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St John's College

The following elections and awards have been made:


Elected or re-elected to Scholarships:

Addison, W. D. (Horne Scholarship); Adelman, S. C. (Whytehead Scholarship); Angliss, J. J. R. (Whytehead Scholarship); Atkin, D. G. (Whytehead Scholarship); Barber, H. A. (Whytehead Scholarship); Barden, A. R., Barrett, A. B. (Horne Scholarship); Bartholomew, M. A. (Whytehead Scholarship); Basden, A. G. (Prior Scholarship); Baxter, D. A. (McAulay Scholarship); Bell, P. J. (Horne Scholarship); Bichard, J. G. (Horne Scholarship); Bichard, J. S. (Whytehead Scholarship); Block, S. A. (Whytehead Scholarship); Bradshaw, D. M. (Rolleston Scholarship); Brione, P. A. J. (Whytehead Scholarship); Broch, D. M. (Whytehead Scholarship); Brown, C. J., Brown, M. D. (Mayor Scholarship); Butler, J. G. (Whytehead Scholarship); Cain, J. J. (Whytehead Scholarship); Cass, T. R. (Horne Scholarship); Chacko, T. J., Chai, J. T-Y. (Rolleston Scholarship); Collins, J. B. G. (Whytehead Scholarship); Colombo, A. Q. (Jenkins Scholarship); Copps, J. A., Courtney, A. J., Davies, B. R. (Lister Scholarship); Davies, R. M. (Duchess of Somerset Scholarship); Duncan, E. F. (McAulay Scholarship); Dunlop, I. E. (Prior Scholarship); Dymock, A. S. E., Egli, S. R. (Whytehead Scholarship); Esa, M. S. E. (Horne Scholarship); Ferguson, N. L. (Latymer Scholarship); Fidler, C. L. (Lister Scholarship); Foster, T. J. (Whytehead Scholarship); George, R. E. (McAulay Scholarship); Gonzalez-Torres, J. M. (Whytehead Scholarship); Goodey, G. J., Greig-Smith, H. (Prior Scholarship); Haken, E. L. (Whytehead Scholarship); Harper, J. M. (Mayor Scholarship); Hartnoll, S. A. (Horne Scholarship); Hayward, K. (Prior Scholarship); Hobohm, D. A. M. (Lister Scholarship); Hogan, P. M. (McAulay Scholarship); Hufton, L. A. (Whytehead Scholarship); Hughes, L. E. (Whytehead Scholarship); Hunt, S. F. S. (Jenkins Scholarship); Hyden, S. J. (McAulay Scholarship); Ingold, J. (Horne Scholarship); Jackson, J. S. (Prior Scholarship); Jacobs, S. C. (Horne Scholarship); Jenkins, P. O. (Whytehead Scholarship); Jepson, K. R., King, A. (Prior Scholarship); Klassnik, T. S. (Latymer Scholarship); Kom, C. Y. (Whytehead Scholarship); Lee, F. C. B. (Whytehead Scholarship); Leslie, J. M., McAleese, Clifford (Prior Scholarship); McAleese, Colin (Prior Scholarship); McVeigh, N. R. S. (Whytehead Scholarship); Maller, S. C., Mathew, R. G. (Rolleston Scholarship); Meghji, J. Z. (Rolleston Scholarship); Mitchell, C. E. T. (McAulay Scholarship); Mold, A. M. S. (Duchess of Somerset Scholarship); Moriarty, J. A. (Gummer Scholarship); Morton, J. J. L. (United Steel Companies Scholarship); Nangalia, J. (Rolleston Scholarship); Nathoo, A. (Whytehead Scholarship); Parameswaran, S. L. (Horne Scholarship); Petridis, G. (Horne Scholarship); Phillips, G. M. (McAulay Scholarship); Phuah, C-L. (Rolleston Scholarship); Pomeroy, E. E. (McAulay Scholarship); Poulos, A. S., Priston, N. E. C. (Davidson Scholarship); Rennison, G. A. (Horne Scholarship); Richards, D. C. W. (Townsend Scholarship); Robinson, F. M., Russell, A. J. (Whytehead Scholarship); Russell, B. J. (Whytehead Scholarship); Ryde, J. C. (Prior Scholarship); Ryland, H. T. (Marquess of Salisbury Scholarship); Sampson, T. A. (Horne Scholarship); Sanders, T. W. (Baylis Scholarship); Saunders-Evans, L. G. (Gummer Scholarship); Serpell, K. M. (Prior Scholarship); Sharma, S. D. (Duchess of Somerset Scholarship); Shore, H. C-A. (Rolleston Scholarship); Shuter, M. D. (Baylis Scholarship); Smith, A. M. (Gummer Scholarship); Smith, Tom Robert (Whytehead Scholarship); Smith, Tom Ruys (Whytehead Scholarship); Southern, I. D. (Rolleston Scholarship); Spence, D. R. (Gummer Scholarship); Steynor, E. J. (Jenkins Scholarship); Sweet, S. M. M. (Lister Scholarship); Teh, B. K. (Rolleston Scholarship); Thomas, H. L. (Henry John Borrow Scholarship); Thompson, M. J. (Whytehead Scholarship); Thornley, R. G. (Baylis Scholarship); Turner, A. G. (Horne Scholarship); Usher, T. J. (Whytehead Scholarship); Vale, T. A. (Marquess of Salisbury Scholarship); Vaughn, J. R., Veitch, A. R. (Townsend Scholarship); Voice, T. D. (Horne Scholarship); Walker, G. M. (Whytehead Scholarship); Wallace, R. L. (McAulay Scholarship); Warren, G. J. J. G. (Horne Scholarship); Waudby, C. A., Webb, A. J. S. (Duchess of Somerset Scholarship); Webb, M. W. (Duchess of Somerset Scholarship); Whitton, C. L. (Morton Scholarship); Williams, T. J. M. (Jenkins Scholarship); Witham, C. L. (Lister Scholarship); Woodd-Walker, J. B. (Nowell-Rostron Scholarship); Woollard, E. M. (Whytehead Scholarship); Wormald, J. P. (McAulay Scholarship); Wright, L. B., Xiao, B., Zimmerman, P. (Horne Scholarship).


