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Philosophical Society

At a meeting held on 16 July in the Arts School, Professor A. Howie, President, was in the Chair.

Twenty-eight Fellows were elected and one was re-elected.

Research Fellowships have been awarded to: Mr P. J. F. Gandy, JN; Miss E. Pimley, G; Mr S. S. Hiniduma U. Gamage, PEM; Miss A. S. Cronin, DOW; Mr G. Tang, TH; Mr M. Fries, CLH; Mr R. K. Hansen, CHU; Mr B. O. Kalejaiye, M; Mr N. Kerle, SID; Miss S. Ng, CHU; Miss J. Tatar, G; Miss S. M. Tam, LC; Miss C. E. Wong, CC; Mr A. Chiodo, SE; Mr Y-C. Chen, W; Mr G. K. Banini, W; Mr P. G. de Mendonca, CHU; Ms S. Saha, EM; Mr T. A. Moore, CL; Mr M. Landriau, PET; Miss J. S. Garner, CL; Mr D. Jones, CHU; Mr M. Hogg, CTH; Mr A. T. Harris, CC; Ms L. Holt, CHU; Mr M. Y. Yasin, CC; Miss L-Y. Ngai, ED; Miss A. Taylor, PET; Miss A. T. Seigel, CC; Miss Z. A. Hughes-Thomas, CAI; Miss A. H. Lee, T.

Travel Grants amounting to £2,550 have been awarded to Fellows of the Society.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 25 July 2001
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