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Gonville and Caius College

The following elections and awards have been made:

Honorary Senior Scholarships

Elected: [Graduates] Brown, J. A., Coull, A. D. J., Sinclair, A. C., [3rd Year] Atherton, C. Z., Bee, H. J., Boulter, K. E., Chegwin, C. L., Colbran Espada, D., Goldsmith, J. D., Lentaigne, J. D., McDonald T. J., Rogers, C. E.

Senior Scholarships

Elected: [3rd Year] Gradwell, R. R., Potts, H. M., [2nd Year] Aldridge, N. R., Annable, V. N., Blackburn, E., Calandrini, D. M., Chan, J. T. W., Chapman, T. L., Cheong, A. P. Y., Dixon, A. L., Drewnicki, J. S., Etherington, J. A., Faraday, J. M., Frances-Hoad, C. A., Griffiths, A. M., Hepworth, R. A., Hewitt, P. R., Macdonald, R. J., Mather, J. D., McCarthy, H., Norman, J. R., Pinto, D. L., Power, J. C., Roberts, P. S., Smith, C. M. J., Thomas, P. B. M., Wang, K. Y., Wise, D. J., Worthington, C. J., Yau, J. K. L., Young, T. H., Yu, E. P. K.
Continued: [3rd Year] Guiton, B. S., Hoe, W., Jackson, R. D. S.

Honorary Senior Exhibitions

Elected: [4th Year] Tighe, H. M., [3rd Year] Chrisman, J. M., Chu, C., Dunglinson, H.

Senior Exhibitions

Elected: [2nd Year] Cameron, J. S., Delaney, J. M., Drugan, A. M., Lam, K., Rankin, J. L., Wallwork, T. C., Yates, D. J. F.
Continued: [w/a] Potter, C. A., Zambon, E.


Elected: [1st Year] Aldis, P. J., Coley, J. D., Collin, J. R. T., Cooper, C. H. V., Eaton, D. J., Farstad, A., Fiascaris, A., Garner, R. H. G., Goodsall, T. M., Guttmann, O. P., Harvey, J. M., Hawkins, A. J. O., Hudson, H. F., Martin, C. A., McKee, K. M., Nokes, E. M., Patton, C., Phillipson, F. G., Pinna, M. A., Ramsay, L. A., Ransley, N. E., Reynolds, S. J., Ribbans, A. M., Sander, A. J. C., Sng, C. C. A., Thorn, A. L., Walsh, H. D., Wright, P. D., Zlodre, J. K.
Continued: [2nd Year] Giret, R. E. F., Markettos, A. T., Martin, R. I. R., McGee, E. V., Roos, J. C. P., Scott, D. J., Wan, S. M. Y., [3rd Year] Bolton, R. C., Hazle, D. A.


Elected: [1st Year] Cliffe, J. A., Elstein, D. Y., Greenwood, A. S., Kolb, K., Morris, S. L.
Continued: [2nd Year] Armitage, W. J., Marshall, J. R., Morgan, J. H., Ramaswamy, N., Shaw, J. L. B., Thawley, H. A., Whelpdale, R. P., [3rd Year] Ahmad Zaharudin, A., Kemp, R., [w/a] Lewis. R.

