report of the Council and the General Board, dated 21 September and 11 September 2009, on the title of the Professorship of Botany (Reporter, 2009–10, p. 63) be approved.

2. That the recommendations in paragraph 5 of the Report of the General Board, dated 2 October 2009, on the establishment of a Diane Middlebrook and Carl Djerassi Visiting Professorship of Gender Studies (Reporter, 2009–10, p. 27) be approved.

3. That the recommendations in paragraph 10 of the Report of the Council, dated 12 October 2009, on the construction of a new building for the Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy at West Cambridge (Reporter, 2009–10, p. 64) be approved.

4. That the regulations for the Board of Examinations be amended as follows:1

Regulation 1.

By amending the regulation so as to read:

1. The Board of Examinations shall consist of:

(a)a Pro-Vice-Chancellor, appointed by the General Board, as Chairman;

(b)the Proctors;

(c)three persons appointed by the Council;

(d)three persons appointed by the General Board, one of whom shall be a member of that Board’s Education Committee and one of whom shall be a person in statu pupillari appointed on the recommendation of Cambridge University Students Union;

(e)one Senior Tutor appointed by the Senior Tutors’ Committee.

Except for the member in class (d) in statu pupillari, the members in classes (c), (d), and (e) shall be appointed in the Michaelmas Term to serve for four years from 1 January following their appointment, save that membership of the member in class (d) who is a member of the General Board’s Education Committee and of the member in class (e) shall lapse if the person ceases to be a member of the Education Committee or a Senior Tutor, as the case may be.

The member in class (d) in statu pupillari shall be appointed in the Easter Term to serve for one year from 1 July next following her or his appointment.

Regulation 4.

By amending the first two lines of the regulation and sub-paragraphs (c), (g), (h), and (i) so as to read:

The Board shall be charged with arrangements for the conduct of all University examinations, other than those for which the Board of Graduate Studies are responsible, as follows:

(c)The Board shall consider the cases of candidates who for special reasons apply to be examined under other than the ordinary conditions, or at other times than those previously advertised, and shall give or withhold permission for them to be examined otherwise. They shall also determine the conditions under which such permission may be given. Applications shall be sent by Tutors to the Secretary of the Board.

(g)The Board shall be charged with the payment of all Examiners and Assessors in accordance with the relevant Ordinances; and they shall pay the expenses of all practical examinations. Before making such payments they shall obtain from the Chairman of the Examiners or the Senior Examiner, or from the individual Examiners, statements of the work done by and the payments due to each Examiner and Assessor, and shall see that these statements are in conformity with the Ordinances. The Board shall also determine the rates of payments to be made to Supervisors and Invigilators.

(h)In addition to Supervisors and Invigilators, it shall be the duty of the Board to provide a suitable number of attendants at each examination room. The Board shall have power to employ additional staff in this capacity when necessary.

(i)It shall be the duty of the staff of the Board’s Office to record the attendance of candidates for all University examinations. An amended copy of the final list of candidates shall be prepared after the beginning of every examination, and retained as part of the University’s official record.

And by deleting sub-paragraph (j) from this paragraph.

Regulation 5.

By inserting after the words ‘the General Board’ the words ‘as they deem necessary or’.