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New Hall

The following elections and awards have been made:

Elected to a New Hall UK Graduate Studentship for three years: Tiffany Schofield

Elected to a Graduate Scholarship for one year: Serena Nik (Furneaux), Kristin-Anne Rutter (Furneaux)

Elected to the title of Scholar: Heather Smith (Furneaux), Wendy Belliston (Spooner), Jane Bryden (Spooner), Rachel Jones (Furneaux), Diana Lamaison (Posener), Katherine McDowall (Posener), Lyndsey Paul (Harburn), Hiranya Peiris (Posener), Danielle Lim (Furneaux)

Elected to a Scholarship for one year: Fai Assakul (Spooner), Kate Bryan (Boulind), Ai Chia Foo (Rachel Burney), Aileen Gray (Posener), Nicola Harman (Boulind), Eleanor Harris (Laurie Hart), Katherine Hill (Walford), Wing-sze Ho (Posener), Victoria Keevil (Park), Mei-Li Kvello (Spooner), Heather McCartney (Boulind), Suzie Merrick (Posener), Naaheed Mukadam (Spooner), Jackie Ong (Spooner), Ann Orton (Park), Erika Palin (Posener), Tze Lei Poo (Spooner), Alex Rantell (Spooner), Tara Sathyamoorthy (Spooner), Anushka Soni (Spooner), Eleanor Truscott (Spooner), Charlotte Walker (Park)

Awarded Prizes: Katy Baker (Spooner), Louise Barnett (Gabe Prize in Modern Languages), Dawn Nutayakul (Furneaux)

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Cambridge University Reporter, 19 August 1998
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