Annual Prizes and Awards

Schuldham Plate: Edwards, M. J., Herzig, F., Fearon,
R. G.
Lock Tankard: Bennett, E. M.
Emma Sclater Prize for Architecture: Phillipson, F. G.
Dorothy Moyle Needham Prize for Biochemistry: Massey, T. H.
James Arthur Ramsay Prize for Chemistry and Biology: Wise, D. J.
Swann Prize for Biology: Massey, T. H.
Frank Smart Prize for Botany: not awarded
Stanley Dennison Prize for Economics: Fearon, R. G.
Evanthia Sofianou Prize for Economics: Coley, J. D.
Reginald C. Cox Prize for Engineering: not awarded
Sir David L. Salomons Prize for Engineering: Gradwell, R. R.
Derek G.W. Ingram Prize for Engineering: Bennett, E. M.
Edward Buckland Prize for History: McCarthy, H.
Lu Gwei-Djen Prize for the History of Science: not awarded
Frere-Smith Prize for Law: Goldsmith, J. D.
Sir William McNair Prizes for Law: Colbran Espada, D., Coull, A. D. J., Kiri, N. H., Sander, A. J. C.
Sir William McNair Mooting Prizes: Patton, C., Sander, A. J. C.
Emlyn Wade Prize for Law: Coull, A. D. J.
Tapp Postgraduate Scholarships: Boyle, M., Colbran Espada, D., Goldsmith, J. D., Kiri, N. H., Thomas, M. R.
Michael Latham Prize for Mathematics: Garner, R. H. G.
Ryan Prize for Higher Mathematics: Herzig, F.
Ian Gordon-Smith Prize for Medicine: Zlodre, J. K.
Tucker Prize for Medicine: Calandrini, D. M.
Anne Pearson Prize for Medicine: Catford, K. E.
Walter Myers Exhibitions for Medicine: Catford, K. E., Glover, M., Langrish, J. P., Ware, J. S.
Michell Scholarships for Medicine: Jones, A. E., Kinghorn, K. J., Mohamedbhai, S. G., Travis, S. E., Winston, G. P., Wood, D. L. B., Wrightson, J. M.
Frederick John Stopp Prize for Modern Languages: Norman, J. R.
Elisabeth Villar-Etscheit Prize for Modern Languages: Drewnicki, J. S.
Frank Cook Prize for Modern Languages: Boreham, A. T.
Ian and Marjory McFarlane Prize in French: Farstad, A.
Compton Wills Prize for Music: Chegwin, C. L.
Sir Rudolph Peters' Prizes for Music: Boreham, A. T., Capper, S. G., Harris, W. A. J., Manohar, S. G., McMaw, V. E., Uglow, T. J.
H. L. Perry Prize for Music: Mather, J. D.
Cameron Reading Prize: Long, K. R., Java, M. H.
Ronald Greaves Award for Medicine: Catford, K. E.
Charles and Iris Brook Prize 1999: Puvanachandra, N.
College Essay Prizes: Master's Prizes: Adam, U., Frances-Hoad, C. A., Hutchinson, A. B., Somos, M. Rossetti Prize: Sutherland, K. M.
Organ Scholarships: Re-elected: Uglow, T. J. Elected: Roberts, G. A.

Clinical Scholarships

Elected: Catford, K. E., Glover, M., Jones, A. E., KInghorn, K. J., Langrish, J. P., Mohamedbhai, S. G., Travis, S. E., Ware, J. S., Winston, G. P., Wood, D. L. B., Wrightson, J. M.

Clinical Exhibitions

Elected: Helmy, H. E., Treacy, C. K.
Altounyan Vacation Studentship: Catford, K. E.
College Instrumental Award: Greenwood, A. S. (cello), Knight, R. M. (cello)
Handson Travel Bequest: Cheong, A. P. Y., Ramamurthy, N. K., Varro Dockray, J., Zlodre, J. K., Zrenner, C. D. F.
Okey Travel Bequest: MacGregor, T. P., Martin, C. A.
Paton-Taylor Travelling Scholarships: Comlay, E. C., Doyle, J. C., Eder, S. A., Gilbert, S. M., Green, C. R., James, J. M., Knight, R. M., Kolb, K., Macdonald, R. J., Ribbans, A. M., Shaw, J. L. B.
Sir William Wade Awards: Grant, R. J., Greenwood, A. S., Barker, E. H., Bolton, R. C., Bryant, A. J., Charles, P. J. E., Copeland, M. J. S., Jones, A. E., Morris, S. L., Mundinger, J.
Joan and Leonard Gluckstein Memorial Awards: Bamji, A. E., Brech, M. H., Marshall, J. R., Rico, M. T., Yates, D. J. F.
Mrs Keighley's Bequest: Moss, N. L., Walmsley, G. L.
Caius Engineering Trust Travel Award: Adams, J. C., Blair, A. I., Sarma, E.
(1999) Derek G. W. Ingram Prize for Engineering: Herbison, D.
(renamed from College Prize in Engineering)
(1999) Sir David L. Salomons Prize for Engineering: Bennett, E. M.
(renamed from College Prize in Engineering)

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