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Jesus College

The following elections and awards have been made:

Scholarships (First Year Undergraduates): Brock, M. E., (Natural Sciences); Georgiou, A. G. (Engineering).

Exhibitions (First Year Undergraduates): Chambers, F. C. (Computer Science); Doubleday, J. V. H. (Archaeology and Anthropology); Giannakis, D. (Engineering); Grant, M. A. (Engineering); Harris, E. L. C. (Modern and Medieval Languages); Hudson, M. W. (Mathematics); Hughes, J. M. D. (Theology and Religious Studies); Johnson, A. H. V. (Mathematics); Magnus, S. B. (Oriental Studies); Meacock, C. F. (Classics); Nott, J. E. M. (Medical and Veterinary Sciences); Parkinson, T. R. (Modern and Medieval Languages); Prentzas, N. (Computer Science); Randall, J. K. (Medical and Veterinary Sciences); Teoh, Y. P. K. (Engineering); Toner, A. J. (Medical and Veterinary Sciences); Tuckett, M. A. (Natural Sciences); Van der Hoff, R. A. (Computer Science); White, S. A. (Mathematics); Williams, G. R. (Social and Political Sciences).

Scholarships (Second, Third, and Fourth Year Undergraduates): Bavidge, N. G. (Electrical and Information Sciences); Boreland, G. I. (Natural Sciences); Burt, C. J. (Natural Sciences); Carter, E. C. (Natural Sciences); Chamberlain, L. (Architecture); Chihambakwe, R. E. (Chemical Engineering); Coates, T. H. (Mathematics); Collier, E. J. (History); Davies, N. L. (Law); Davis, S. R. (Computer Science); Debeljak, J. F. (LL.M.); Eagleton, C. T. (Natural Sciences); Eames, K. T. D. (Mathematics); Everson, K. E. (Medical and Veterinary Sciences); Field, J. M. L. (Natural Sciences); Ford, P. G. (Law); Giannopoulos, P. (Electrical and Information Sciences); Gilkes, G. (Archaeology and Anthropology); Griffiths, L. G. (Modern and Medieval Languages ); Gubbins, K. J. (Engineering); Hatch, C. M. (Chemical Engineering); Haughey, C. C. (Geography); Hickman, A. J. (Electrical and Information Sciences); Hood, R. (Modern and Medieval Languages); Hugh-Jones, D. A. S. (Social and Political Sciences); Kelso, S. M. (LL.M.); Knight, R. R. (Manufacturing Engineering); Lewin, S. J. (Chemical Engineering); Lim, C. W. (Electrical and Information Sciences); Lloyd, C. R. (Law); Lloyd, M. S. (Computer Science); Longstaff, E. J. (Social and Political Sciences); Maxwell, I. M. (Law); McClelland, R. D. (LL.M); Mitchell, K. L. (History); Norgate, Z. (Natural Sciences); Olney, R. L. (Modern and Medieval Languages); Oppenheim, D. R. D. (Geography); Pain, E. C. W. (Engineering); Paraskeva, A. (English); Phillips, L. J. (History); Raab, D. (LL.M); Ralph, E. J. (Natural Sciences); Reid-Henry, S. M. (Geography); Rhodes, C. S. (Natural Sciences); Rogers, J. K. S. (Management Studies); Shaheen, K. J. (Social and Political Sciences); Smith, B. T. (History); Soanes, P. G. (Geography); Sweeting, J. P. (Natural Sciences); Thompson, H. E. (Medical and Veterinary Sciences); Tin Kin Wang, S. K. T. (Engineering); Toombs, M. W. L. (Philosophy); Welberry-Smith, M. P. (Medical and Veterinary Sciences).


  Senior Keller: Hickman, A. J., Hugh-Jones, D. A. S.

Keller: Lim, C. W., Sweeting, J. P.

Sir Philip Oppenheimer: Brock, M. E., Carter, E. C., Phillips, L. J., Reid-Henry, S. M., Rhodes, C. S.,Thompson, H. E., Toombs, M. W. L.

Gilbertson Prize: Saldanha, A.

Sir Leslie Martin (Architecture): Chamberlain, L.

Brereton (Classics): Meacock, C. F., Wilson, T. F. B.

Bronowski (Mathematics): White, S. A.

Corrie and Otter (Theology and Religious Studies): Hughes, J. M. D.

Duckworth (Medical Sciences): Thompson, H. E.

Eliot (Modern and Medieval Languages): Hood, R.

Engineers' (Engineering): Pain, E. C. W.

Evans (Engineering): Georgiou, A. G.

Farrell (Greek Studies): Westcott, M. W.

Glanville Williams (Law): Hudson, I.

Glanville Williams (LL.M.): Raab, D.

Gulland (Natural Sciences): Norgate, Z.

Gulland (Biological subjects): Field, J. M. L.

G.R. Hart (History): Landau, R.

Malthus (Economics and Social and Political Sciences): Hugh-Jones, D. A. S., Longstaff, E. J.

Newling (History): Phillips, L. J.

Perrett (Medical Sciences): Nott, J. E. M.

Roberts (Pathology): Everson, K. E.

Russell Vick (Law): Lloyd, C. R.

Sir Alan Cottrell (Physical Science): Sweeting, J. P.

Schiff (History): Mitchell, K. L.

Valérie Tyssens (French Language): Parkinson, T. R.

Ware (Mathematics): Eames, K. T. D.

Gray Reading Prizes
 (Chapel): Hearn, J. M.
 (Hall): Hughes, J. M. D.

Morgan (English Essay): Paraskeva, A.

Prawer (Dramatic criticism): Street, S. S.

Renfrew (Musical life of the College): Olney, R. L.

Sir Denys Page Award (Travel to Greece): Wilson, T. F. B.

Waring Award (Sporting Achievement): Rogers, J. K. S.

Anatomy: Welberry Smith, M. P.

Engineering: Knight, R. R.

English: Paraskeva, A.

Geography: Reid-Henry, S. M.

History and Philosophy of Science: Eagleton, C. T.

Languages: Griffiths, L G, Magnus, S. B.

Management Studies: Rogers, J. K. S.

Natural Sciences: Rhodes, C. S., Carter, E. C.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 19 August 1998
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