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King's College

Scholarships 2001

First year: Barker, Simon (Engineering, Pt IA); Benna, Marcus (Natural Sciences, Pt IA); Chiu, May (Natural Sciences, Pt IA); Cooke, Graeme (Social and Political Sciences, Pt I); Cummins, Jennifer (Social and Political Sciences, Pt I); Growcott, Sarah (Modern and Medieval Languages, Pt IA); Handscomb, Christopher (Natural Sciences, Pt IA); Hyde, Daniel (Music, Pt IA); Nash, Felicity (Medical Sciences, Pt IA); Nordstrom, Johannes (Mathematics, Pt IA); Olsen, James (Music, Pt IA); Pinnion, Victoria (Mathematics, Pt IA); Powell-Smith, Georgia (Philosophy, Pt IA); Saklatvala, George (Natural Sciences, Pt IA); Sautereau, Neil (Natural Sciences, Pt IA); Sudbery, Ian (Natural Sciences, Pt IA); Wee, Dominik (Computer Science, Pt IA); Wicks, Bryony (History of Art, Pt I); Williamson, Mark (Computer Science, Pt IA); Zubko, Pavel (Natural Sciences, Part IA).
Second year: Alexander, Kate (Archaeology and Anthropology, Pt IIA); Bianco, Isaac (Natural Sciences, Pt IB); Clark, Andrew (Computer Science, Pt IB); Hetherington, Daniel (Engineering, Pt IB); Jewell, Benjamin (Natural Sciences, Pt IB); Leppard, Alison (Archaeology and Anthropology, Pt IIA); Macey, Gillian (Chemical Engineering, Pt I); Maimaris, William (Natural Sciences, Part IA); Milner, Alex (Modern and Medieval Languages, Pt IB); Moreton, Timothy (Computer Science, Pt IB); Paling, Lindsay (Medical Sciences, Pt IB); Perin, Chloe (Mathematics, Pt IB); Pike, Katie (Mathematics, Pt IB); Poster, Tom (Music, Pt IB); Riley, Martyn (Engineering, Pt IB); Ryan, Jimmy (Mathematics, Pt IB); Schafer, Stefan (Philosophy, Pt IB); Steedman, Paul (Social and Political Sciences, Part IIA); White, Richard (Engineering, Pt IB); Wicker, Oliver (Music, Pt IB).
Third and higher years: Ashcroft, Patrick (Mathematics, Pt III); Batchelor, Matthew (Natural Sciences, Pt II Chemistry); DeDeo, Simon (Mathematics, Pt III); Easson, Vivien (Mathematics, Pt III); Edwards, Anna (Social and Political Sciences, Pt II; Evans, Joseph (Archaeology and Anthropology, Pt IIB); Flynn, Rosanne (History, Pt II); Gibson, Scott (Mathematics, Pt II); Gurtin, Zeynep (Social and Political Sciences, Pt II); Hari, Johann (Social and Political Sciences, Pt II); Hughes, Jessie (History, Part II); Iqbal, Omar (Electrical and Information Sciences, Pt I); Klein, George (Electrical and Information Sciences, Pt II); Lehners, Jean-Luc (Mathematics, Pt III); Mackerron, George (Archaeology and Anthropology, Pt IIB); Malbon, Rowena (Natural Sciences, Pt III Physics); May, Orla (Economics, Pt II); Nikolic, Bojan (Natural Sciences, Pt III Physics); Pickford, Sophie (History of Art, Pt II); Powell-Smith, Anna (English, Pt II); Punshon, Sarah (Natural Sciences, Pt II HPS); Ray, Samiran (Medical Sciences, Pt II Anatomy); Smith, Christopher (Natural Sciences, Pt II Physics); Snape, Richard (Electrical and Information Sciences, Pt I); Taylor, Rebecca (Natural Sciences, Pt II Zoology); Thornton, Hilary (Modern and Medieval Languages, Pt II); Walters, Sarah (History, Pt II); Walton, Joseph (Mathematics, Pt III); Watts, Thomas (Mathematics, Pt II); Yeats, George (English, Pt II).
Students who have achieved First Class marks but are not eligible for a Scholarship: Shires, Samuel (LL.M.); Steel, Jenny (Oriental Studies, Prelim. to Part I); Merrett, Charlotte (History of Art, Prelim. to Pt II).


Bedford Prize for Zoology: Taylor, Rebecca (Natural Sciences, Part II)
Cooke Prizes (general) - for first years only: Steel, Jenny (Oriental Studies); O'Neill, Dan (Engineering)
Doncaster Prizes for History and Social and Political Sciences: Cook, Graeme (Social and Political Sciences); Cummins, Jenny (Social and Political Sciences); Flynn, Rosanne (History); Gurtin, Zeynep (Social and Political Sciences); Hari, Johann (Social and Political Sciences); Hughes, Jessie (History); Edwards, Anna (Social and Political Sciences); Steedman, Paul (Social and Political Sciences)
Glynn Prizes (general) - for second years only: White, Richard (Engineering); Ryan, Jimmy (Mathematics)
Grundy Prize for Classics: deBotton, Oliver; Knipe, Sergio; Alfred, Nathan
Harmer Prize (general) - for first years only: Growcott, Sarah (Modern and Medieval Languages); Nordstrom, Johannes (Mathematics)
Hurst Prize for Law: Shires, Sam (LL.M.)
Kendal Dixon Prize for Medicine: Ray, Samiran; Nash, Felicity; Paling, Lindsay
Macaulay Prizes for Engineering: Barker, Simon
Montague-Barlow Prizes for Economics, Geography, Modern Languages: Milner, Alex (Modern and Medieval Languages); Thornton, Hilary (Modern and Medieval Languages); Prescott, Anna (Land Economy)
Morris, Christopher Prize for History: Walters, Sarah
Powell Prizes for Natural Sciences and Medical Sciences: Bianco, Isaac (Natural Sciences); Jewell, Ben (Natural Sciences)
Richards Prizes (general) - for third years only: Briggs, Asa (Natural Sciences); Batchelor, Matthew (Natural Sciences); Evans, Joseph (Archaeology and Anthropology); Gibson, Scott (Mathematics); Iqbal, Omar (Engineering); Mackerron, George (Archaeology and Anthropology); Punshon, Sarah (Natural Sciences); Smith, Chris (Natural Sciences); Snape, Richard (Engineering); Watts, Tom (Mathematics)
Rylands Prizes for English: Powell-Smith, Anna (third year); Yeats, George (third year)
Rylands Prize for Architecture or History of Art: Pickford, Sophie (History of Art)
Shove, Gerald Prize for Economics: May, Orla

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Cambridge University Reporter, 25 July 2001
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