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Trinity Hall

The following elections and awards have been made:

Elected to Trinity Hall Law Studentships:
Gan, H. C. L.
Elected to Dr Cooper's Law Studentships:
Cherical, M., Dasgupta, E., Farighi, N., Henshaw, E. R., Kwiatkowska, M., Linfield, A. J., Palser, E. J., Rusling, M. S., Samadi, F.

Elected to Bateman Scholarships:

Archaeology and Anthropology: Jeffery, L. R.
Architecture: Greeves, E. V. (re-elected)
History: Hennessy, P. L.
Law: Gan, H. C. L.
Medical and Veterinary Science: Howard, S. R.
Mathematics: Korzeniewski, A. J. (re-elected), Pettifer, K. L. (re-elected)
Modern and Medieval Languages: Ginsberg, I., Harper, R. E.
Natural Sciences: Dunkley, J. (re-elected), Kowenicki, R. A. (re-elected), Leigh, D. F., Murphy, E. A., Peppercorn, A. D. S. (re-elected), Smeeton, T. M. (re-elected), Smith, J. K. (re-elected), Waterman, J. R.
Theology and Religious Studies: Allen, R. C. E.

Elected to Scholarships:

Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic: Trigg, C. P. (re-elected)
Computer Science: Thom, A. J. W. (re-elected)
Economics: Stehn, S. J.
Engineering: Laux, C. T., Legget, E. F. (re-elected)
Land Economy: Newton, A. M. (re-elected)
Mathematics: Blagojevic, D. (re-elected), Bourne, J. R., Weaver, D. J. Mawhinney, C. E. F. (re-elected)
Medical and Veterinary Science: Burchell, A. E. (re-elected), Kwong, T. Q., Taylor, E. M.
Modern and Medieval Languages: Calimani, C. M. S. (re-elected), Hayes, C. L., Lightbody, A.
Law: Brinsmead-Stockham, J., Crook, L. M.
Natural Sciences: Bales, O. A. M. (re-elected), Bradfield, G. A. V., Carr, J. M. (re-elected), Carr, S. M. (re-elected), Chapman, J. P., Curtis, W. T., Davies, A. M. (re-elected), Dutton, J. M., Hanson, M. J., Morrison, R. (re-elected), Paton, R. S., Sillence, L. H., Turner, M. L. G. (re-elected), Witham, F. (re-elected).
Philosophy: Stewart, J. A.
Social and Political Sciences: Swaney, F. C., Williams, A. C.
Theology and Religious Studies: Goepel, J. A.

Awarded Named Prizes:

Harcourt Prize for Economics: Stehn, S. J.
R. A. Hayes Prize for Engineering: Laux, C. T.
Ernest Frankl Prize for Engineering: Legget, E. F.
E. G. Harwood Prize for English: Cave, J. W.
Cressingham Prize for English: Turtle, W. J.
Graham Storey Prize: McGavin, K.
C. W. Crawley Prize for History: Hennessy, P. L.
Kitty Crawley Prize for History: Kara-Murza, V.
David Clement Davies Prize for Law: Gan, H. C. L.
Dr Ellis Lewis Prize for English Law: Brinsmead-Stockham, J.
Ian Malcolm Lewis Prize for Law: Carrello, G.
Wylie Prize for Mathematics: Korzeniewski, A. J.
Parks Prize for Mathematics: Pettifer, K. L.
Henry and Irene Dean prize for Medicine: Peppercorn, A. D. S.
Bill Grundy prize for Medicine: Howard, S. R.
Elmore Travel Exhibition: Hayes, C. L.
Reginald Pillai Prize for Natural Sciences: Dunkley, J.
Kareen Thorne Prize for Biological Science: Robinson, J.
Michael Stobbs Prize for Natural Sciences: Morrison, R.
N. R. Pillai Travel Scholarship: Inwood, H.
Kitty Crawley Prize for Philosophy: Stewart, J. A.
Dean Nurser Prize for Sociology: Swaney, F. C., Williams, A. C., Casale, E.

Awarded College Prizes:

Allen, R. C. E., Bales, O. A. M., Blagojevic, D., Bourne, J. R., Bradfield, G. A. V., Brinsmead-Stockham, J., Burchell, A. E., Calimani, C. M. S., Carr, J. M., Carr, S. M., Carrello, G., Casale, E., Cave, J. W., Chapman, J. P., Crook, L. M., Curtis, W. T., Davies, A. M., Dunkley, J., Dutton, J. M., Gan, H. C. L., Ginsberg, I., Goepel, J. A., Greeves, E. V., Hanson, M. J., Harper, R. E., Hayes, C. L., Hennessy, P. L., Howard, S. R., Inwood, H., Jeffery, L. R., Kara-Murza, V., Korzeniewska, A. J., Kowenicki, R. A., Kwong, T. Q., Laux, C. T., Legget, E. F., Leigh, D. F., Lightbody, A., Mawhinney, C. E. F., McGavin, K., Morrison, R., Murphy, E. A., Newton, A. M., Paton, R. S., Peppercorn, A. D. S., Pettifer, K. L., Robinson, J., Sillence, L. H., Smeeton, T. M., Smith, J. K., Stehn, S. J., Stewart, J. A., Swaney, F. C., Taylor, E. M., Thom, A. J. W., Trigg, C. P., Turner, M. L. G., Turtle, W. J., Waterman, J. R., Weaver, D. J., Williams, A. C., Withsm, F.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 25 July 2001
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