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Sidney Sussex College


The College Council hopes to make an election to a Knox-Shaw Research Fellowship, tenable from 1 October 2002 for three years. This Fellowship has been founded as a memorial to Mr T. Knox-Shaw (a former Master of the College). Candidature will be restricted to those pursuing, or intending to pursue, research in Pure Mathematics. The successful candidate is likely either to be approaching completion of his or her Ph.D., Degree or to have completed his or her Ph.D. Degree within the last three years.

The pensionable stipend of a Research Fellow is £11,116 a year, or £12,650 if the Fellow holds the Degree of Ph.D. A non-pensionable allowance of £2,343 will also be made to a Fellow not resident in College. The total stipend may be reduced by the Council as a result of other emoluments the Fellow may receive. A Fellow will also be entitled to a room in College and to Fellow's dining and other rights. Increments of £470 are payable in each of the second and third years of tenure, and the level of Research Fellowship emoluments is normally reviewed when the stipends of University and College officers are reviewed.

The holder of a Research Fellowship will be encouraged to teach for the College for up to six hours a week, but would require the permission of the Council to undertake other paid work.

Applications should reach the Senior Tutor by Friday, 7 September 2001. Each application should include:

(a) a completed application form, obtainable from the Senior Tutor;
(b) six copies of the following: a list of the applicant's publications and a description of the research work which the applicant has already done, of the work currently in progress, and, so far as is possible, of the lines along which investigation will next proceed. The description of research should not exceed 1,000 words in length and it is important that it should be understandable by a non-specialist. Applicants should be prepared, if required, to submit copies of their published or unpublished works;
(c) six copies of a curriculum vitae;
(d) the names and addresses of three persons who will be providing references (see below).

Applicants should arrange for references from three persons, at least two of whom should have recent knowledge of the applicant's work, to be sent direct to the Senior Tutor, Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, CB2 3HU. References must be received by Friday, 7 September 2001.

The College is an equal opportunities employer.


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Cambridge University Reporter, 25 July 2001
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