Abdullah Yusuf Ali: McVeigh, N. R. S.
Adams Memorial: Voice, T. D.
Cargill: Veitch, A. R.
Carter: Usher, T. J., Wallace, R. L.
Constable: Jenkins, P. O., Phillips, G. M., Sweet, S. M. M.
Cunningham: Thornley, R. G., Veitch, A. R.
Dirac: Basden, A. G., Hartnoll, S. A.
Diver: Meghji, J. Z.
Earle: Barber, H. A., Block, S. A.
Gaskell: Pomeroy, E. E., Wright, L. B.
Goody: Greig-Smith, H.
Graves: Whitton, C. L.
Hart: Smith, Thomas Robert
Hockin: Dunlop, I. E., Hogan, P. M.,
McAleese, Clifford, Nathoo, A.,
Richards, D. C. W., Russell, B. J.,
Turner, A. G., Walker, G. M.
Hollinshead-Howles: Barber, H. A.
Russell, B. J.
Wright, L. B.
Hughes: Cain, J. J., Mitchell, C. E. T., Phillips, G. M., Voice, T. D.
Johnston: Copps, J. A., Courtney, A. J.
Lapwood-Towle: Sanders, T. W.
Lorimer: Whitton, C. L.
Malcolm: Sharma, S. D.
Meldrum: Thomas, H. L.
Northcott: Southern, I. D.
Nowell-Rostron: Woodd-Walker, J. B.
Phineas Quass: Russell, B. J., Whitton, C. L.
Pollard: Jiwaji, N.
Winfield: Sharma, S. D.
Wright: for Archaeology and Anthropology: Pomeroy, E. E.; for Architecture: Cain, J. J.; for Computer Science: Saunders-Evans, L. G., Spence, D. R.; for Economics: Atkin, D. G.; for Engineering: Block, S. A., Kom, C. Y., Xiao, B.; for English: Smith, Thomas Ruys; for Geography: Copps, J. A.; for Law: Barden, A. R.; for Mathematics: Ingold, J., Rennison, G. A., Thornley, R. G., Warren, G. J. J. G.; for Medical and Veterinary Sciences: Bradshaw, D. M., Courtney, A. J., Mathew, R. G.; for Natural Sciences: Barber, H. A., Chacko T. J., Goodey, G. J., Hufton, L. A., Mitchell, C. E. T., Waudby, C. A., Wright, L. B.
College: for Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic: Duncan, E. F.; for Archaeology and Anthropology: Priston, N. E. C.; for Architecture: Bichard, J. S., Cain, J. J., Ferguson, N. L., Klassnik, T. S., Manfield, P. J.; for Chemical Engineering: Colombo, A. Q., Hunt, S. F. S., Steynor, E. J., Williams, T. J. M.; for Computer Science: Moriarty, J. A., Smith, A. M.; for Economics: Brione, P. A. J., Thompson, M. J., Woollard, E. M.; for Electrical and Information Sciences: Gonzalez-Torres, J. M., Morton, J. J. L., Webb, M. W.; for Engineering: Bartholomew, M. A., Egli, S. R., Lee, F. C. B.; for English: Smith, Thomas Robert; for Geography: Angliss, J. J. R., Collins, J. B. G., Thomas, H. L.; for Land Economy: Dymock, A. S. E.; for Law: Broch, D. M., Mold, A. M. S.; for Manufacturing Engineering: Butler, J. G.; for Mathematics: Addison, W. D., Barrett, A. B., Bell, P. J., Bichard, J. G., Cass, T. R., Esa, M. S. E., Harper, J. M., Jacobs, S. C., Parameswaran, S. L., Petridis, G., Sampson, T. A., Shuter, M. D., Zimmerman, P.; for Medical and Veterinary Sciences: Chai, J. T-Y., Davies, R. M., Phuah, C-L., Ryland, H. T., Teh, B. K., Webb, A. J. S.; for Medicine: Cardinal, R. N.; for Modern Languages: Brown, C. J., Jepson, K. R., Leslie, J. M., Robinson, F. M., Vale, T. A., Wormald, J. P.; for Music: Vaughn, J. R.; for Natural Sciences: Adelman, S. C., Baxter, D. A., Brown, M. D., Davies, B. R., Fidler, C. L., Foster, T. J., George, R. E., Haken, E. L., Hayward, K., Hobohm, D. A. M., Hughes, L. E., Jackson, J. S., King, A., McAleese, Colin, Maller, S. C., Nangalia, J., Poulos, A. S., Russell, A. J., Ryde, J. C., Shore, H. C-A., Witham, C. L.; for Philosophy: Serpell, K. M.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 25 July 2001
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