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Genetic Counsellor drawing a family tree

EXHIBITION - Empowering People: Genetic Counselling in Focus

The latest exhibition at the Wellcome Genome Campus explores the vital but often little-known work of genetic counsellors.

Café Sci Cambridge: The vital first months of life

Wed 14 August 2019

Espresso Library

Our August speaker Christine O'Farrelly investigates the role of play in children’s development. We’ll explore the effect of play in the earliest aspects of human development, including preventing psychological or psychiatric problems in young children.

As a research psychologist at the Centre for Mental Health at the Imperial College London, Christine coordinates the Healthy Start, Happy Start study that explores the effectiveness of Positive Parenting programmes used to prevent enduring behavioural problems in young children. Working with colleagues from other institutions, she is part of the pPOD project which studies how the early experiences of young children and families influence child development and parental well-being.

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Wed 14 August 2019 7:00PM - 8:30PM


Address: Espresso Library
210 East Rd
United Kingdon
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