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Emmanuel College

The following elections and awards have been made:

Bachelor Scholarships:

Continuations: Butchart, J. W. (Windsor Scholarship), Dennis, F., Georghiou, G. E., Gunthorpe, D., Guyatt, N. S. M., Hills, C. P., Hollowood, C. J., Jiggins, F. M., Khoo, J. P. J. (Windsor Scholarship), Maclennan, J., MacLean, C. (Hon.), Polding, R. A., Prowle, J. R. (Windsor Scholarship), Sampson, L.

Elections: Bell, A. G. (Hon. Windsor Scholarship), Brightwell, J. R., Cottle, L. E. (Hon. Windsor Scholarship), Lovell, J., McCray-Worrall, T. M., Mennim, A., Paul, S. S. (Hon. Windsor Scholarship), Twigg, D. (Hon.), Wong, M. (Windsor Scholarship), Wood, J. P. A. (Hon.)

Senior Scholarships:

Re-elections: Allen, R. J. (Armitage), Douglas, N. M. (Braithwaite-Batty), Ericson, L. T. K. (Wallace), Frazaneh-Far, R. (Hooper), Fowler, C. H. L. (Hooper), Gibb, J. S. (Hooper), Green, C. A. (Wallace), Hargreaves, D. R. (Wallace), Jack, R. L. (Henderson), Jones, H. J. E. (Hooper), Kirby, G. E. (Armitage), Ma, T. W. A. (Hooper), Malpas, A. (Hooper), Martin, A. D. (Wallace), McCourt, P. (Wallace), Murray, J. W. (Hooper), Narshi, C. (Hooper), Parkin, D.  J. (Wallace), Robinson, H. M. (Braithwaite-Batty), Shepherd, D. J. (Braithwaite-Batty), Vollmer, J. E. (Hooper), Wynn, E. J. (Hooper), Yiptong, J. A. C. S. (Wallace)

Elections: Beaton, K. E. (Langley), Bewick, T. (Langley), Binch, R. J. (Porter), Bousfield, A. R. (Welford Thompson), Brown, M. C. (Braithwaite-Batty), Cockram, A. L. (Langley), Cutler, D. L. (Langley), Dunningham, J. P. (Langley), Evans, O. D. (Langley), Faulkner, K. M. (Hooper), Gittins, D. (Armitage), Gladwish, K. M. (Langley), Gregor, C. (Hooper), Grounds, M. J. (Hooper), Hadtstein, C. (Langley), Harris, P. (Wallace), Hooley, R. (Armitage), Honan, S. A. (Langley), Hopkirk, R. B. (Wallace), Jardine, O. (Hooper), Jones, T. M. (Hooper), Keidel, S. M. (Langley), Kothari, A. (Langley), Levene, R. H. (Braithwaite-Batty), Loke, W. Y. (Wallace), Male, L. H. (Langley), Marsden, S. M. (Hooper), Marshall, J. (Braithwaite-Batty), McGeoch, A. T. (Hooper), Moore, G. C. (Langley), Moorwood, M. E. (Welford Thompson), Newey, E. (Langley), Nightingale E. C. (Hooper), Pat Fong, C. (Hooper), Perry, S. (Langley), Rayment, M. (Langley), Reynolds, G. K. (Langley), Rose, J. A. F. (Wallace), Robson, A. (Hooper), Russell, R. L. E. (Hooper), Sanger, T. M. (Wallace), Smith, R. G. (Braithwaite-Batty), Trevor Guy, R. (Wallace), Warren, J. C. (Wallace), Watson, S. (Porter), Wood, A. M. (Hooper)

College Prizes: Auken, N. D. H., Bell, A. G., Bewick, T., Cockram, A. L., Collier, C. R. V., Cottle, L. E., Cutler, D. L., Douglas, N. M., Dunningham, J. P., Ericson, L. T. K., Evans, O. D., Dyson, E. A., Faulkner, K. M., Gibb, J. S., Gittins, D. M., Green, C. A., Gregor, C., Grounds, M. J., Hadtstein, C., Halsey, K. E., Harris, P., Honan, S. A., Hooley, R. J., Hopkirk, R. B., Jardine, O., Jones, H. J. E., Jones, T. M., Keidel, S. M., Kirby, G. E., Levene, R. H., Ma, T. W. A., Male, L. H., Malpas, A., Marsden, S. M., Marshall, J., Martin, A. D., McCourt, P. M., McCray-Worrall, T. M., McGeoch, A. T., Moore, G. C., Murray, J. W., Narshi, C., Newey, E., Nightingale, E. C., Oates, J.  D., Pat Fong, C., Patry, C., Paul, S. S., Perry, S., Reynolds, G. K., Rose, J. A. F., Robson, A., Russell, R. L. E., Sanger, T. M., Sanitt, G. S., Shepherd, D. J., Smith, R. G., Taylor, R. C., Thomas, E. J., Trevor Guy, R., Trifkovic, M., Vollmer, J. E., Wong, M., Wood, A. M., Wood, J. P. A., Zhou, H.

Named Prizes:

Braithwaite-Batty (for Mathematics): MacLean, C. F., Mennim, A., Robinson, H. M., Brown, M. C.

M. T. Dodds (for outstanding performance in particular subjects): Twigg, D. (Economics), Larkman, C. A. (Geography)

Hackett (for French): Roy, A.

Henderson (for outstanding performance in Natural Sciences): Le Pelley, M., Jack, R., Wynn, E. J.

Albert Hopkinson (for Anatomy): Beaton, K. E., Rayment, M., Fowler, C. H. L.

Dick Longden (for Law): Brightwell, J.

Colin Mackenzie (for Medicine): Farzaneh-Far, R., Gladwish, K. M., Kothari, A.

Master and Tutors' Prizes: Deegan, T. J. (Computer Science), Jones, E. S. (Social and Political Sciences)

Pattison Prize (for Modern Languages): Moorwood, M. E., Bousfield, A. R.

Peake (for best Part II scientist in certain subject): Allen, R. J.

The Herman Peries Memorial Prize (for Mathematics): MacLean, C. F.

Sudbury-Hardyman (for certain subjects): Jevons, P. (Classics), Neil, D. (English), Price, S. B. (Music)

Rodwell (for Law): Binch, R. J.

Vaughan Bevan (for Law): Watson, S.

Vaughan Bevan Award for Public Law: Kothari, G.

Edward Spearing (for History): Hitchens, E. C.

H. J. Swain and C. K. Swain (for Thermodynamics): Parkin, D.

Wallace (for Engineering): Loke, W. Y., Yiptong, J. A. C. S., Hargreaves, D., Warren, J.

T. J. Williams (for English): Keenan, A. W., Pugh, K.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 19 August 1998
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