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Selwyn College

The following elections and awards have been made by the College Council:

Named Prizes:

Adams Prize (Engineering): O'Sullivan, C. B.
Baxter Prize (Chemistry): Edden, R. A. E.
Braybrook Prize (Natural Sciences): Kirkpatrick, J. P.
Cross Prize (Economics): Fyfe, L. H., Hong, M., Janzarik, M. J.
Fairest Prize (Law): Herron, M. E.
Frost Prize (Computer Science): Ramsay, J. C.
Frost Prize (Mathematics): Thompson, A. J.
Gilbert Prize (Modern and Medieval Languages): Whiting, A. E., Sandars, N. J. F.
Hargreaves Prize (Chemical Engineering): Brook, G. J.
Hargreaves Prize (Medicine): Carter, L. R., Young, K. M.
Hargreaves Prize (Veterinary Medicine): Coleman, T. W.
Harrison Prize (IA Engineering): Kaye, L. M.
Haworth-Gray Prize (Theology): Watts, S. A.
Melbourne Prizes: Brudenell,M. J., Fisher, T. R.
Scruby Prize (Natural Sciences): Galtrey, M. J.
Searle Prize (Mathematics): Storey, J. D.
Siddans Prize (Physics): Bradley, R. S.
Whitehead Prize (History): Leyland, B. T., Stevens, R. M.
Appleton Prize (Chapel Reading): Peel, S. D.
Edith Ray Prize (Vocal award): Hoare, D. A.
Prize for Reading Grace in Hall: Ellis, G. F.
Roe Prize (Musical Performance): Ellis, G. F.

Elected to the Title of Scholar:

English: Gaw, K. S. S.
Modern and Medieval Languages: French, R. E. M., Whiting, A. E.
Natural Sciences: Bradley, R. S., Bond, M.,Young, K. M.
Social and Political Sciences: Pountney, E. J.
Theology: Watts, S. A.,

Elected or re-elected to Scholarships:

Archaeology and Anthropology: Travers, T. V. L.
Chemical Engineering: Brook, G. J.
Computer Science: Ramsay, J. C.
Economics: Kozyreva, N. A., Nickson, M. F., Ryan, I. W. Y.
Engineering: Lightman, S. J., O'Sullivan, C. B., Breuning, S. M. D., Cameron, J. I., Jones, C. J., Lad, D., Ng, S. K., Patti, S., Kaye, L. M.
History: Illing, P. J.
Law: Lam, S. Y. X.
Mathematics: Thompson, A. J., Karathodorou, N., Storey, J. D.
Medical and Veterinary Sciences: Damato, S. P., Brain, S. A. E., Coleman, T. W., Hadinnapola, C. M. B., Quayle, J. M.
Modern and Medieval Languages: Morrison, S. K., Sandars, N. J. F.
Music: Clark, D. S., Howard, A. D., Poole, H. C.
Natural Sciences: Kirkpatrick, J. P., Verity, S. R. E., Corlett, P. R., Malone, A. J., Tarasewicz, J. P. T., De Souza, V. K., Galtrey, M. J., Richens, J. H.
Social and Political Sciences: Ballantyne, J. F., Coffin, M. F.

College Prizes:

Chemical Engineering: Senior, A. K.
English: Davies, N. A.
Law: Harding, J.
Natural Sciences: Eyre, C., Cooke, R. P., Geddes, L. P. T., Langridge, J. M., Swarbrick, M. J.
Social and Political Sciences: Baumberg, B. P.
Powrie Scholarship for Engineering: Brook, G. J.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 25 July 2001
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